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Guns & Roses 

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"I'm almost there.. are you ready to leave?"  Rudra asked Paro as he drove to her house in Jaipur.

He pulled into the front yard and walked to her door. Parvati opened it and was a little confused to see him in uniform.  He told her he was taking her somewhere, told her what to wear and he was in uniform?

Rudra was pleased to see Paro dressed per his instructions.  "Damn she looks good" he thought taking in her white leggings, white kurti embroidered with roses, tiny earrings & braided hair.

"Paro  do you know where we are going today ?"  She shook her head

"I am taking you to BSD HQ so you can learn how to handle a gun"

Parvati's jaw just dropped open. From the day he had told her of this date' she had come up with many ideas on where he was going to take her. Her wildest imagination could not have anticipated this! Rudra smirked seeing her reaction and stepped closer to slide a finger under her slack jaw to close it.

"Gun.. but why ?"

"Bacause of our past ..because you live alone.. because one day it might be useful...Who knows? You might save my life someday.  Don't be scared.  Do you trust me to do what's right for you, Paro? he asked looking into her eyes.

Parvati nodded her head emphatically praying fervently to Bholenath that the day would never come when she would need to save his life. But by God if it did, she wanted to be ready to do whatever it took.

Parvati stayed silent for the drive, jumbled thoughts in her mind until he pulled into Jaipur BSD HQ. Rudra parked in front of a long narrow building set away from others on the sprawling campus.

"Let's go" he called before walking into the building his eyes searching for someone.  Parvati walked into the slightly darkened building just as a young woman in BSD uniform  saluted smartly to Rudra.

"Hi Ami.. doing good? You are not on duty right?"

"Sir.. I'm fine sir. No sir.. off duty today"

"Thank you for spending your time for us"

"Any day Sir" Ami replied with a tiny smile.

"Parvati.. this is Amrita"

"Hello Amrita" Parvati said stressing on Amrita with a streak of jealousy, Ami indeed!

Rudra couldn't explain to himself why he felt she needed to learn to use a weapon but instinct told him she did and he listened to his gut.  He wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for his instinct and he wasn't about to question it.  He had thrown his weight around and cashed in a few favors to get a civilian into the BSD training range.  Amrita was one of his best instructors.

"Ami, lets start off with the Glock 17 .. That's my standard issue & its specs are close to the BSD's Auto 9mm 1A. Parvati is all yours .."

"Yes Sir.. I will take care of Parvati"

He walked over to Parvati held her hand and reassured her " careful attention to Ami and take care. I have some work.." Ah! That explained the uniform thought Paro.

Parvati spent the rest of the day training with Amrita.  Her respect for the young woman increased manifold as Ami taught her patiently, instructing her with crisp concise commands.  Parvati learned different calibers, how to load, unload a magazine, release/engage the safety, clean and hold the gun properly. Ami being a tough task master made Paro practice until her fingers ached but her movements were fluid. 

"You are a slave-driver" Parvati cribbed, mentally exhausted

 "Guess who trained me?" Ami asked .."Moreover, carelessness could cost a life"

"Rudra? He trained you?  Oh! That's why you growl just like him .." Parvati said with jealousy, before biting her tongue and apologizing immediately "Sorry.. that was rude"

"Oh no Parvati.. around here, being like him is a huge compliment" she said her face radiant "let's break for lunch now.. you must be hungry"

Parvati was entranced by the chaos in the BSD canteen.  Men and a few women in different colored uniforms milled around with trays of food greeting one another, chatting.  For someone who had never been to a college canteen the camaraderie was infectious. Amrita was hailed by a few officers joined their table. Parvati stood out in her civilian wear. Her beauty, grace & friendly nature resulted in their table being surrounded by a more than a few handsome jawans all trying to catch her eye. 

Rudra stood at the entrance to the canteen surveying the scene, his possessiveness increasing with every second.  As he stalked down to their table, a hush fell in the canteen and the young guns stood back with a salute. 

"Hi Ami ..sit did it go?"

"Good Sir.. will give a detailed report later Sir"

With a quick nod, he turned to Parvati

"Paro" her name came out in a low sexy drawl that caused quite a few eyes to open wide.

"You ok? Fingers hurt?" he asked lifting her hand to gently massage her fingers.

Parvati unnerved by his proximity & blushing at his actions, tried to pull her hand away only to realize he held it tighter now. She lifted pleading eyes to his and he let her hand go realizing that they were being watched with interest.

"Eat well  ... the chole is good here.. see you in the evening"  he instructed before walking off.

A few jaws dropped collectively.  Who was this woman who made Ruthless Ranawat remember something as mundane as canteen chole? They tried in vain to pump Amrita for information. She refused to enlighten them and the young officers had to be satisfied that their day's monotony was broken by a colorful butterfly named Parvati.

The women spent the afternoon at the indoor pistol practice range.  Amrita showed Paro how to wear ear plugs and ear muffs to combat the noise, how to stand and how to brace for the recoil.  Parvati now understood Rudra's "braid your hair & wear small earrings" instruction.  Parvati started off with close range shooting, practicing endless rounds with blanks. Amrita then moved them further out showing her the different approach needed for the distance.  Parvati's arms ached from holding position, her wrist & shoulders from the recoil of the pistol.  Amrita noticed her arm flagging and the fatigue on her face when Captain Amandeep walked in.

"Aman Bhai" Ami was amused at the radiant transformation of Paro's face as she greeted Aman. 

"Hello Parvati.  Are you ok? " Ami noticed Aman's tone as he said Parvati's name "interesting" she thought. .noting the tremor in his normally placid voice.

"Hi Amrita.  How is the training going?" Aman was politeness personified to her.

"Training is going fine Sir..  she is a hard worker"

"Parvati show me what Amrita has taught you so far"

The trio were so occupied that none noticed Rudra walking into the darkened room and standing silently watching Paro with hooded eyes.

Parvati took a deep steadying breath and mentally ran through the steps one more time before proceeding to check the 3 safeties, load the magazine, release the safety, take the correct stance & fire at the target-all with fluid precise movements.  She jumped with joy as she hit the very edge of the target much to the amusement of Aman & Amrita. 

"Good job!  Next time don't jump like a 3 year old" a deep voice caused her to gasp.

"Ami.. you've done an amazing job.  Taking a complete novice to this level in 1 day.  Excellent!"

Amrita glowed with pride. "Thank you Sir.  Parvati is a quick learner, listens well"

"Not always Ami .. not always" Rudra replied with a smirk earning a glare from Paro.

 "Aman  you off duty?"

"Yes, Sir.. just got off duty.  I came to check on Parvati"

"Tell you what.. let's go out to dinner to thank Ami for being a good instructor, Paro for being a quick learner & Aman.. well, just for being Aman. I am not going to take no for an answer unless someone has other plans"

"I want to go home" Parvati whined" .. I am all sweaty & tired"

"Paro...  You brought clothes remember? Go shower in my quarters.  We'll get some food in you & you'll be fine. See you in 30 mts Ami?"

"Rudr.."Parvati stopped mid-word at a look and a silent nod from Rudra much to the amusement of Ami & Aman.  They agreed to dinner just to watch this drama being played out.

"What is taking her so long?" Rudra growled to Aman as they waited outside his quarters.  He knocked and walked in & just stood staring. Paro was in an anarkali the color of English roses, her moist hair loose, jhumkas in her ear swinging as she tidied his room. As if she felt his presence she turned to give him a radiant smile "I'm ready"

"Hell, she even smells like roses"  Rudra thought as she walked by.

Much as Rudra disliked Chat, chat was what the other 3 wanted so he drove everyone to the best chat spot in Jaipur.  Paro was like a kid in a candy store as she mixed various smelly liquids & pastes & doled out sev & onions. 

Rudra was the perfect host to Aman & Ami and like an indulgent parent to Paro. Aman & Ami exchanged amused glances as the man known in the BSD as Ruthless Ranawat patiently sat through Parvati's antics. He allowed her to push him out of his comfort zone until one warning look from him and she backed off for while. They watched fascinated as he indulged her every whim and she took care of his every comfort without either asking each other.

"Gol goppe" she yelled much to their collective amusement.

 "No thanks I don't like them.. messy things" as she served him a few.

"Who doesn't like Gol goppe? She asked Aman & Ami with a confused smile.

Rudra was amused to see Aman & Ami readily agreeing to most of what she said.  It was just the way his Paro was.

"One ..Rudra, eat one please?" she begged

"One & I'm done. Ok? he agreed gruffly. He held out his hand for a bowl and she swatted his hand away.   Rudra watched in wonder as she brought a loaded gol goppe to his lips nudging them open before stuffing it into his mouth.  The fact that her fingers were almost in his mouth set him on edge but when she reached over to wipe the pani from the corner of his mouth with the back of her hand, he was pole axed.  For a minute both seemed to forget Aman & Ami as molten amber swirled with golden hazel and his hand on her wrist tightened.

"Enough Paro" yelled Rudra conscious of the other pair watching them. Paro turned red and moved away mumbling something.  She thanked Ami & asked Aman something in an effort to calm down.

The rest of the evening was quite uneventful ending with Aman agreeing to escort Ami back to BSD HQ and Rudra dropping off Paro. Paro had already invited Aman & Ami to dinner one day like they were close friends and Rudra only hoped he was included too.

Parvati was lost in her world ruminating over the day.  "Women are weird or clueless" Rudra decided as he drove her back.  Much as he hated Gol goppe if she had fed him in the privacy of their home, he would have gladly eaten a hundred.  For a while he indulged in his fantasy, his Pari on his lap feeding him something.  But she had to do it in view of his people and now when they were alone, she treated him like a stranger. Thank God Ami & Aman were not the gossiping kind!

Parvati came out of her reverie as Rudra stopped the jeep.  He came back with a large bouquet of pink roses placing them on the rear seat. When they reached her little house, he walked her to the door before handing the roses to her appreciatively.

"Paro I am very proud of the way you handled the gun today.  You need lot more practice though. We will work on that soon"

Parvati stood there dazed by the flood of emotions and amazed by his foresight, his care, the way he protected her, made her feel special.. They had come a long way from their distrust and misunderstanding. She didn't know what to think, what to hope for!

"The lady who stays with you in the night is here right?  Paro nodded "Lock all the doors..Take a hot shower before going to bed for your aches and pains.  Go in.. Good night"

"Rudra..." she called meeting his eyes " thank you.. for everything"

His eyes smoldered as he walked to his jeep with a quick nod and a tiny smile. Life was good!

 FootNote: I wrote this OS a couple of days ago but didn't have time to edit it until now.  Seems a fitting OS now.

 The Pistol Auto 9mm 1A is one of the two standard issues to BSF personnel. Glocks are standard issue to STFs and PARACOMs. Rudra being a Major I took the liberty of issuing him a Glock. The ammunition caliber is the same in both handguns.

The Gol Goppe scene is inspired by the show that shall not be named.

IF/When inspiration strikes, there will be a sequel to this one a Rudra-Paro one on one training session. PM me if you want to be notified.   


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Liked it a lot. Very cute and I liked the Ami/ Aman possibility... and Paro's jealousy, lol.
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Posted: 2014-03-20T18:38:50Z
Originally posted by SherryGS

Liked it a lot. Very cute and I liked the Ami/ Aman possibility... and Paro's jealousy, lol.
Sherry TQ for your fb. 
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Posted: 2014-03-20T18:49:04Z
That was very interesting! Paro handling a gun, would love dat!
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Awesome Os...
The gol gappe scene remind me of something...
Liked it...
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Posted: 2014-03-20T19:17:13Z
Amazing OS..
Beautifully written..Loved it..Clap
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Posted: 2014-03-20T19:43:58Z
Paro in semi western clothing? - a big change from a girl who hadn't stepped out of her village.
Loved the interaction at Canteen. & Restaurant - both forgot at different point that they were in company. Wink

can't wait to read next part in the series...

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Posted: 2014-03-20T19:45:18Z
Beautifully written ..
Loved it thoroughly 
Do write more dear
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