TaaRey OS - Ruthe Piya Ko Manana

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R U T H E   P I Y A   K O   M A N A N A

Today Singhania & shekhawat's are celebrating 15th anniversary of their successful business partnership...both the families are very close to each other...party was going on full swing  

Taani was walking toward washroom...she was angry on someone she was lost in her thoughts when someone hold her wrist and drag her in one of the room and close the door

" what the f*** are you doing ? " taani shouted in angry tone

But instead of answering her the person grab her tightly by waist and smacked his lips on her...he nibbled her lower lip for response but when she didnt response to kiss...he bite her lower lip hardly...his hands were busy in caressing her bare back after sometime taani also melted in kiss start responding with equal passion

Kiss turned in to kild , passionate and aggressive by each passing second

" Rey!!! " taani moaned between the kiss grabbing his hair in her fist for support

Rey pinned her to the nearest wall...Taani wrap her legs around his waist...rey slide his tounge inside her tasting every corner of her mouth

They broke the kiss when they felt out of breath...both were panting heavily...they straighten themselves

Rey trace his finger seductevly from her forehead till neck then stop on her cleavage which is visible to him

" you are looking so irresistable today i want to eat you right now " rey said in husky tone biting her earlobe

" really but i think you were too busy today to even look at me " taani said angerly try to push him away but his hold was so tight

" so my feisty tigress is angry with me..am sorry you know na i was so busy now days first my meeting then this party sorry i am not giving you time pls try to understand " rey said making puppy face

" yeah right how can i forgot mr.reyaansh singhania MD of singhania industries cant give a damn to his wifes wish all he can think is Work work and work...wife toh bas bed par yaad aati hai to statisfying your desires " taani snap at him but she didnt realise that with her last line she had woke the beast inside him

" what !! You think like that...i just want to bed with you " he said angrily how can she think like that..its hurt him when she said he just remember her when he need her

" i didnt meant " she said realise what her words hurt him...this is her problem in anger she blurt out something which hurt him

" no no taani you said right i just want to satisfy my lust and i didnt care for you " saying this rey storm out from there he was enable to handle his anger and he dont want to hurt her in anger so he decide to go from there and also left the party

Taani to ran behind him but he already left in car without giving her a glance

Taani go back in party hall and inform SwaRon that she is going back home


Taani entered in singhania mansion all the family members are in party means that TaaRey are alone in house

Taani has decided how to monofy him she directly goes in room she knows that rey will be in his study and she quickly change her dress and open the study rooms door which is in their room as his study in attached to their room

Rey was standing there beside study table reading some files he was flipping files pages angerly

Taani walk close to him and hug him from back...rey recognize her touch but didnt turn

" am sorry jaan i dont know what happen to me and i said those things " she said in low voice

Hearing her rey hold her hand and brought her infront of her but when he look at her his eyes widen in shock

This dress he brought for her last week he wants to see her in this dress but taani was not comfortable in wearing this as this dress is very revealing and he didnt force her to wear this dress 

Rey had already forgiven her but he keept his fake stern face when taani see his serious face she decided to start her plan B

Taani put her arms around his neck and pull him close to her

" what happen mr. Singhania here your hot n sexy wife is standing infront of you asking for forgiveness and you are showing attitude " taani whispered in his ears seductevely licking his earlobe making him forgot everything

Rey hardly hear anything what she had said all his concentration was on her naughty antics.. he was having hard time to control himself from grabing her waist and kiss her senselessly but he mainted his fake serious face

Taani was shock to see that he is not getting ettected but she is determined to make him forgive her

Taani hold his hands and kept them on her hips pressing her body against him...taani opened his shirt button and threw it away and place wet kisses on his chest.. reys eyes widen in shock seeing her boldness for the first time

Taani move upward kissing him reached his face...she kissed his whole face in last she kept her soft lips on his rough one start kissing him passaionately thats it he couldnt control He pressed her body against him more and take charge in kiss..he was kissing her aggressively releasing his frustration for her in that kiss
Their Kiss turn into more passionate and aggressive...rey pulled down both the straps from her shoulder in seconds her her dress fall on floor leaving her only in her inner wear...rey broke the kiss and gaze at her body grinning naughtily...taani couldnt take it she hug him blushingly

" easy sweetheart !! I'd seen you like this before too then why are You feeling so shy now " rey said naughtly smiling 

" so am forgiven ? " taani asked broking the hug

" no !! How dare you say that i only care for you when we are on bed.. i just want to satisfy my desires.. taani you are my wife , my love , my everything..." he said his anger cime back

" i know what i said was wrong but u know me na i blabber anything in anger but didnt meant anything i say " she said with puppy face hoping that he would forgive her

" okay but dont say this again " rey told after hearing him taani jumps in his arms her arms around him making him stumble two step backward but he balance himself and hug her back

After 10 minutes they broke the hug smiled at each other

" dont you want to continue where we left ? " said taani naughtily winking at him

" sure wese bhi you are looking so delicious " rey said pulling her toward him..in a swift he scoop her in his arms and take her inside the bedroom

He make her laid on bed n come top of her

Rey kissed her neck sensously...she was breathing heavily and moaning...in few coming seconds rey removed every piece of cloth from their body

Taani rolled over bed coming top of him...She start Kissing his chest wildly biting him...rey was shock to see this side of taani...her hands were roaming on his well toned body

When he couldnt able to take her assualt he grab her waist and roll over bed taking her under him... he layed on top of her kissing her at every secret place, he kissed her hungrily as he became more aggressive

He began kissing her feverously, planting extended desire at every kiss he placed on her, he entwined their hands together before gently entering her. She moaned his name in pain, interlocking her hands with his for comfort. He took her lips in passaionate yet soft kiss diverting her mind from the pain, their bodies were entangled with each other.

" I Love You Taani "

" I Love You Rey "

Both said at the same time and smile at each other

After their tiring love making session she rested herself in his arm rey covered themselve with blanket both of them drifted into sweet slumber in each others arms.

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res Embarrassed

Yayyy moi first Dancing lol

OMG Pooja ... damn Hot OS Blushing Embarrassed
Am blushing so hard ...

You have perfectly penned it :*

Keep writing gal
You are super talented *applause*
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Posted: 2014-03-24T09:19:55Z
Screen starting to burn because of ur osWink
Like always
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Posted: 2014-03-24T09:21:24Z
awesomeBig smileEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2014-03-24T09:22:38Z
awesome loved it hot and  sensual at the same time cute too
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Posted: 2014-03-24T09:35:58Z
ohh god...ac wale room mein bhi garmi lag rahi thi
it was damn hot n sensual
plz do get bored more often so that we can get this ahem ahem kind of osWink
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Posted: 2014-03-24T09:40:15Z
ohh!!! God!! u were getting bore that's why u write it , than I will pray ki u will get bore on daily bases, LOL LOL what an hawttt!!!! os loved this taani too much bold n beautiful , n rey wow too loving , attitude is rey style, m think, ki only taani can handle him wow , so plz do write lot more , see u said it lame but yr readers think its rocking! !!!!! now cheer up!
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Posted: 2014-03-24T09:40:19Z
spectacular and simply awsm..!! 
*blush blush and blush* Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing
nw w8in for update of broken heart ..!! 
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