Rangrasiya Written Update 1 April 2014 Paro finds her doll with Rudra

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Rangrasiya  Written Update 1 4 2014

Rudra asks Paro if you refuse then whatever you said everything IS IT LIES Paro says it is not false and he says if you say no you have to go without  my forgiving you  and if you say yes marry him  I will forgive you and believe you. He goes Paro  is in a dilemma . Sumer very pleased with money and Paro says I will get the pandit  and you already have the wedding dress. Mohini  shouts  are all tongue tied why no one is speaking ,She stops Sumer from going and  Sumer says my wife is here  don't insult me in front of her. She then nags  Danveer  who says what ever happened is your fault as you thought him money is everything  above love culture respect  ideals and all this trade he learnt from you . Mohini says it is not time to argue but stop this wedding otherwise  all will laugh one son married a women who cant bear children .  Mohini tries to stop Rudra is trading with you but  Sumer is obsessed about money and says Lakshmi mata is coming to our house I won't let go I will marry her. Paro is tongue tied tearful shattered  with all that is happening  Mohini protests but all go and only Mohini and Paro left Mohini also goes and Paro asks Bholemath to show the way I want Rudra's forgiveness but what to do  and Sumer says  we will marry  though out names don't rhyme .He tries to sweet talk her  and says he likes her even though my mother is saying  no she will change later. He praises himself   I will be a good husband and he will build a beautiful Suro mahal for her like Tajmahal and also do something for the society though in Chandangarh no one does anything  but when we go to Jaipur.When he sees her crying he tries to wipe her tears and Precap scene Rudra says do all this after marriage and Paro is crying  and he says you will go away tomorrow as you can't marry him

Rudra calls her Khubsurat aurat and holds her shoulders saying he can't trust pretty women as they don't belong to anyone .He tells her to  say no to marriage and go . Paro says you are saying something and your eyes another thing. Paro is thought full.

Sumer tells his friends he is getting married in the evening and invites all. Mohini says   I wanted to bring such a bride who is beautiful in 13 villages and Sumer says Paro is double beautiful all in 36 villages will like.lol Mohini corrects him but he shrugs. Sumer does not listen and when she threatens him he says he says he sees the money and no one is so rich aroung who will give him 13 lakhs  and then threatens her he will tell the Dilsher fire truth to all the family and shuts his mother's mouth.

Rudra scolds Aman for bringing Paro and says he is forgiving him as this is his 1st mistake next time he wont.

Mythali asks Samrat  he  should stop Sumer Samrat does not agree  and says it is his decision I will not interfere in his stupid decision as he is not a child when he falls down then he will automatically realize  . He tells her to stay away from this. Mythali thinks till last week I was happy with Parvati Bhaisa  being my SIL  but now  I do not know what is truth and whom to listen. Just then a maid comes and gives a dupatta  of Paro's  marriage dress and  she sees the dupatta is not torn.

 Paro says I cant marry Sumer  and Mythali says why not you wanted  Rudra's forgiveness  . Mythali says she believes  Sunheri  but you would not have come back if you had done this to Dilsher nor wanting to marry Sumer to get Rudra's forgiveness  and  placates her Paro is happy hugs her saying  Thanks Bholenath that Jija you believe me . Mythali  asks whether she wants to marry  Sumer Paro says no  but only so that Rudra will pardon her. Mythali asks her to ask her heart and act accordingly and she thinks she does not want to marry Sumer and just then Rudra comes


Rudra says for your marriage I have to give something and he takes her to his room and says I know you wont go back and will say yes so he takes out a red dress of her previous marriage, some cloth falls, saying everything started with this marriage dress and Paro asks why  are you doing this and Rudra says what  am I doing nothing and he says will you get forgiveness and she asks will you truly forgive me and be happy if I marry Sumer an eyelock and he says yes.

Rudra  keeps the cloth and  Paro sees the doll picks it up  and Rudra says don't touch you are not worth to see or touch this  and says this is a remembrance of my sweet childhood friend of few moments it is like balm healing medicine for my  wounds  and says take this dress and get out of this house whether you marry Sumer or  not . Paro is stunned looking at the doll wrapped in that blue chunni after he goes she takes it out  from the almarah and checks it  its hers with the alphabet P and she remembers the bus scene  and thinks this is mine and again bus scene and thinks Rudra is that boy says Bholenath what is this coincidence of fate.

Precap: The sindoor scene At the awards ceremony Paro says accept me showing him the sindoor  as Paro can only be Rudra's and no one else and Rudra  is stunned

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Thanks a lot dear ...
Amazing episodei missedthe episode today
Poor me
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Thank you so much for the written update:)
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Thanks a lot for the update.
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Thank you so much! I can't wait to watch the next few episodes!!
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Thank you so much for WUBig smilexxx
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Thanks for the update!
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Nice one. Waiting for tomorrow.
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