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Posted: 2014-03-22T09:50:13Z

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Posted: 2014-03-22T09:54:39Z
Good one.
The emotions came out well.
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Posted: 2014-03-22T10:06:45Z
That was awesome Sunara, the show is only 22 mins, hence fast paced now I can pretend all this happened before she came into the press conference.Edited by Jaz1990 - 2014-03-22T10:05:46Z
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Posted: 2014-03-22T10:09:20Z
Beautifully Written.. Lovely...

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Posted: 2014-03-22T10:26:50Z
That was great. Very well written. You showed just how she must have been feeling. As Jaz pointed out the show only runs for a certain time so we don't get all the ins and outs. I'd like to think this happened as well prior to Rudra walking in
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Posted: 2014-03-22T12:22:30Z
So beautiful Sunara!

And, more importantly because I already know you write beautifully, so logically realistic--something that is far far harder to achieve than merely stringing together pretty words or lovely imagery.  I felt it was needed, because there were so many questions, and this answered each simply, tying together tiny threads that should have not been untied.

To discuss your work: Every hesitation, small detail--her flicker of fear at the lights,the outline of Rudra that dissolves into his figure, his eyes telepathing shock, and then coolness-- her small apprehension when she went through a corridor she recognized from before--each detail made sense. Your language, simple and lyrical,  immersed me into the narrative, and left me breathless for the next delicately drawn, real portrait of the lovely, hapless Parvati-so sure her nightmare is over, so anxiously waiting for HIM, to apologize, to be happy again.

I found the detail of her innocently sure of his caring for her, her confidence that he was searching for her so poignant, I teared up at it. She has no reason, none at all,to think of him as anything but her Protector now. All other thoughts, all fears and doubts have been wiped clean from the slate that is her heart. She is so pure, it would not even occur to her to simper and flirt and play coy--she would simply want him to NOT worry, not out of pride because he cared, not out of a sense of confidence in her beauty, in having captured him. Simply-- because he would worry, and as she had made it safely into his BSD world she wanted to make sure that he did not. Bas. 

Paro, what will happen next will tear you apart, and I do NOT want you to lose this innocence, this faith in your Protector. I weep for us all when that happens.

Princess--a request--- I hope you'll be able to write these pieces, connectives, transitions, perhaps even internal moments of thought and doubt and happiness-so we can delve deeper into the scenes, and reconnect even after badly done transitions as this Friday's was.

Just to note--I think we all are reacting to the Friday's screenplay with extra criticism because we have seen a week of such exceptional, tightly woven and almost pristine story telling before it. It makes what would normally have been not even a noticable blip on another show glaring to our eyes. Wonderful job, my Princess. Thank you for it.
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Posted: 2014-03-22T12:35:06Z
This was lovely dear...
I'm sure this all happened prior to Rudra arriving.
Thanks for putting it into words.
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Posted: 2014-03-22T12:42:48Z
Very beautifully written Sunara...
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