Rangrasiya Written Update 19th Mar 2014 ~Paro hits Rudra on his head~

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The episode started with Tejawat's arrival at Shiv Puja while Paro and Rudra did Lord shiva's aarati. Rudra's entire family was present in the puja. Aman kept an eye on general public present as well as well as guests who were attending Paro and Rudra's marriage.

While petroling aman was a black cross in a container and the man purposely spilled the container and exposed the guns hidden inside it. Aman ordered his force to follow the man. He informed rudra immediately who was expecting Tejawat's news. He left paro in the mandir and went to Aman. Mohini wished Tejawat to arrive soon and take Paro as quickly as possible.

Tejawat was about to be seen when he tactfully hide himself.

Sunehri  informs Rudra's chacha about Dilsher's condition. Chacha told his elder son to bring the car as quickly as possible.

Paro prayed to Shiv ji to prove his presence by saving her from Rudra or else she would dive in the fire by marrying him. Right on the cue Tejawat came and stood in front of her.

Rudra's chacha arriaved in the house and he and his son went inside to check the house thoroughly. They found dilsher on the floor in a fainting state.

When Rudra checked the container filled with guns Rudra suspected there must be some plan behind it as they are supposed to send money. Rudra's focus immediately went towards paro and he rushed.

Maithili tried to stop her but Mohini took her away from the site.

Rudra rushed towards paro as if his life depended on her. He screamed her name and then turned to see Tejawat standing between him and Paro.

Rudra warned him that nothing should happen to her or else he would destroy everyone.

Rudra saw paro hidden behind Tejawat.

The first thing he asked her whether she was fine and whether Tejawat tried to harm her or not. When she said nothing. Rudra assured her that nothing will happen to her and that he would save her. He lend his hand towards her and asked her to hold.

But paro instead of going to Rudra accused him for destroying so many lives. She said if she stays with Rudra she will be destroyed and only Raja Thakursa will save her.

Rudra told her what a fool she was and that her life can only be saved by Rudra and no one else.

Rudra threatened Tejawat that till he was there he cannot take Paro.

A man aimed  towards Rudra when paro saw him and warned Rudra.

When the man shot, Rudra bend so that he was saved by the people around got scared and started running. Finding the opertunity Tejawat held paro's hand pulled her along with him.

Tejawat asked paro to get inside a tokri to save herself. He told to himself that till he comes to know what paro told to BSD's he cannot kill her.

Rudra triggered the gun on Tejawat's head and asked where was Paro. Tejawat cleverly told him that he was saving Paro and he will not let Rudra harm her anymore so that paro can listen to his lies and believe him. Rudra warned him not to speak ill about BSDs. Rudra told him that he will count till 10 to tell him where Tejawat hid paro.

Paro hit Rudra on his head and Rudra was shocked to see her hitting him. Paro felt miserable doing so and Rudra slowly fainted on the group seeing her for the last time.

Precap : Paro at Tejawat's gun point

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Thankyou for the WU. 
Love today's episode. Love the BG music. 
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Posted: 2014-03-19T13:54:18Z
Thanks 4 an awsum WU 4 an awsum epi Smile
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Posted: 2014-03-19T14:52:41Z
Thanks for the update. Smile
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Posted: 2014-03-19T20:08:54Z
thanks for written update dear...
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Posted: 2014-03-19T21:23:55Z
Thanks for the update.  Whatever happened to the Thakurs earlier plan of pretending that he didn't know who Paro was...
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