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Part 1

PaRud eyelock..! Rudra asks Paro what she is doing there? And if he has to write it in stamp where she should be? He asks her to leave and goes inside the temple! Rudra says want to give prasad for my father and pray for him! Pandit says u can pray urself! Rudra says i never prayed so dunno ... so plz pray so he gets well soon ..! He says my father became my habit... my need.. and if it was in my control wuld have cured him but now things are out of my hand so requesting to you to get him well soon ..! Pandit says there is no right or wrong .. for prayer.. just pray from ur heart to Bholenath and he will make it all ok..! Pandit asks to tie ghanti ...for peace of mind! Rudra says want him to hear my hearts wish ..! Paro watches from far..! Pandit prays ..! Rudra ties ghanti on the wall and Paro watches..! BG - RangRasiya ..!

Rudra is about to walk out of temple and sees Paro ..! Paro says take me home .. swear i din do anything to ur dad! Rudra says he is not ur dad. .so leave! Paro says ur misunderstanding.. just like i had about Varun .. so gimme a chance! Rudra says ur requests will have no effect on me... dun u dare hover around me and dad.. ! Rudra walks off as Paro is saddened..! She walks back inside the temple ..! She says i ruined everything and now i will fix it all and clear things before him and win his trust.. and now let anything happen .. will not step back..! Will  go to dad and u cant stop ..! Will do his worship and help him feel better and make u realize that i m innocent..!

Part 2

Sumer is fuming and Mohini says demand as much as u can contain ..! Mohini's phone rings and she sends Sumer to get a bundle of money from her cupboard and to ensure Danveer doesnt notice..! Its the servant and she comes to Mohini ..! Mohini asks why so much in hurry? She says need money ..! Mohini says.. only yamraj has to come.. u culdn end the person ..! Servant justifies..! Sumer brings money and Mohini gives her some ...! Servant says.. u said 5000 and Mohini says.. u din put entire room on fire so..! She turns to leave and ends up breaking a jar..! Mohini fumes and says wont give u any more money .. will get Panchayat? Go ..! The girl doesnt leave..! Danveer asks the matter? Mohini says.. she wants money .. for wedding.. but it din happen so why give! Danveer asks to give..! Mohini says gave some. .n asks her to leave.. and she does..! She asks u helped Dilsher sleep? Danveer says did..but need to care for him! Mohini says obviously .. family looks after one another..!

Rudra brings prasad and puts next to Dilsher! He says went to temple to pray for ur recovery..! He says u said u wanted to pray to Bholenath so i talk to u nicely ..well i will try ..to talk to u nicely but condition is .. u have to wake up.. ! He says i know u hear my voice so listen carefully am tired of ur joke... am hungry .. wanna eat ur cooked roti and burnt veggies..! Get up ..!

Sunehri is on phone and tells Danveer that Mohini-Sumer are not home.. someone has come ..lemme go check! Right then Aman comes with Paro (who has her face covered in veil)! He says i and Singh talked and thot to get a nurse for him ..! Rudra asks who is this girl? Paro is worried ..! Aman fakes and says from mahila ashram ..needed money so came here for work.! Rudra comes near Paro! He asks in this veil? How will she handle Dilsher? Aman says old fashioned so! Rudra asks name and Aman says she cant speak.. her name is Gouri ..! Rudra asks if Aman is joking? He says talk to Singh ..! Rudra takes the phone and agrees finally ..! and tells her to go to Dilshers room ...! Paro starts to walk and Rudra asks her to stop ..!

Part 3

Rudra asks how she knows which side is Dilshers room? Paro clutches the Rudraksh bracelet! Rudra asks her to come after him! She thanks Aman and goes after Rudra..! Rudra tells Paro that his dad is in coma..! He asks understand coma? She says yes! He shows IV and suddenly Dilshers face tilts and both PaRud hold his face together ..their hands touching..! Rudra says will arrange for bed for u..and if u need anything tell me..! He leaves from there! Rudra sees Mohini-Sumer and leaves from there! They see Paro and think how to handle her ..to end Dilshers life? Mohini says what if.. we blame this woman for Dilshers death?

Paro removes her veil ..! Paro asks Dilsher .. if he thinks she hurt him? She says will stay here and help u get better and win back Rudras trust! She says.. ur blessings were not a waste.. we both are right ..! She says hope he will believe me.. that i am not his enemy and not bad..but here to help u and him ...! Right then Danveer comes and is shocked to see Paro! Paro says dun tell anyone.. came in veil ... ! She says culd not stop myself.. seeing Dilsher in this condition felt guilty ... only u believed i m innocent..! She says dun remove me from here! Paro covers her face..!

Rudra comes and Paro offers him the moby ..! He takes it and asks Danveer what is the matter? Danveer says worried about Dilshers health ..! Rudra says.. she is mute.. ! Danveer cover ups saying just in actions ..! Rudra walks off! Paro thanks Danveer..! Danveer says dunno if m doing right or wrong! He leaves from there!

Later in nite... Paro wakes up and goes to Dilsher and checks on him and says thank God no fever..! She lies down to sleep..! Rudra enters the room and checks on Dilsher ..sets his comforter! He looks at Paro who has her back to him and wind blows and covers Paros face..! Rudra turns to leave and Paro wakes up with a jerk..!

Precap -- Paro is cleaning utensils and is fumbling..! Rudra is standing behind her in the kitchen ..! He stands behind her and she is jittery ..!

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thanku fr d quick wu
hope bapusa doesnt die
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Thanks for the quick update!!!
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So fast!!! Thanks a bunch HugEdited by _SilverLining_ - 2014-03-27T10:44:58Z
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thank you so much!! I can't wait for tommorow's epi!! GAH!!
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Thank you so much for the updateSmile
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Thanks for the updateBig smile
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Thank you for the WU :)
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