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Like a lost child Rudra slept on Paro's Lap. Paro too slept leaning on the wall. When rudra started to have nightmare screaming remembering how his mother left him and he wanted to stop her. Paro tried to stop him and started caressing his head. She held him close and slowing Rudra relaxed in her touch.

Maithili was not about to solve the puzzle when she thought that Dilsher and Paro was supposed to come together and ended up coming alone. Mohini tossed Maithili's words in the air and manipulated it to something else.

With the first sunrays Rudra woke up and then saw himself on Paro's lap. He shifted quickly and ordered paro to leave him as soon as possible. But Paro told him that it was him who had asked her to stay yesterday night.

Rudra ignored her words and ordered Aman to find Tejawat and told him that he has nothing to do with Takurayin. Paro stopped him and told him that Thakurayin masa was innocent.

When Rudra asked her why was she calling Thakurayin Masa, she told him that she was like her mother and whatever she is it is because of her. She was the one to teach paro all the good things in the world and her bhakti in shiv ji.

Paro could sense Rudra's nervousness even when he tried to hide it. The tea cup drop due to his clumsiness and paro stopped him from picking it up reminding him that he was hurt and that she would do it on his behalf.

But rudra didn't listen to her and opened the clothes which she tied on his wound yesterday night and started accumulating shattered pieces of glass. Then he ordered his man to take her away from him.

After few hours Paro came with food and when asked she told he did not eat anything since morning and that she should eat. Rudra accused her for mixing poison in his food so that he is killed just like she tried to kill his father.

Paro took a bite to make him believe that nothing was mixed in the food and then went away.

Aman came and told Rudra that the man who was in their custody told several things and that they have to go to haveli once again to search for those items. He also told him that Paro has nothing to do with Rudra's father's condition.

Paro reached a temple and folded her hand in front of Shivji and asked him what sin did she commit that Rudra was not believing her, the person who saved her life more than once today he hates her. The pandit came and asked what the matter was. Paro confide to him and told him everything about Rudra's father's condition.

The pandit asked her to follow him and then told her about Shiv leela. How he was bhole and Krodhi. He told her that when bholenath took Rudra roop then trilook couldnot stop his anger. Like that once he was angry on Parvati ji. Parvati ji kept on following shivji wherever he went. Parvati ji seeked for forgiveness, she even cried but never left shiv ji alone.

Rudra refused to believe aman. He told that beautiful woman is like a poison and they are self-centered and full of her. And whatever she did with his father he can never forgive her.

The Pandit told Paro that Shiv ji forgave Parvati due to her commitment towards him. He gave her a little bell and asked her to tie it in the temple and it shall take away all her pain and misunderstanding.

Rudra and Paro reached the haveli and Rudra stopped in front of his mother's picture to see her and told to himself that he wasn't waiting for her at all and that he is not scared of her anymore and the place where she stayed hiding. That he wanted to see how she stayed without his son.

Aman threw the saree which she used to wear and Rudra remembered his days with his mother, her warning that if she doesnot have milk then she shall leave him and when her mother opened the door and went out Rudra like a lost child panicked and called her.

Once he was back in reality he saw the album consisting of his mother's and Tejawat's pictures. His eyes fell on the picture where thakurayin was putting ornaments in Paro's neck.

Aman confirmed that he got all the numbers which they were searching.

Rudra's chacha ji told his elder son that he shall keep his elder brother at home and he himself shall take care of him. but he was just scared of his wife. His elder son told him not to worry.

Paro tied the bell seeking for Rudra's forgiveness.

She then sensed him coming in the mandir and as if her feet couldnot stop anymore. She ran towards him and missed  a step but Rudra caught her right at the moment and embraced her. They looked at each other and the time stood still between them.

Precap : Paro tried to convince rudra but rudra asked her to stay away from him and his father. Paro promised herself that whether happens she shall convince both of them.



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