Second Chance :: A TaaRey One Shot

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S E C O N D   C H A N C E

Rey was sitting on his bed thinking about taani , so much changed after their break up , her eyes there was a time when they speak voloums but now they are silent , those eyes used to tell him about her inner feeling and they are blank

" apne fake break up se main chahta tha taani independent bane naki apni pahechaan hi kho de , woh bubbly talkative taani toh kahin kho hi gayi hai , mujhe use sach batana hoga isse pahle ki mein use kho du " Rey thought to himself , feeling guilty that because of his all break up drama she lost her real self , she is not the same taani but a emotionless taani , a workoholic person who dont know anything rather than work

" i have to win her heart and trust back and also keep gang away from her so that they dont hurt her more with their rude remarks " rey remembered when everytime his friends insulted taani for being non dancer he didnt said anything to his friends , infacts he just stand there and saw his friends hurting her with their words , laughing at her , rey closed his eyes let his tears roll down from his eyes

" no i wont let anyone hurt her anymore , be it me or anyone , now she ll not shedd any tears aur meri vajah se toh bilkul nahi , i will give her all the happiness she deserve " he thought with determination , he wipe his tears , he slept thinking about tommorrow


Taani entered in college her heart was telling that something big is going to happen , her chain of thoughts broken by her phone ring , she look at the phone screen , caller name surprised her , it was Reys call , after their break this is the first time he is calling her

" hello " answering the call she start walking toward RH

" hello taani , wo..woh i want to talk to you , can we meet ? " rey asked hoping for her answer to be yes

" why ? " she questioned him , she dont want to meet him , she is tired of his rude behaviour and their fights , she is not in mood of any fight

" NDC , yeah NDC i want to discuss about it " he lied because he knows that taani will never come

" okay lets talk in RH , am going there " she said , she cut the call without waiting for his answer

Rey look dejected he wants to talk to her alone in FE where no one would disturb them , rey goes toward RH


" look stop interfaring in our matter , now a non dancer will taught us how to prepare for NDC " simmi taunt her laughing on taani others except SwaRon too joined her

" yeah right , a non dancer cant taught dancers how to prepare for competition but you are forgoting something because of a non dancer you are still in this competition , aap log to pahle hi eliminate ho gaye the , kuch yaad aaya ya aur kuch yaad dilau " taani said making them shut their mouth

" you can continue your back bitching about me but later right now start the practice and if you have any problem with me go to VP , dont crip here like babies " taani said in attitude , their os always a limit now they had cross that limit , they need to see their real place

Whole gang make faces but it didnt affect her a bit , rey was standing on door , angry on his friends at the same tine feeling proud of her , finally she stand for herself

" what happen guys come lets start the practice " rey said entering in RH , their eyes met for seconds but taani broke the eye contact and turn her face from him

" hitler was giving her lecture , you are lucky dude tu bach gaaya " vicky said , giving hi-fi to nil , whole gang blast into giggles , rey give a deadly look to all of them

" vicky if you are done with you disgusting jokes can we start our practice " rey said , he was angry on swayum too

" and swayum i didnt expect this from you , they are making fun of your sister and you are standing quietly " he gave a disgust look to swayum , while taani look at him shock , why he is defending her now , what he wants to prove by doing this

Hearing reys word swayum felt ashamed of himself , rey is right how can he do this to his baby sis , swayum look at her , her eyes were telling him that it didnt matter to her now if he care about or not , she is not the same taani who always come to him for every small small things

Swayum move toward her but she move backward and left the RH , after she left gang again start back bitching about taani , thats it swayum couldnt take it

" shut upp " he shouted on top of his voice

" aur kitna hurt karoge use? " swayum ask with teary eyes 
" because of you guys i lost my baby sister and i deserve her cold looks , i am a worst brother any sister can ever had " swayum leave from there , sharon too left behind him to console him

" you know what you guys are digusting " saying this rey left from there in search of taani  .


Rey entered in an empty claas room , taani was working there all normal as if nothing had happen , rey close the door and turn toward her

He snatch the file from her hand , taani look at him shock

" rey what the hell are you doing and give me my file back " taani said trying to keep her voice calm

" yahi toh mein puch rha hu , what the hell you trying to do " he said ,rey was frustated with her normal and casual attitude , he want her to let out her emotions but she is keeping them inside her

Taani stood up from chair and goes close to him to take the file from him but rey hold her by arms and pinned her to the wall , taano get scared seeing him in anger

" apne emotions ko bahar laao taani , show what you feel , dont lose yourself " rey said , almost begging infront of her , taani keep silent

" aaj kal na tum hasti ho , nahi bura lagne par roti ho , jaise koi emotion bacha hi nahi hai tumme , tum esa kyun kar rahi ho " tears come out of his eyes

" hasna , hasna tab acha lagta hai jab aapke paas koi ho jisko aapki hasi se khushi mile aur rone ka kya fayda jab koi aansu pochne wala hi na ho " taani said to him , her eyes were wet seeing him in ters what can she do , she still love him cant see him sad

" and didnt you hear your friends i am a hitler , aur hitler na to hasta hai aur nahi rota , i am a bloody hitler who dont have any feeling , dont care for anyone always boss around people " she was screaming , letting out what is in her heart and mind

" do you understand am a hitler , aur aapko bhi koi farak nahi padna chahiye mere hasne ya rone se , aap mere kuch nahi lagte " taani said , she couldnt control her tears anymore

" par tum meri sab kuch lagti ho " rey said wiping away her tears , taani look at him with wide eyes

" i know i had hurted you from the time you entered in st.louis and now also am the sole reason of your tears but trust me i never intend to do all this , even our break up also was fake " rey told her , taani can feel the sincerity in his voice but his last line shocked her

" Fake ?? " she whispered

" yes taani that was all lie , my talk with sharon in RH was also fake , i didnt mean any of them , please forgive me i still love you , even more i ever love you " rey said , tears were falling from their eyes 

Taano was in deep thinking

" Sab natak tha meri feelings sab kuch bas ek natak, aap hote kaun hai meri life ka faisla lene wale , you have no right to hurt me " taani said , she shook him by grabbing his collar , he was knowingly hurting her that fact was more painful

" it hurt me also , even more seeing you in this condition " rey said , he hold her hand and bring her close to him , Both were crying

" Taani will you give me a second chance , i want you back in my life " rey said , Taani look in his eyes , she find love , love and only love for her

" you dont hate me " taani whispered , rey wipe her tears

" no , how can i hate most cute and adorable thing on planet " rey said , making her smile

Taani was thinking , is she ready to give him a second chance ? after hurting her so much but he too hurt himself in all this , her heart was telling her to give him a chance but her mind was telling her to just go from here

Rey look at her , he knows that it will take time for her to trust him again

" i know taani , it is not easy but one chance , one last chance " rey said , joining their forehead , taani look at him , she still love him alot

" okay one last chance for you , me and US , but iss baar mein aur hurt nahi seh paaungi " taani told him , she is tired of getting hurt and one more time she ll not able to handle this

" i will not hurt you or let anyone hurt you " rey promise her , rey pull her in bone crashing hug , after so many days he felt peace , this peace he only get in her embrace

They both sat on floor in each others arms , feeling the love again , nothing else matter for them now ,they are in their TaaRey world .

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

here i am with one more OS , last week likha tha LOL ab post kar rahi hu Ouch
hope my title goes with storyline Confused trust me am very bad with titles 
tommorrow i'll get my laptop back then i'll update my FFs / SSs
my work is finish now its your turn  Wink
hit "like" and comment little big Embarrassed
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Res  Embarrassed

*Oops!* moi forgot about this res Confused *sorry*

Awesome One shot dear :*

Took moi to old TaaRey world Embarrassed
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Posted: 2014-03-30T03:46:40Z
Wow :)
Awesome OS :)
Amazing :)
Beautiful :)
Loved it :)
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Posted: 2014-03-30T03:49:16Z
really nice
awww!! reminds me of those precious days of taarey
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Posted: 2014-03-30T03:49:44Z
nice one dear..
gang is so mean..
its nice that rey scold swayam for his cowardliness..
but at last he also support his sis..
taarey part so emtional..
love it..
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Posted: 2014-03-30T03:51:09Z

a small beautiful..

realisation os..!!
with taarey centred!!
lovd it ..
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Posted: 2014-03-30T03:51:31Z
looks like ki m not last this time yepeee!!!!!!! not bad (aish) os or any other thing u never made me disappointed, loving os , actually if this kind of thing happened in d3 toh taani would have been hereper its story of yr n our heart not cvs so loving n loving os nothing much looks likd a scene n everything sorted , bhagwanji iska lappy jaldi vapus kara do plz , see kal tak everything will be f9,
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Posted: 2014-03-30T04:01:24Z
beautiful os
i hate gang's behaviour in this
& seriouly swayam should feel
shame on himself
i like taani's hitler's line
it was heart touching
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