In Love With My Kidnapper (16+) [Completed]

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T A A R E Y   S H O R T   S T O R Y

Taani open her eyes , her head was aching badly then she found her hands tied up and herself in some luxrious room its not her room but some unknown place

She tried hard to remember how she ended up here
" what the hell am doing here and why i dont remember what happen after i left for shikhas house ? " taani thought frustatedly , she dont remember anything after she is on the way to go to her friends house

Her chain of thoughts broken by door opening sound , a man dressed in expensive three piece suit entered in room , his looks can kill anyone

Taani look at the person in shock , and the person is none other than Business tycoon Reyaansh Singhania , she dont know him personally but knows him very well because he is singhania and she is shekhawat and everybody knows about their rivalry , both the singhania and shekhwat are enemies one can do anything to hurt other one  

" why am here ?? " this is the first thing come out from her mouth

Rey smirk seeing her he walk close to her and sat on bed beside her

" i thought ab tak toh tumhe pata chal hi gaya hoga , why i bring you here " Rey said smirking evily , his familys enemys darling daughter is now in his control

" i got it you want to take revange from my family , and open my hands damnit they are hurting and tell me from when am here " she asked in loud voice directly looking in his eyes

" you are kidnapped dont you think you should keep your voice down and if you dont i can do anything with you , anything " rey said bringing her face close to her

" i dont care what you ll do with me but just open this damn rope and free my hands " told him angerly she didnt care about the angery glares she is getting from him

Rey look suprise with her attitude till now nobody dare to raise their voice infront of him and here she is ordering him , this girl is seriously something

" first let me answer to your first question ypu are here with me from yesterday..." he started to sau but cutt off by her scream

" whatt ?? "

" dont raise your voice and yes i kidnap you when your going to your friends house remember something " he said with a smirk

Taani was thinking and blabbering to herself and reys all concentration was on her lips how there were moving , her lucious lips were making him go insane with his wild thoughts

He do what his heart tell him to do that time , he hold her back of her neck and smack his lips on her , taani was shocked

Because her hands were tied up she lost her balance and fall on bed taking him above her , because of fall kiss deepend more , rey was kissing her aggressively pulling her close to him by her waist , he nibbled her lower lip for entery but when she didnt open up he pinch her stomach little hardly , taani moan in pain rey took it as a chance and entered in her , rey thrusted his tounge inside her mouth tasting her sweetness

Taani wanted to push him but found herself lost in his taste n kiss , her body give up in his passionate kiss , their eyes were closed with one hand rey opened her hands and he slide his one hand inside her top and start caressing the area where he pinched her

Taani was also lost in him start responding him , their toungs fight for the dominance in kiss , she skretch his chest wildly and rey was loving her wildness , rey smirk between the kiss as he tore her top and threw it away on floor , he starts to roam his hand on her perfect body curves , pressing his lower part between her thighs making her aware of his arouse

Her eyes snap open when she felt his arrouse , they both broke the kiss unwillingly for some oxygen but rey didnt leave her , rey starts planting wet kisses from her shoulder till neck where as taani clutch his hairs tightly for support  

Reys hands were busy in opening her shorts button

" damn !! She is so soft " rey thought to himself feeling her soft skin with his lips

" rey !! " she moaned his name when he lick her soft spot with his tounge and her moaning were adding fuel to his desires

Both got dusturb with reys phone ring thats when taani realise what she was doing

" i was making out with my kidnapper " taani thought pushing him away

Rey got up from her and took out his phone and switched it off but his eyes were on her body , he was intently gazing at her

" stop staring " taani shouted on him irritated with herself that how can she lost herself in him and submit her body to him

She took the blanket from bed and covered herself

" give me some fresh clothes to wear " taani said to him

" i dont have any cloths for you " he replied

" so who told you to tore my clothes " taani ask angerily , rey smirk and come close to her

" i was lost in lost you that i forgot everything and i must say you are very tasty " he said in husky tone , unknowingly deep red crimson colour spread over her cheeks

" i would love to taste you again but this time fully " he whispered her ear making her shivered , she had to admit that her hot kidnapper is having a great affect on her

" i want something to wear and you are my kidnapper so its your duty to look after me " she said coming back in from her dreamland

Rey shook his head and walk toward his closet and took out a white shirt

" wear this " rey said handling her his shirt to wear

" where is washroom? " she ask

" change here only you cant go anywhere " rey said with a smirk , taani look at him angerily but it didnt effect him

" wese sab kuch toh dekh hi liya hai " he completed his sentence

" you are mine ms. Shekhawat and soon your father will also know this that you belong to me only " rey thought to himself , he first time saw taani in some business party with her father from that day rey is head over heels in love with taani but because of their family rivalry he directly cant approach her

" change quickly i dont have whole day for you " Rey said to taani coming out of his thought

Taani sat on her knees and remove blanket from her body naughtily smirking at him leaving herself in just inner wear , rey was looking at her body with lust and love filled eyes , corner of her eyes she is looking him , his gaze was making her nervous but she didnt show her nervousness on her face  

She is also taani shekhawat she can do anything if she want

She wear his shirt was about to close the button when rey stop her holding her hand

" let me do this honour " rey said winking at her

He trailed up his hand from her lower belly till her neck ,he place wet kiss there then he close the first button then kiss then close the second button , taani was breathing heavily her body was on fire because of his touch , rey closed all the button and look at her face her eyes were close

" and dont worry except you and me nobody is here you can go out of this room freely in this shirt and forgot the thought of meeting your family , you are not going to meet any of them until i want it " rey said pecking her lips and leave the room to bring some food for her 

" what happen to me why am letting him touch me , i didnt let anyone come near me forgot that touching but why i didnt stop him , i dont know anythong about him except some general info still i let him kiss first kiss and why my body is reaction positively when he touch me " taani questioned herself 

" but hot toh woh hai , my hot kidnapper " taani thought thinking about rey and his chocolate brown eyes which was pulling her toward him.


this idea was roaming in my mind from so long and i couldnt stop myself anymore from penning it down
hope you all like this concept and this story is little matured if anyone is not comfortable in reading this can skip it Smile
hit "like" and leave your feedback
silent readers atleast press the like button

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Awsm concept
Love the first chapter
Very hot and taareylicious
Continue soon
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Posted: 2014-03-25T04:10:43Z
res Embarrassed

Moi thought moi was first Geek
in split seconds moi lost moi first position Stern Smile

OMG Pooja ... your too good in writing Hot stuffs Embarrassed
am loving it Heart

Super excited for next update ...
Jaldi jadli update karo ... moi waiting :P

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Posted: 2014-03-25T04:12:09Z
i like the concept. infact something like this was also banging my mindLOL but examsDead leave it.  both are rivals. Ouch and phir bhi pyaar ho gayaShocked and definetely not romeo juliet typesLOL
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Posted: 2014-03-25T04:12:58Z
please update soon
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Posted: 2014-03-25T04:15:16Z
wo wo wo love dat to with d kidnapper hot and intresting update.nw wht wil happen waiting waiting waiting...
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Posted: 2014-03-25T04:15:43Z
Awesome concept
Luved d first part
Continue soon
Nd plz update taarey dark ff deewangi
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Posted: 2014-03-25T04:18:13Z
awsum update yr...
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