Ye Hai Mohabbatein Written Update - 26th March 2014

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Episode starts with Romi making a call asking about dancers when he's told that they're on the way.. romi asks about the main dancer and is told that her name is pinky.. Trisha enters while raman is asking mihir about her.. romi misunderstands trisha to be the dancer pinky and takes her into green room saying everyone is waiting for her.. Romi informs mihika the same.. Romi asks her to get ready while she tries explaining she's not a dancer.. Romi asks her to get ready and locks her..

Adi comes to holi event and asks driver why he got him here when the driver tells that his mom and ashok said so.. adi says he'll put colours on his mom.. Raman watches from far and boy with his dad where his dad tells that he's waiting for his son to grow up as that's the best feeling.. Raman feels the same for adi and sees adi coming in.. Shagun tells ashok she will bring adi when ashok asks her to wait and let raman meet him for when adi hurts Raman, it gives peace to him.. Raman shows adi to mihir and asks him to bring colours which is kept in his car..

Raman and mihir wish adi and raman gives him the colours for he liked it as a kid.. Adi says he isnt a kid anymore but Raman says that for him he always will.. Adi asks Raman about his new wife and Raman says he didnt bring her for Adi doesnt like her.. Adi sees his mom and is about to go to her when Raman stops and gives him the gift.. Adi and Shagun play with colours when Ashok comes to Raman and taunts him that he may have ruhi but he cant win Adi.. Adi calls out to ashok as papa and ashok leaves taunting Raman that his son is calling and its always fun to play with our kids.. Raman fumes..

At Bhalla house, toshiji is having headache because of the carnatic music and asks her to stop it.. Amma suggests to play chess but toshiji says she doesnt know to play and that she feels it as a game where two people just sit and stare.. Amma says she will tell Ramayan but toshiji tells that her lord is in her heart and plus she's watched it on Tv as well and says she wants to sleep.. Amma says fine and that she will play relaxing music for her.. Toshiji feels she is taking revenge for casserole..

ishu reaches with everyone at holi event.. Ishu is wondering where Raman might be while Vandu is missing Bala.. Vandu is firing a man asking if the colour is organic or not when simmi comes to apply colour to her and they argue.. both fall.. simmi calls vandu a bore and vandu gets angry.. they get onto a challenge.. Mihika asks Romi about dancer and Romi tells that she's full of attitude and that she's in green room.. Mihika leaves to bring her.. Simmi and Vandu get into competition of Thandai with bhaang.. Simmi is leading.. Vandu drinks more and Simmi drinks by the jar directly.. Parmeet comes and getting close to vandu makes her drink more..

Mihir is waiting for trisha when he gets her call and leaves.. Romi gets to know about dancers not able to come and wonders who he locked then.. Mihika opens the door and trisha scolds her saying she isnt a dancer.. Mihir comes and Trisha hugs him while Mihika looks at them.. Mihir asks her if she's fine?? Trisha says she is and that had it been London she would have jailed them for this.. Mihika apologizes on Romi's behalf and leaves.. Mihir takes Trisha..

Adi with Shagun where she asks what he was talking with Raman.. Adi says he was asking him about his new wife and he said he didnt bring her for he doesnt love her but Ashok comes in saying Raman lied and shows him Ishu who is playing with Ruhi.. Adi gets angry for he thinks Raman lied to him and says he hates him..

Ishita stops Adi and asks about his parents.. Adi asks her to keep her lectures to herself and goes from there.. Ishita says his parents didnt even teach him manners..
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Thanks for the update ..
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Posted: 2014-03-26T13:52:10Z
thanks for the written update! :)
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Posted: 2014-03-26T14:12:42Z
Thanks Preet. Parmeet is turning out exactly like i thought and god this Adi -_-
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Posted: 2014-03-26T15:54:27Z
thank u...
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Posted: 2014-03-26T16:33:14Z
Thnx a lot for the lovely written update.
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Posted: 2014-03-26T21:59:37Z
tan q...Wink
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