Pregnancy Cravings - A TaaRey One Shot

Posted: 2014-03-28T06:15:17Z
P R E G N A N C Y    C R A V I N G S

Rey entered in his room with coffee and glance toward bed to only find his 6 month pregnent wife cursing him under his breath for something which is out of his understanding , rey shook head at his angry yet cute wife , he should be the one who got angry for disturbing him in night at 2 because she is craving for coffee

" are you planning to stay there or else do the the honour of coming here " taani said irritatingly , rey smiled at his wife and walk toward her n sat on bed beside her

" here is your coffee " rey said handling her coffee , taani took one sip but make a weird face rey look confuse seeing her expressions

" what happen taani " rey asked her

" i dont want to drink coffee " taani said making cute weird face , she kept the mug on side table

" i want to eat ice cream that too mango flavour" taani said excitedly

" Taani raat ko 2 baje kaha se ice cream milegi , hum kal chalenge ice cream khane " rey saind trying to make her understand and he is also feeling very sleepy

" no way i want to eat right now , this is your baby also dont you want fulfill your baby's wish , rey our baby wants to eat ice cream " taani said to him making most innocent face

" stop being childish , cant you understand we'll go tommorrow now let me sleep " rey said loudly and rudely , he was frustated with her childish act and her pregnency mood swing also making him mad

her eyes filled with tears , she look at him with hurt in her eyes , rey regret his tone

" am sorry sweetheart , i didnt mean to hurt you by snapping at you it just happen because of tiredness , i didnt meant it " rey said wiping her tears , he curse himself for being the reason of her tears

" its okay , you can sleep now sorry for diturbing your sleep " taani said in low voice , she lay on bed n switched of the lights without glancing at him for once , Rey look at her he again hurt her

rey laid beside her , her back was facing him , rey gently turned her toward him , her eyes were wet

" stop cying sweetheart u know na how much its hurts me seeing you shedding tears , i'll get you your mango ice cream " rey said he was about to got up from bed but taani stopped him by helding his hand , rey look at her

" no its okay , you should sleep u look so tired , i'll eat ice cream tommorrow and also am craving for ice cream now " taani said , now her mood is off and also want him to take rest

" ese kaise , tumhara mood nhai hai toh kya hua but my baby still wants to eat ice cream " rey says placing his one hand on her baby bump

" my bachha wants to eat his/her fav ice cream now dont stop my baby " rey said in cute voice , rey got up from bed

" i'll be back " rey said bending little to kiss her forehead

" am also coming " told taani

" no taani , weather is not good you'll catch cold its not good for you and baby's health " rey tell her with atmost care , she smiled at his care

" okay " she agreed
Rey grab his car key's and left to bring ice cream .

After half n hour rey found one shop open , he thanked his stars and buy mango ice cream for her but he was wondering taani never liked mango flavoured ice cream than what happen to her suddenly that she wants to eat only mango flavour , brudhing aside those thoughts rey drove back to house


" thank you rey you are best husband and dad also " taani said while eating her ice cream and rey was admiring his wif's cute faces she makes while eating , he was smiling like an idiot seeing her happy , he always love seeing her all happy happy , she is his world , his only happiness and now she is giving him most precious gift of his life, symbol of their love their baby , the mere thought of their baby filled his heart with joy

Rey always thank taani's krishnaji for bringing her in his life and making his life beautiful , now in coming months their baby will also come to complete their family

" rey now am sleepy " taani said after finishing her IC , she placed her head on his chest , the softest and most comfortable pillow for her

" good night sweetheart " rey placed a peck on her forehead

" good night my prince charming " she peck his lips in return makng his smile wider

They both drifted into sweet slumber , enjoying te most beautifull phase of their life , beginning of their parenthood


Sun rays made their way in room through window disturning the two love birds , taani frowned in her sleep and snuggle more in rey hiding her face in his chest , rey was sleeping peacfully with his jaan in his arms , he was holding her protectively and securely in his embrace making sure not to hurt her or baby in any damn way

Rey open his eyes only find his sweetheart in his arms sleeping peacfully with her one hand on her baby bump as if protecting their baby from this evil world

Rey kissed her forehead and decided to let her sleep for sometime and as today is sunday he will spend quality time with her and ther baby

He got up from bed and goes in his gym next to his room for exercise , later he took shower and got ready in casuals

" good morning sweetheart " rey said coming from washroom in only towel around his waist

He kissed her forehead then her baby bump , rey sat on floor his hand on her baby bump

" good morning baccha " he wished their baby and started talking with baby, his small gestures always touched her heart , his daily talk with baby before going office and after coming from office , his care and love for her , she is so lucky to have him as her life partner

" so aaj aapko aur mumma ka kya plan " rey ask with his one hand around her waist and other one on her belly

" rey , aaj hum dono aapke ke saath time spend karna chahte , hai right baby " taani said , glint of Naughtyness in her eyes which rey didnt miss to notice

" really mumma wants to spend tine with papa " rey too come in his naughty mood

He got up from floor and sat on bed beside her his arms around her , their lips were inches away soon their lips met in soft yet passionate kiss , taani roam her hands on his well toned bare chest to bring him close to her , rey deepened the kiss more holding her waist protectively not hurting their baby , they both broke the kiss to get some oxygen , both were panting heavily , a deep red crimson shade spread on her cheeks rey smiled seeing the same affect on her after two years of their blissfull marriage , enable to take his intense gaze taani hug him hiding her face in his chest .

" thank you so much for coming in my life taani and making it more beautifull with your presence " rey toold what come in his heart , taani hug him more tightly.

" i love you rey " this is her answer , Like always .

just a random thought hope you all liked it
please comment more than two words , your comments encourge me to write more
silent readers please come forward and share your views too.
Posted: 2014-03-28T06:27:04Z
res Embarrassed

Yayyy moi first Dancing *lol*

Can it get anymore cuter??? Embarrassed
Lovely one shot Pooja Hug

When i saw your PM i was expecting a Hot OS ...
Then i saw the title ... Pregnancy cravings
So was kinda sure wat am gonna read

You have penned it so well so well that i simply loved it
Am completely speechless.
Want to say a lot ... but running out of works

Keep Writing dear
Stay Blessed Smile
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Posted: 2014-03-28T06:33:27Z
res...Dancing again something frm u...Hug

oh it was sooo cute...
i really loved it
at 2 in the night she woke him up
for coffee n wen he brought it, she denied
then she wanted to eat ice-cream n that too MANGO!Day Dreaming
my fav...

most of the time we find naughty rey bt i love naughty taani too...
overall awesome OS...

keep writing...*hugs*Hug
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Posted: 2014-03-28T06:34:40Z
aww sweet n cute os..
lovely taarey :)
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Posted: 2014-03-28T06:38:25Z
Aww swt cute
Os haaye thanks
For PM
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Posted: 2014-03-28T06:46:14Z
Sweet, loving, caring, Romantic, adorable etc etc etc OS
Just loved it

keep writing
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Posted: 2014-03-28T06:53:12Z
awesum OS ..! Clap

luvd d cute antics of taani ..! Big smile

taarey .. luvd dem ..! Blushing

luvly OS ..! Thumbs Up

thank u 4 d pm .. Smile

keep writing ..!  Big smile
Edited by taarey-forever - 2014-03-28T07:02:07Z
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Posted: 2014-03-28T06:54:27Z
awsum and so cute update yr
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