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B A B Y   I   L O V E   Y O U

Taani sat in car , her jiju swayum had come to pick up from airport , she is going to spend her holidays with her di sharon and her In - laws but inside her heart she ia damn nervous and the reason of her nervousness is Swayums brother Reyaansh Singhania , she is going to meet him after 9 years , she last meet him when she was 13 and he was 15 they studied in same school , rey was hell possessive about her he never let any boy come near her and their kisses in childhood she still remember and always feel more shy to face him again , she still remember when rey first time kiss her


Shekhawats and singhanias were neighbours and best friends also

One afternoon taani come at singhania mansion to complete her project with the help of rey as sharon is busy in her dance practice

" rey i want your help in completing my project " said taani to rey who was playing play station in his room

" okay taani i will help but let me fininsh this round " rey told her still his full concentration was on game

Taani nodded and sat on his bed waiting for him to finish his game , she was wearing cute pink top and white shorts , after 15 minutes rey turn off his game and turned toward her , he sat beside her on bed

" come lets finish your project soon then well watch movie , swayum bhai is also gone out with his friends and mom had gone for shopping with your mom and am geeting bore alon " rey said to her , taani happily nodded in agreement , they both started doing project , rey was helping her explaining her everything about project so that she can easily understand , now its 3 pm they both finish their work

" which movie you want to watch " taani asked him while keeping her things on his study table

" hmm what about horror movie " rey said , searching for movie to watch

" horror !! Nahi muhhe dar lagta hai " taani told him cutely

" but i have only action and horror movies and dont worry you can hold me while watching then you'll not feel scare " rey said , he took out a horror movie CD and played it 

With nervousness taani agree to watch movie , Rey sat on bed taking support of bedpost and taani settled herself beside him holding his arm , rey look at her she is looking damn cute

At the end of the movie taani was sobbing badly , she is damn scared and in fear she is hugging him tightly

" taani its okay !! Now stop crying , am sorry i shouldnt force you to watch horror movie " rey said , he broke the hug and wipe her tears but not no use she was still sobbing , later finding no way to calm her rey put his lips on her , he nibbled her lower lip and his hand was caressing her back calming her down , taani calm down in his arms clutching his T in her fist tightly

They kissed each other for quite sometime , taani forgot that she was scared and all enjoying the feel of his lips , their first kiss
they broke the kiss and smiled at each other 

After that day they shared many kisses in school , house , rey become more possessive for her , Their love for each other increase

But one day singhania's shifted  mumbai from delhi and TaaRey got seprated 


taani come out of her thoughts or i should say dreamland when swayum call her , she look out of the window realise that the had reach singhania mansion , her nervousness increase more but happiness also , she will meet her love rey but scared also what if he dont love her or he dont even remember her now , with all this feelings taani entered in singhania mansion .

sharon hug her tightly meeting her sister after so long

" i missed you so much " sharon said broking the hug , taani smiled ta her dii and again hug her
" me too di "

" taani beta we are also here , dont you missed us " said mrs. singhania , mrs.singhania love taani as much she love sharon and ReYum ,

" aww aunty how can i forgot you " taani said hugging mrs.singhania , they all settled in drawing hall started chit chatting but taani's eyes were searching someone , SwaRon saw this and smirk at each other

" what happen taani ? kisiko dundh rahi ho ?' swayum asked her smiling on her caught expressions

" yeah i was looking for uncle , where is he " taani lied , she gave a glare to sharon who was trying hard to control her laughter

" ranvijay office mein hein " mrs singhnia answered her , taani nodded in yes

" beta you take some rest , you must be tired , sharon take taani to her room " says rey's mom , sharon nodded , they both walk toward guest room , sharon shows her her room , when sharon was going out of room

" he is in office with dad " sharon told her walking out of room

after sharon left taani close the door and take a deep breath

" so mr.reyaansh singhania start going office not bad " taani thought to herself smiling to herself , she decided to take a fresh shower then take rest for sometime


taani was pacing in her room , its 10 in night still he didnt come back from office , she wants to see him but he

" uncle had from office two hour ago but he didnt , uncle said he has gone for some work what can be that , may be date..nahi nahi taani what are are you thinking , how can he date someone *pause* kyun nahi kar sakte you didnt own him , you love but that doesnt mean he also feel the same " this the fight going on in her mind but unknown to her someone was listening her self talks

and that someone is none other than rey
" bhabhi was right , if she didnt tell me to hide from her whole day toh mein kabhi madam ke dil ki baat nahi jaan pata , chal beta rey lag ja kaam par " rey thought to himself

SwaRon knows that TaaRey love each other so they decided to play cupid and they come with a plan

Rey entered in her room silently locking the door behind him , taani didnt notice him she was still in her thoughts , rey stand behind her and slide his arms around her , taani got atsrlet with sudden touch instanly turned back

" ap..app , aap andar kab aaye " taani stammered , her heart was beating at very fast speed and his closeness was making her more nervous , rey smirk seeing his affect on her

" when you were fighting with yourself about me " rey said still his arms around her , taani look at him with wide eyes he hear everything

" you look so cute with your shock expression " he said pinching her red cheeks , she bend her head little feeling shy , rey lifted her face to make her face him

" what happen taani ? " rey ask her in worried tone when he saw her teary eyes

" i missed you so much " taani said , hugging him tightly rey get surprise with her sudden move but hug her back
" i missed you too " rey said rubbing her back

" you didint missed me if you did then why didnt you contact me " Taani said broking the hug

" Because after coming mumbai i left to london for further studies then got busy in studies and also i didnt had your any contact number " rey said gently wiping her tears

" means you forgot me ? " taani asked innocently looking at him

" baby i love you " rey said ending every doubt of her with his one answer

taani look at him in shock , looking at her her cute expression rey couldnt hold himself place his lips on her , nibbling her lower lip for response , taani come back to her sense and realise what is happening is for real , she too respond to his kiss , rey place wet kisses to help her to open up , taani parted her lips and kiss him back , rey thrusted hi tongue in her mouth tasting her sweet nector , they broke the kiss when they felt need of oxygen

" you still taste the same " rey said winking at her , crimson red took place on cheeks making her look more adorable " am waiting for your answer " he said

" i love you too " taani said , listening her answer rey without waiting agai tokk her lips in passionate kiss , both were kissing each other passionately , rey slide his hand inside her top caressing her soft skin , taani moan in kiss , he broke the kiss and look at her

" taani am not good with words thats why am asking you straight , will you marry me ? " rey asked her , he took out a diamond ring from his pocket

Tears made their way in her eyes , she nodded in yes ,rey instantly slide the ring in her finger and pull her in bone crashing hug , their eyes were teary 

" so would be mrs.singhnia lets go and tell every one about us " rey said smilingly , they bpoth hold each other's hand and walk downstairs to tll everyone about their new relation .

After two months TaaRey got married.

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<font size="3">omg!!!!mere idea ki shop what an awesome , cute n romantic os , loved it to the core , taarey sweet kisses wow!!!!!!! too loving omg!!!! u r making me greedy 4 yr writing s day by day , plz mam do write lots more as me always in que to read , love n hug u</font> Wink Wink Clap Edited by yoyoaishwarya - 2014-03-29T07:53:40Z
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Posted: 2014-03-29T07:55:22Z
Res...will unres at night
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Posted: 2014-03-29T08:00:49Z
Hmmm! It was pretty lovely. I liked his open proposal. Fantastic!
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Posted: 2014-03-29T08:00:54Z
really cute
i really liked itSmile
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Posted: 2014-03-29T08:03:21Z
amazing work yaar...

nice loved taaniz self talk...

write one more
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Posted: 2014-03-29T08:04:01Z
lovely os...
full of cute romance...
love the flaskback...
rey is super possessive biut taani...
swaron are playng cupid...that's awsome...
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Posted: 2014-03-29T08:06:21Z
wow it was awesome os
taarey childhood memory
was so cute & lovely
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