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Chapter 1 Up! Link Below

Hi, Introducing the story Owned. Please do comment and give feedback



- Prologue-

So this was how her first night with her husband was going to be. He lazily sauntered in the room, as he downed the remnants of his glass and practically slammed it down. She gasped softly. Her eyes took in the act and she knew that shortly that force was going to be directed towards her.

Her mind  flashed back to the time when she saw him use those hands to rip apart and destroy dangerous enemies. Men of such heinous strength, and he always, almost effortlessly defeated them. Hai bolenath ,she shut her eyes and struggled to control her trembling hands.

She wanted to hide her fear, appear composed. But she couldn't. The entire week up to the marriage festivities, she had brazenly relied on her spirit and fire but now left alone to his mercy, she battled the wave of helplessness that threatened to engulf her. Her fear peeked through  her downcast eyes, rigid body, fast short  quiet breaths. He propped on the sofa opposite the bed and lazily continued his surveillance.

Of course her fear was valid, he mused. His ever alert eyes picked up her bodily cues and his analytical mind, set on strategically  exploiting her fear and body, began to work. He was in no mood to play games, she had challenged him in her quiet way at the engagement, sangheet and mehndi. Never shouting, or yelling just quietly resisting. Most rounds he won, some went to her. However, tonight he was bent upon complete victory.

 No amount of resisting would be tolerated. Major Rudra Pratap Ranawat was well versed in the art of war and when he planned on winning, he always did.  And if he got some battle scars in this fight, the Jallad in him smirked, it wouldn't be too bad. Punshing her to her limits in revenge for trapping him into this marriage. Yes, he had forced her to the mandap, but he would have released her anytime she wanted if he she had given her what he asked her. Now his case had gotten solved through other leads, but not before the beautiful traitor was forcefully bound to him.

He loathed her very existence, but once his officers and their families had been restored and himself promoted higher in his beloved BSD, he could see the benefits of having her. The Major saab  was anticipating this skirmish. 

For the first time he enjoyed the weakness of his opponent. He could have her whenever, wherever he wanted. Forced from behind, up against the wall, on the floor. Damn, he could take her in the interrogation room, infront of his whole platoon of soldiers. Work  around her naked body as she lay spread-eagled on his desk. She was so deliciously; completely his that he nearly purred.   The thought of completely owning her, sent a thrill through him, which he hadn't want to acknowledge before .The wolf in him, grinned.

She looked up suddenly just in time to catch the look. From the tears appearing in her eyes and the tightening of her arms around her protectively, he knew perceptive Paro had guessed the intention of his thoughts. Good, he thought, grimly, now the fun really began.


To be continued...


Please like, comment and encourage if you liked it and want the next part. Any sort of feedback is appreciated.

 Chapter 1: on Page 10 also on New Thread Link: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=4127797


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it was just wonderful
pls d continue soon
absolutely loved it
loved this side of Rudra- our beloved
insanely wonderful prlogue
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omg! that is dark! but waiting to know more!!  its so intriguing!! nicely written! Embarrassed

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Superb... Continue Soon
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nice intro...
cont soon
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i cant wait ... hope you are regular updater lol 
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loved It..update next part soon
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