FF: After MU tough love RP part 25 pg 24

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FF: After MU tough love RP

This is first FF I am writing in Rangrasiya Forum... Hope you like it.

The scene starts from the part where Rudra misunderstands Paro for attempting to kill his father...

Part 1:

Paro: please believe me, I did not do anything. why would I try to kill your father?

Rudra: why would I believe a person like you? people have seen you trying to burn the room. I cannot believe that you are so cheap that you would try to harm my dad to take revenge on me

Paro: NO, I did not try to kill your dad. he was like a father to me. please believe me. I never wanted to take revenge on you, I just wanted to get away from the marriage

Rudra: just shut up... he is not your father. Who wants to marry a person like you? I was doing it to save my job... just get out...

Paro: plzzz rudra...

before she even can complete... rudra shouted: GET OUT!!!

paro was speechless... because now she felt as if there is no one who would believe her.

paro tired to hold rudras hand, but he jerked it away.

paro then turned and looked at ranawat through hospital door and tears came out of her eye. She then looked at rudra one last time, and walked slowly out of the hospital.

rudra stared at the women who just turned his life miserable with tears, somewhere he believed rudra did not do anything but all the evidence were against her. he then walked into his father's room and just stared at his father.

paro was walking aimlessly on the road while her mind going through all the things that are happened in her life. as she was walking on the road, she felt someone put their hand on her shoulder. she was shocked and fear came in her eyes.

She then turned and was relived, it was none as than aman.

She just hugged aman, saying aman bhaiya... Aman was touched as he himself felt paro as his sister.

She broke the hug and told everything that happened and told him she did not do anything.

Aman asked her... whether she has any doubt that someone can frame her for such act.

Paro said she does not have any enemy other than thakur and too he is waiting to kill her. Just then she saw rudra's chachi go somewhere...she told aman that she just saw chachi going somewhere... they followed her.

Paro and aman saw chachi saying to the women, never to come back again and gives her some money.

Then the women left as soon as she can.

Aman then told paro, maybe chachi is behind this. And told paro lets follow the women.

Aman and paro then stopped the women, but she denied all the accusations.

Aman then told her that he is bsd officer and she will treated difficult like an accused... then the lady told that chachi was the one who told her do everything...

Aman made sure he took a video of everything said knowing that it takes a lot to convince rudra...

Paro was shocked... she couldn't believe that chachi can go to any extent to kick her out of the house.

Aman told paro right away that they should say this to rudra...

Aman was going to leave... paro held aman's hand and shook her head no

Paro: bhaiya, I am no one in that family, but it is his chachi and that I do not want to break the family because of me.

Aman: no parvati, if u do not tell major now he won't believe you and he would only show hatred towards you... I know he is no one to you but his anger can harm you a lot.

Paro: no bhaiya, he is more than what everyone think who he is to me... he himself told me that I am parvati rudra pratap ranawat when he put blood as sindoor in my head and that's enough for me... and I know he cannot harm me like everyone think he would otherwise he wouldn't have saved me a lot of times. But promise me bhaiya that he will not know this truth...

Aman who heard all this was shocked, he did not know rudra put sindoor on paro... but right now he want to respect paro's decision.

Aman: yes parvati, I will tell this to major... but what are going to do now...

Paro: I do not know... I don't know who to trust now... where to go... please send me somewhere far from here... I want to forget everything.

Aman: parvati I will do anything to save my sister... I will make you go to my aunt's house, you can stay there as long as you want.

Paro was happy at least that aman was supportive of her...

Then aman let the lady leave, but he realized that he even recorded the conversation that happened between him and paro but he thought to himself that he might need this video just in case he needed to prove paro's innocence.

<p>Aman then took paro to one of his relative just to stay until he comes back to drop her in his aunt's home in different village. What aman and paro did not notice is that there was someone who was watching all this, and it was none other than...

I hope you guys like it...

I will continue this if people like it.

Thank you



Part 1- above                    * Rudra's Misunderstanding, Mohini's Truth

Part 2- Page 2                  * Missing Paro, Rudra's words, Paro's Condition

Part 3- Page 3                  * Paro left... Six Months Later


Part 4- Page 4                  * New Officer

Part 5- Page 6                  * Parvati Rudra Pratap Ranawat

Part 6- Page 7                  * Senior Officer relationship with Paro/ Rudra's wife parvati

Part 7- Page 9                  * Your sister, but MY WIFE

Part 8- Page 9                 * MY HOUSE, MY WIFE... (return to home after six months)

Part 9- Page 11              * Rudra's Dilemma

Part 10- Page 11            * Paro's anger & Rudra's thoughts

Part 11- Page 13             * Interrogation of Thakur's men

Part 12- Page 13             * Dilsher out of coma

Part 13- Page 15              * Paro's innocence

Part 14- Page 15              * Rudra-Paro hospital convo

Part 15- Page 15              * Dilsher home

Part 16- Page 15               * Dilsher and Paro convo

Part 17- Page17               * Paro and Chachi Convo

part 18- Page 17               * Sumer, Paro and Chachi

Part 19- Page 19               * Paro's Nightmare

Part 20- Page 19               * Awkwardness

part 21- Page 19               * Sindoor, Rudra's wife

Part 22- Page 21              * Body scars

Part 23- Page 22              * Laila and Paro face off

Part 24- Page 23              * SLAP!! ... SLAP!!!!

Part 25- Page 24             * HUG!!... HUG!!!!

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awesome pls continue
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Posted: 2014-03-22T20:13:27Z
It's amazing I love it, please do continued! 
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Posted: 2014-03-22T21:44:02Z
Really interesting. 
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Posted: 2014-03-22T21:51:16Z
Love it please continue.please add me to your PM list
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Posted: 2014-03-23T00:46:54Z
Interesting... Please Continue Soon 
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Posted: 2014-03-23T07:35:52Z
Very nice start. Atleast Aman believes her.
Please continue.
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Hey guys, hope you like the part 1...

Sorry if there is some grammatical or spelling errors

Note: Aman has a huge importance in this FF

Here is Part 2

Part 2


It was none other thakur's man. He realized that paro is going to another city and that he should inform thakur...


(Note: yes paro agreed thakur did all the deeds but one of the thakur's man took all the blame and stated that his master did not know what was happening, thakur got away from the crime he committed but he wants to take revenge on paro for embarrassing him like that more than rudra... his main target is paro).


Therefore, thakur's man informed him about the location of paro.




Aman visited rudra, he tried to talk to rudra about paro... but rudra did not want to hear anything about paro


Aman:  sir, trust me paro could not do such act... we both know she cannot harm anyone

Rudra: aman, bus... you don't know her, my family saw her trying to kill my father and i do not need you advice on this

Aman: but sir please understand that she is innocent

Rudra: Aman, i hope you know who you are talking to, i do not need to hear anything about that lady..


Even before aman talk, he received a call... aman's expression showed rudra that something was wrong and all her heard aman say was paro... rudra knew something wrong is going to happen to paro but he does not want to help the woman who is reason for his dad hospitalization.


Aman: sir, thakur's men got a hold on paro, please come with me to help her.


Rudra was shocked, but he only felt anger towards paro: I do not care about what is going to happen to her and I hope she dies...


Aman was completely shocked but he knew he have to save his sister... he just stared at rudra for two minutes and ran out of the hospital.

However, rudra wished that nothing happened to paro...


When aman got to his relatives home and asked which side they took her...

They just said three men came with gun and took paro in a jeep.

Aman was panicking; he took his jeep and drove everywhere he can think of...

It became late night... he was still searching for her


While searching for her, he realized that he should tell everything to rudra so he can help her.

So he went to the hospital, when he was about to go inside, he saw rudra was coming out.

Rudra saw aman and how sweating he was and the worry in his eyes. He knew that instant that he did not find paro yet.

Rudra then walked towards aman casually.


Aman: Sir, i have searched everywhere for paro but I couldn't find her, please help me find her.
Rudra: Aman, i have told you earlier that i do not care what happens to her. Why are you asking me to help that cheap girl

Aman: Sir, I cannot believe you said that, you know what thakur is capable of doing, he will kill her or sell her to someone... her life will be ruined... please i am asking this as a human and as  a brother

Rudra: aman, she is not your sister... i do not care what happens to her... whether they kill her or she sleeps with others or becomes a slave... even if they are selling her i hope they sell her for good price because she deserves it and also...


Before he could even complete his sentence, he noticed a girl with tears running down her cheeks behind aman.

He felt as if someone stabbed his heart to see her look heartbroken. Rudra noticed her cheeks are red and with fingerprints and the side of her mouth is bleeding and he also noticed that her clothes are ripped and there are signs of strangulation on her...

Aman noticed that rudra stopped talking and turned back... All he saw was paro who looked as if her life is taken away. Aman also noticed her condition how terrible she looks.

Aman ran towards paro and put his jacket around her to cover her clothes, which is ripped.

However, paro's concentration was only on rudra... she knew rudra hates her but never thought rudra is monster who only thought of her as a property to sell. this only made her hate rudra more than anything...

Rudra knew what he told is not right but he thought of her as the people who try to kill his father. Even though he said all those things, somewhere in his heart he wished she was safe but seeing her like that broke his heart that he thought he did not have.


Aman just put his hand around paro and asked what happened...

Paro could not even speak... she just looked at aman and said bhaiya and tears started to flow down her cheeks... moreover, she does not want to look at her rudra but there is only hatred that she has against rudra.

Paro in a shivering voice: please take me away from here

Aman: let's go


Aman made paro sit in the jeep and he went to sit on the driver seat... all this while rudra's eyes were on paro because he wanted to know what happened to paro because he knew someone did something to her by looking at her state.. He also wanted to strangle the man who touched paro. Moreover, when aman was about to turn the keep, paro looked at rudra for one last time with anger and not love. Rudra knew what paro's look meant, but he did not want to get affected by it.


Rudra could not sleep at night thinking about the state he saw paro in... he felt as if he did something wrong. And it was sleepless night for rudra...


Next Morning...


Rudra wanted to know whether paro was okay, he knew she was with aman and he knew the kind of relationship they shared.

Rudra was waiting in his office for aman to show up.

It was 1: 30 in the afternoon when aman came to report to Rudra

Aman knew rudra wanted to know about paro but after thinking about what happened last night and rudra's behavior, he did not want to say it...


Rudra: Aman, where is parvati?...

Hope you like it... Smile


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