OS- Paas Aajaaye... Hum Tum ! by @Kour Amrit

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Posted: 2014-03-30T00:14:24Z

 OS- Paas Aajaaye... Hum Tum !!


This one's for Navya darls as she wanted RaYa to romance under rain... And For you Rayna.. i know long ago you made a request I couldnt fulfill it..so its for compensation ! Thanks Riddhi Piddhi for the much needed help... Its a short one ! Hope you guys like it..!!!



Happy Reading Dearies...!!!



Nahi Koi Insaan Mohabbat Se Khali

Har rooh Pyaasi Har Dil Sawaali...!!!



One fine saturday Ram and Priya met the Sharmas over dinner.. After the unison of two souls it was their promise to the sharmas to spend Saturday evening with them.. Ladies catching up with all the latest gossips.. And Nutz Kartick managing perfectly to leg pull their brother !! After the dinner the adorable couple started their journey way back home...



In the Car..Golu had his concentration completely focussed on the drive.. Priya looked at him twice or thrice but no response from her man.. She faked cough ... But still it didnot affect him.. She tightened her fist in agitation..



Turned her head to the other side and looked away... She tried thinking of something that would make her innocent golu husband a bit naughty at forty...!! Crossing her hands across her chest she ran her horses !! After a few moments her face lit up and she smiled naughtily...!!She again looked at him.. Her expressions suddenly changed to "Awww how cute is My husband" she went a bit close to him... He found her move towards him a bit unusual.. "what happened" he asked her in a low tone.. She lifted her hand and started tickling softly on his ears... "Arey..kya kar rahi ho Priya" he pouted.."Mr Kapoor Why are you so boring..see how romantic is the whether.. Aap ho main hoon its so much perfect." she spoke with twinkling eyes..



He smiled sheepisly.. "Is it ? Hahaha and My wifey I am driving also..agar saamne gaadi aa gayi to.." she made an angry face " ufff you are single piece Ram..the most unique husband of the world" she sighed !!! He again focussed on the drive.. Suddenly it started raining.. "wow..baarish" she exclaimed... "yuckk..rain" he was hyper annoyed... "You are unbelievable Ram...bin mausam ke baarish..Its so beautiful...stop the car please.." she made a puppy face.."No ways...am not stop anywhere here.." he refused her pleading !!"If you dont stop this damn vehicle I wont be talking to Ram keep this in mind." she again tried to bully him.."what the hell is this yaar..stop behaving like a stubborn kid..whats the need to stop here I wont let you even step down"



"Are you stopping or not" she needed his reply desperately... He looked at her.. She had her big black eyes stuck on him.. He melted like a chocolate at once.. "You know how to fulfill all your stupid demands.." he stopped the car unwilligly...Her expressions changed at once "awww how sweet of you.thats the reason I love you so much" she smiled.. He gave her a stern look.. "lets go out na Mr Kapoor and enjoy the rain please..such days dont come often.." "For this i wont agree and mind it Priys you too are not stepping out.. I cant handle my ill biwi..""I wont fall ill..i promise I have pleasant experience of Rains..I just want you to join me""Forget about it..Rains and Ram Kapoor dont go hand in hand Priya" he shrugged his shoulders...



Before he could stop her...she was already out in the rain..He hit his head with hand.. "You wont ever change" he spoke to himself.."Come back Priya we need to leave for home.."In that lonely dark street she refused to listen to her husband...



She went and stood in front of the car..signalled him to come out and join her..he refused at once..She felt a bit sad but on the other hand exactly knew for how long her husband can resist himself from the most delightful sight of his wife.. She stretched her hands wide and closed her eyes.. Looked up and let the rain drops fall on her beautiful face.. Each drop filled her more and more with life with love.. Her saree that had by then became transparent hugged her possesively.. Her waist long hair added to her beauty...Sitting inside the car Ram's eyes were glued on her .., she appeared irresistably hot to him.. He kept on looking intenslely at her..smiled softly..and traced all her moves..!!She was making it so hard for him to stop himself ...it was heights then.. He broke the shield that was around his heart and he came out of the car...soon he  too was drenched in rains from head to toe..



Her face brightened up seeing her man ... She came near him.."I knew you would join.. I know you so well.." encircling her hands around him "isnt it lovely""naah not that much my lady looks far better" he giggled.. She almost turned red !! Hit him softly on his hand.."you are too much" "waise Mrs Kapoor baarish mein is tarah bheeg ke kya milta hai apart from ill health " he spoke raising his eyebrow.. "offfoo...peace...it gives happiness Ram.."she took her hand and his.. "Ain't you happy that we are together and enjoying the rains..did you ever think you will be standing under the rain with someone..He smiled broadly and nodded a no.. "bas this is what the brighter side of life." she told!



She moved a bit away and started splashing water...her continuous laughs made him the happiest man.. He could spend whole of his life watching the eternal beauty.!!



Saanson ko Saanson mein dhalne do Zaraa...

Dheemi si dhadkan ko badhne do zaraa..

Lamhon ki guzaarish hai ye...

Paas Aa jaaye..

hum..hum Tum..Tum..hum... Hum Tum..



He moved closer to her..held her through the shoulders.. He was completely mesmerised by her...kissed her forhead then her eyes her cheeks and then found his way to her hot lips.. He kissed her softly...she too reciprocated the same vibes..



Aankhon mein humko utarne do zaraa...

Baahon mein humko pighalne do zaraa...

Lamhon ki guzarish hai ye...

Paas aa jaaye...

Hum..humtumTum... Hum tum...



After a long time they parted when felt the urge to inhale some fresh air.. She blushed as hard as she could.. His eyes traced across her perfectly sculptured lips which were slightly parted as her breathing increased fast...It was next to impossible to control his senses... He pulled her under a shed.. Pinned her to the wall and stared at her with so much love in his eyes...



Salvatein kahin..

karwate kahin..

phail na jaaye kaajal ye tera..

.nazron mein ho guzarta hua..

khwabon ka koi kaafila...



He lifted her hand up..with his fingers he traced the tiny drops of water on her face.. She closed her eyes and clutched his shirt..His eyes fell on the tiny mole above her lips..he touched it with his finger and planted a feathery kiss there...



Jismon ko roohon ko jalne do zaraa..

Sharmohayaa ko machalne do zaraa...

Lamhon ki guzaarish hai ye..

Paas aa jaaye...


humtumTum..hum...hum tum..



He nuzzled her neck..his day old stubble send tickling sensations down her belly.. His hands securely enlacing her waist.. She ran her fingers wildly through his thick locks..She enjoyed his naughty moves...her heart danced inside.. She softly pulled him up...she stared at his exquisitely sculptured face... His eyes looked full of desire and passion he was breathing harder than usual..."lets go home Ram..we shall continue there"



He smiled naughtily.. " yes come lets go" he entwined his fingers in hers and took her to the car...she was staring at him.."what now" he asked."nothing...just you" she kissed him on his cheek..!! He was too delighted... Touched his cheek.. "I am all yours Priya.." he caressed her cheeks...




They changed their wet clothes.. Ram lifted her up in his strong arms and brought her to the room.. They laid down slowly on the bed.. "you made my evening Ram" she played his trademark white kurta's button.."You've made my life Priya.." he kissed her forhead... 



Choo lo badan magar is tarah..

Jaise sureela saaz ho...

Andhere chupe teri zulf mein...

kholo ke raat azaad ho..



The night yet again witnessed the love making of two crazy lovers..the room again got filled with the sweet moans.. Later in the night..He laid in prone position holding her hand possessively... He was in deep slumber..but she was well awake..smiled at the adorable face of her Ram.. She moved closer to him.. Ran her fingers through his hair... "I love you so much Ram" she whispered... Covering him properly with the comforter she too dozzed off..




Screen Fades.. *For Rayna ji*

Awaiting--> Joota chappal andaa tamaatar... Sunday hai to no daaru..*runzzz*



Anonymous... {Reminds me of someone}

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Posted: 2014-03-30T00:46:37Z
Romantic OSHeart
loved itWink
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Posted: 2014-03-30T00:57:35Z
awww so good and romantic OS
Raya were spending time in rain
just want to see once in balh this scene
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Posted: 2014-03-30T01:24:51Z
Cute n lovely os. 
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Posted: 2014-03-30T02:34:38Z
Hey di thank u for the scene we never got to see in BALH n say thank u amrit also n awesome update
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Posted: 2014-03-30T02:39:20Z
Wow ..Awesome
Brilliantly penned down her eagerness to play in rain 
and his presence beside her 
well done 
Thanks for posting 
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