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Hello friends...Smile

Being honest i've never wanted to register in IF but some of my friends forced me..Well,I thank them for thatLOLI'm new to IF and i don't know much stuffs about it.Hope you people will help me out.Smile

I'm gonna post one of my FF.its called <font color="#0000cc">"Comforting Kiss ~ A thing called LOVE is the JOY forever"</font>

do read the FF and will be waiting for the response.

<font size="4">Chapter-1 </font>

<p>It was a cold Friday
night,well,being particular, it was December 29th and most sensible people on this world would either be staying
home watching some late night tv shows or be spending time with his/her
family.But it was neither for Priya
Sharma.She was still in her office,trying to keep herself busy in work.She was
a lonely girl.She had recently lost both her parents in a terrible car
accident.She didn't knew whose fault was it, whether it was the driver fault or
whether something had gone wrong with the vehicle.She couldn't even blame the
driver as he too had lost his life in the accident.As far she knows he was
living with his wife and 2 sons and he was the only one earning in the family and she
felt miserable thinking how the family would have been surviving without him.Same was the case with her.After her
parents death,the bubbly Priya had forgotten how to smile.She always kept
herself busy in her work.She was tired of her life,she was tired of being
greeted with sympathy.She wanted to go away in a place where no-one knew
her,where no-one recognised her and knew about her pains and so she moved out
from her hometown Delhi and settled herself in the busy-city Mumbai.She got
herself a cozy apartment and also found herself a job.Her qualification was
high and so she didn't find any difficulty in finding a descent job and
moreover, she received quite a handsome amount of Pay.

** Priya's


"guys,comeon..lets go
to the pub tonight"Neha suggested."Yeah,that sounds like a great idea"added

Neha and Vikram are
my colleague.We have been working together for almost a year now and they are
my best buddies.They know every secret
about my life,even the reason why i left Delhi and came to this city.They understood my pain and they were the
only people who made me feel happy.They are responsible for bringing back the
smile on my face.I am so grateful and thankful to God that I meet them.They are
both crazy too.I asked them several times if they are into any kind of
relationship but they flatly denied it but they did add other adjectives in
front of the word friends like CLOSE,TRUE,VERY-CLOSE etc etc.I always doubt
about them being just-friends and that there is basically something romantic
going between them.

I denied to their
idea and told them to go enjoy themself but Neha turned no stones in dragging
me with them.I really was in no mood but Neha-Vikram promised me that they'll
take me to a bar.It was new and lot of people didn't knew about it.Vikram being
a gentleman opened the door for both Neha and me.When we got inside I was
relieved seeing the sight.There were minimum people, it was cozy and was
playing a beautiful piano piece that soothed my mind .I actually liked the
place.We trio sat down at a table and ordered our drinks.We talked about our
hectic week,our khadoos boss and his tantrums.While trolling my head around to scan the place,I spotted some
hopelessly romantic couples getting cozy at some quite corners so a plan came
to my mind.

"Hey guys,I'm gonna
use the washroom"saying this I walked away from the table.I rushed to the
bathroom and stayed there for sometime.I actually wanted them to spend sometime
alone.Sitting there I felt like being a kabaab-mein-haddi.

I splashed water in
my face and looked at myself in the mirror."Gosh,I look horrible with all these
dark-circles"I thought to myself.Suddenly
I felt like crying again.I missed my mom and dad.They were my assets and
without them my life had no meaning.My dark locks of hair was hanging over my
shoulders,I clipped them and again splashed water.Luckily I had carried my
foundations. I applied it carefully,covering the dark-circles below my eyes.I
took a deep breath,straightened my position and walked out of the bathroom.As I
walked out I bumped into a guy.He was talking to a friend.

"Sorry"we both said
in unison.He shrugged as I looked at him closely,i had seen this guy
somewhere.He excused himself and I went and sat at the bar counter.I looked over
to see what Neha and Vikram were doing and the sight pleased me.Vikram had
shifted to my seat and was sitting next to Neha.They both were so much engulfed
into their conversation.I smiled to myself.

"Hey"I turned to look
at the voice and there stood the man I had just bumped into.

"Hi."I said in
return."So feeling bored?"he asked me.

really.Actually,I am here with my friends"I said pointing towards Vikram and

"Shit!!Is that
Vikram?? " he asked me.His eyes opened widely like a two rupee coin.I slightly
nodded at him.

"You know him?? "I
asked."Yeah..We were college buddies.It has been years since i've met
him"."Wanna go meet him? ".I asked."Ofcourse.But will you ccompany me?I fear if
he had forgotten me.I need somebody to defence me."He laughed saying that.It
wasn't funny but I laughed along with him and nodded a yes.He asked me for my
hand as I was sitting in this tall bar tool.I gladly accepted his hand and got
down.While I was walking beside him I was trying to figure out who this man was
and where had I seen him.

"Vikram.."he called
out.Vikram turned back as his back was facing us and he stood up

I suddenly realized
he was "The Ram Kapoor..." While the boys hugged each other ,me and Neha stood
there watching the two of them.

Neha cleared her
throat and added "Wont you introduce us to you friend Vikram?"

Neha and Priya..My two best friends and colleagues and guys this is Ram Kapoor"
Ram shook hands with Neha and when he turned to me our eyes met first.We shared
an intense eye lock."Finally,I know you name now??"He said forwarding his right

"Excuse me!!"I asked
still placing my palm in his."Never mind"he said breaking the handshake and
turning his attention towards Vikram.I really wanted to know what he meant.

"Guys!I think i'll
have to leave now" I stood up saying this."What is this Priya?We came here
together and you are going nowhere.You have to sit here with us."Neha ordered
in an angry tone."Please Neha,I am
really having a bad headache"I lied."Is it that bad?"Ram asked.I turned my head
towards him and was out of words.I really didn't feel like lying but I had to
get home.

"Yes.but don't
worry.It'll be fine.I just need some sleep.Its been a hectic day and probably
thats the reason for the headache."

"Care,if i drop
you?"Ram asked."No..no..you've just met Vikram,spend some time with him.I'll
get a cab"I stood up,wished them Goodnight and left the bar.

I don't know why but
I was missing my parents alot today.As I got out of the bar I couldn't stop my
tears.It flowed and rolled down my cheeks.I wiped my tears and waited for the

"Hey"I heard a
familiar voice behind me.I turned to look and there was Ram.

"didn't find a
cab?"he asked me.I slightly nodded a no.I felt like he was noticing me
closely.I felt my blood come up to my face.I couldn't take the stare and so I
turned the other way,pretending to find a cab.

"Priya i can drop
you"He offered."No thats okay ..I'll manage.. "I replied without looking at
him.."Were you crying??" he asked me.I look back at him and saw him staring at
me,his eyes was full of concern.I couldn't take that look.Just then I saw a cab
coming from my corner of my eyes.I stopped the cab and rushed inside it..

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My apartment was on the 3rd floor  so I didn't had to think twice to take the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator to come down.It took me 10 minutes to reach my apartment.I unlocked the door,went inside,locked it again and straight went to the bed.I held the pillow tight and cried my heart out.This process have been following every day after my parents died.I really needed someone to hold me,i needed a hug.I needed to cry on that person's shoulder and the person who have been soothing me for the past 4 months wasn't with me..I needed him at the moment.I grabbed my bag and took out my phone."Just call him"a voice inside me told.As I was about to do that I heard the bathroom door click open.OMG,It was him.He was back.

"Rajat?"I stood up,he  ran to me and crushed me in his arms.

"When did you come?"I asked."Just half an hour ago.You okay Priya?"I nodded a yes still hugging him."Gosh,I missed you so much"he said pressing me against his body.

We broke the hug and he took my lips in his.Breaking the kiss,I looked at him,he was wrapped in a towel below his waist.I could see him looking at me with lustful eyes.I felt different though.He kissed me again but wait,I wanted this kiss to be over.

Rajat was my boyfriend.We were together for 4 months now.We met at a party one day and after that we started seeing each other.I was happy in his company but sometimes I felt like I didn't love him like he loved me.I only needed him because he made me feel good about myself.He had recently got a job in Pune and he was out most of the time.He wanted me to move with him but i didn't wanted to leave this city,my job and my friends.I denied moving with him but he didn't mind.He came to meet me once or twice a month.

"Where were you till now?Isnt it too late to be out?"he asked kissing me on the nape of my shoulder.

What was I suppose to tell him??That I was in a bar with my friends and I met Ram Kapoor.I knew that if I'd mention "Ram Kapoor"he'd be mad at me because he was the only person who knew or (lets make it this way) he was the only person whom I told  that I had a crush on Ram Kapoor when I was a teenage and wanted to meet him desperately.

"Had some paper works to complete"I lied.This is the 2nd time I lied today,first to my friends and now to Rajat."I had a tough day today,I want to spend some time with you"he said kissing me again."Let me go have a shower then"I said making my way out of his embrace.He held my wrist and stopped me.

"Priya,I need you now" he swept me off the ground and carried me to the bed."Rajat please,not today" I plead."Priya whats wrong?Its not like we are making love for the first time.Why are you hesitating?"

"Please Rajat understand.I don't wanna do it now.I'm not feeling good"I said getting up from the bed.

"Priya I know something is wrong.Is something bothering you?You don't love me?or is it because of our long distance relationship?"He asked.I couldn't take all the questions he was throwing at me."Please Rajat,don't start again.I'm not in a mood."I shrugged him and went to grab my bathrobe."Fine then,I'm leaving..."he got dressed and left the apartment while I stood there still staring at him.I really felt bad for what I was doing to him when he was making an effort to get me open up to him.I don't know what was wrong with me today.I left my friends in the bar when all they wanted was to make me feel good and now this with Rajat.I was alone again.I wiped my tear that was starting to form in my eyes and I went for a bath.


"Ram's Point of view"


I went back to the bar after Priya refused a ride I had offered.I sat with Neha and Vikram and asked them if Priya was always like that.

"What do you mean?"Neha asked me."I mean,she doesn't talk much and she refused when I asked her to drop and moreover I think she was crying when I met her outside"I said in one breath.Neha sighed and Vikram gave me a faint smile."Guys tell me whats wrong?"I asked them again."Ram,I know you are being worried for Priya but just drop the idea if you wanna know about her" Neha  suggested."What do you mean?"I asked her."I'm sorry Ram.I'm not suppose to tell that,she'd promise me,actually us,not to tell anyone about her problems" she said looking at Vikram."Yes,Ram.Neha is right.We have being together for a year and we have seen her shedding tears everyday.We have tried our best to help her but it is her who is not letting those bad memories  leave her mind.Its a personal issue Ram and it'll be better if you don't ask us about it"Vikram  shrugged.Neither I nor Vikram or Neha talked.silence prevailed between us.

"I better get going"I said getting up from the chair and grabbing my coat."Okay see you buddy""Bye Ram" I heard Vikram and Neha saying in unison.I smiled at them and left the bar.

Priya's thought kept me busy the whole ride.I really wanted to know what was going on with her.I wanted to help her sort things.But somewhere Vikram and Neha was true.Its her personal issue and how long do I know her,just 1 meeting?.."Gosh,Ram you need to forget about it" I said to myself.I pulled my vehicle at the parking lot and left for my loft.

I didn't like staying at Kapoor Mansion especially after mom's dead.I was more comfortable in a loft so after one of my friend recommended me this place,I without giving much thought agreed to his idea and chose to stay here.It didn't gave me a homely feeling but it was enough for me and my daughter.Yes,I have  a daughter ,she is just 5 years old but she is very smart.Her name is Peehu.

As soon as I opened the door,she came running to me and hugged me tight.

"Hello My princess"I said carrying her."Why are you still awake?"I asked her frowning my  eyebrows."Sorry,papa.Bansi kaka did put me to sleep but while telling me a story he himself went to sleep"she giggled saying that.I laughed along with her."Where were you papa?You know what time is it now?"She asked frowning at me now.I felt like my mom was asking me instead of her."I met one of my college friend today so got late chatting with him.."I said carrying to her to her room.Looking at Bansi kaka sleeping we both could stop giggling.I told her to go wake him up.She slowly went towards him and gave a peck on his cheeks."Bansi Kaka..Bansi Kaka" Peehu called out..He still didn't move.I was leaning at the door and admiring the sight infront of me.Bansi Kaka woke up being startled when Peehu shook him up.He got up and ironed his shirt with his hands.

"Sorry Ram sir" he said putting his head down."Bansi Kaka..you don't have to say sorry..Go to you room and get some sleep.."I ordered him trying my best to hide my laugh."Goodnight.Bansi Kaka" Peehu greeted.He came back,gave her a kiss on her forehead and  left."Goodnight sir"he greeted me before leaving the room.

Peehu was asleep and I was at the kitchen when suddenly my iphone beeped.It was a MESSAGE  from an unknown number.I opened the message and it said

""Hey Ram.Its me Vikram..Sorry, I asked you for your number but I forgot to give you mine.I was thinking why don't we meet for dinner  tomorrow.We have a day off and we'd be pleased if you could join us""

Ram hurriedly saved the number to his contact and called Vikram..

"Hey buddy..Just wanted to know who else is coming?"I asked.

"Just me,Neha and Priya..but i'm not too sure about her.Care to join us?"He asked.

"Sure,I'd love to.But can I bring Peehu with me?"Ram asked with a hesitating tone.

"Whose Peehu?""She is my daughter..I don't wanna leave her alone...So what do you say?"

"Sure Ram..please do bring her.I'd like to meet her too"he said.

"Thanks Vikram..Meet you tomorrow then.Goodnight"I said.He wished me back and we hung the call.I was starving and so I sat down to have my dinner.

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Goood story line...looking forward to ur next update. N pleaseee update sooon
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Originally posted by amzz12

Goood story line...looking forward to ur next update. N pleaseee update sooon

thank you Smile  and yea,will try to update every alternate day.. 
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Hey rohini welcome to IF hey me Dhristi hope u remember me n i really love ur writing n pls pm me n both parts were awesome
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Hi rohini, love the story!!!WinkSmileHeart
Its really interesting & looking forward 4 next parts!!!Wink
Continue Soon...

And plz pm me next time you update itSmile
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First Rohi .. welcome to IF and seriously thank you soo much for posting this FF here .. Big smile
Let me read the FF and then will comment later.. Hug
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