Rangrasiya 21st March- Written Update

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Part 1

Rudra sees tyre-marks and suspects that Tejawat must have taken her this way. He also sees Paro's kadaa.

Paro spills chilli powder on Tejawat's eyes. She says this is for her parents, another for her friend bindi, then for everyone from Beerpur whom he has betrayed. Tejawat threatens that she cannot be spared. She will die. Paro says no, now she refuses the submit before him. For him she always supported the wrong, she denied his protection...who did nothing to her but safeguard her. From now on, hatred for Tejawat...and support to BSD starts. She beats him and says that God will punish him, because for such demons...a Parvati becomes a Kali...and has to behead a demon...

Rudra is following Paro's trails when Aman calls him and says his father is critical...come back. Rudra rushes back to find Ranawat in ICU. He goes inside and remembers how once he said that he'd be glad if Ranawat wasn't in his life. He notices something in Dilsher's hands...and tries to remove it.

Part 2

Rudra finds his and his mother's pic in his hands. He remembers how Dilsher wished that his son would treat him nicely for once. He cries calling him "Baapusa". He caresses his forehead and then furiously goes out. He asks how all this happened. Samrat tells him that either oil or ghee was used...as only his room was burnt. He suspects someone deliberately did that. Rudra asks who and stares at Mohini. Mohini says she was with them in Shivratri Mela. Rudra asks who saw the fire first. Sunehri says she did. The fire was spreading and she didn't realize Dilsher was inside. Rudra asks if she saw someone. Sunehri says she saw Paro. Rudra says think carefully and answer. Sunehri says she is sure it was her. Mohini adds that she came late as well. Sunehri says she called Paro...but she didn't listen...and ran away. Rudra says that she made them fool...and he will ruin everything.

Paro sees her blue butterfly...she calls it to her...she's not afraid, not sad. From now on, she will be like that...everything will be ok. She will smile again. She will live life again. She sees "R" mark in her hand and caresses. She says Rudra saved her yet again.

Part 3

Tejawat sinks down. Rudra is determined to destroy Paro. He reaches BSD Headquarters. Aman tries to tell him but Rudra orders him to search every nook and corner for the girl. His chief takes them somewhere.

Maithili sees Samrat's burnt hands. She says he didn't even bother to tell her. Samrat says it will get fine. Maithili applies ointment. Danveer is praying for Dilsher's life. Mohini thinks that if God could have been bribed, she could have given crores...but please don't fulfill her husband's wish. She prays for Dilsher's death. Sumer asks why is she praying for Dilsher. Mohini says focus on what I wished... she says she will handle Rudra.

Rudra sees Paro in front of the entire press. He recalls attack on Dilsher. The Press Conference starts. Media interrogated Paro. Paro remains quiet. Gazes at Rudra. Then speaking up, she says she was wrong...in childhood...their first lesson was enmity to BSD. Everyone believed this. Today she realized that children believe on what parent's say. They cannot differentiate between good or bad...they said Tejawat is God, they accepted...but in reality he's a demon. Every year, a fake baraat...a fake marriage...and the girl goes abroad...then the she's either dead or sold away. She would have perished if Rudra wasn't there. 

Precap-- Rudra takes her to Ranawat and asks that he loved her...and she gave him to the flames. Paro says she did nothing of the sort. Sunehri says why's she lying...she herself saw. Maithili says don't call her bhabhi...she never was...and she never wanted to be...

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Posted: 2014-03-21T10:18:35Z
oh! oh!! so Rudra does not see Paro's kali look
And Cry Rudra - Paro doubt phase 2 gonna begin...
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Posted: 2014-03-21T10:24:13Z
Thanks for the written update.
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Posted: 2014-03-21T10:25:06Z
Originally posted by pkaps

oh! oh!! so Rudra does not see Paro's kali look
And Cry Rudra - Paro doubt phase 2 gonna begin...
same here...want to c Rudra her Kali roop..
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Posted: 2014-03-21T10:25:14Z
Omg awesome episode it was
Thanks for WU dear
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Posted: 2014-03-21T10:33:49Z
Many thanks for the fast WU
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Posted: 2014-03-21T10:39:01Z
I really hope this MU clears up quickly because it's just too stupid for words.

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Posted: 2014-03-21T11:01:04Z
Thanks so much for the WU!
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