Rang Rasiya 28th March: Written Update (Stubborn PaRud)

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Part 1

Paro finds Rudra sleeping in the same room with Dilsher. She quickly puts on the veil and goes upto him to make his head rest on a pillow. She caresses his hair and gets lost in his charm. She gazes him. After a while, she checks on Dilsher to find him burning with fever. Paro goes to the kitchen to get cold water and cloth to put on Dilsher's forehead to bring the temperature down. Rudra comes in searching for something. Paro puts her veil on. He looks at Gauri washing a utensil and goes to the fridge. Paro wonders that he must be hungry, from two days he hasn't had proper food. Paro quickly starts preparing food. Rudra says there's no need, but she stops him. Mohini finds Dilsher's room empty and says its a good time, both the maid and Rudra are away. Rudra watches as Paro quickly makes food for him. She tells him by actions that food will be ready in 3 minutes. Rudra thanks her that indeed he was hungry. Paro smiles inside her veil. Mohini enters Dilsher's room and apologizes that she doesn't want to kill him, but at times time makes them do difficult things. She is about to pulls off his mask when Paro comes inside. She hides behind the bed. Paro puts cold cloth on Dilsher's head. Mohini wonders as to why she had to come at the wrong time. She makes sure Paro doesn't see her. Meanwhile, Rudra burns a chapati. Maithili notices this and offers to make chapatis for him. She says this one is burnt, how will he eat these? She will make fresh chapatis. She says by the way, he made the veggie very nicely. Rudra tells her that he didnt, the girl who has come to work for them, she made. Paro puts on her veil and goes out, leaving Dilsher alone with Mohini.

Part 2

Paro eats the food while Maithili gives him chapati. Rudra says he's full. Maithili says that her mother tells her that when someone eats hastily, it means he's hungry. Paro comes and Maithili appreciates that it seems she's a good cook, Rudra is eating hastily. Paro smiles. Rudra lifts up the bowl but Paro picks it up and starts giving him the vegetables. He notices the 'R' letter in her wrist and he comes to know that she is Paro. He unveils her. Mohini gets up when her saree gets locked with a nail. She releases herself and is about to pick up his mask. Rudra runs suspecting she might have done something to Bapusa. Mohini is about to kill him when Rudra comes and inspects his cloth. He asks why Mohini is here, she says she came to check on Bapusa. He runs out and asks why is Paro troubling him. Why is she coming back every now and then. Paro says that she came to see if Bapusa. Rudra asks if he's alive or not. Danveer tries to explain that she might be innocent. Mohini intervenes. Rudra shuts them off. He asks her to get out. He says that before the jallad in this jallad wakes up, leave. He pulls her out. She stops him. Paro says, she knows she did a mistake. Instead of believing on Rudra, she trusted Tejawat. But ever since she got to know, she is burdened with guilt. She wants to unburden herself. Please forgive. She says that Bapusa told her that her and Rudra's bond was false, but in the shade of this false bond...she made small true bonds. She goes to Jija, and Sunehri and asks forgiveness. Rudra says that before he loses his temper, get out. She very well knows his temper, just get out. Paro walks up and sits on the door. She says she won't go until he forgives her. Rudra forces her out. She says that kill her, throw her out but she will find a way to get in. Rudra gets a call and he rushes away. Sumer tries to throw her out but Sumer and Danveer stops him saying that this haveli is his brother's. No one will throw Paro out.

Rudra goes to Dilsher and tells him that all the charges have been forfeited from him and Govt is bestowing a medal for his bravery. He tells that once he was thrown out of school; he heard his teaching telling his dad that he is nikamma, doesn't pay heed to studies. I remember you told her that one simple school teacher can't decide the fate of his son. One day he will make him proud. He has to get up to see him getting a medal. To see him being awarded with the rest of the families of the martyrs. He has to get up, and no further arguments.

Danveer gives a blanket to Paro.

Rudra comes in the kitchen to find Paro working. Rudra asks whats she doing here when she asked her to go away. He sees her making something. Asks what is it. She doesn't speak. He throws the utensils. Paro doesn't speak, washes the utensil. Rudra dares her not to touch anything.


Rudra says this is not your home. I don't want to see your shadow. Paro says even she said, she won't go anywhere. Rudra says if she doesn't stop, he will hold her hand and throw her out. Paro gives her hand. Rudra is shocked.


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Thanks for the fast WU
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thanku sooo much fr d quick n instant wu
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thank you so much for the written update! I can't wait till next week! Need my RR fix!
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Luvly  update 4 a wonderful epi tfsSmile
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Thankyou very much for the written update!
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Thanks for the update!
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