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Mohini tells Rudra you are prepared,so you can leave.Rudra ask where is Paro? Mohini tells him that she isn't prepared yet.Dilsher has a emotional conversation with  Rudra and tells him that I pray to god that one day my son can speak to me without hatred.Mohini sends Paro to call Dilisher.Paro tells Dilsher that everyone is prepared and you too come.Dilsher tells Paro that what blessing you want.Paro replies freedom and Dilsher blesses her with the confidence to fight all odds.Mohini comes and tells Dilsher that I had kept your inhaling machine on the table inside in the room.Mohini sends Paro outside and calls the girl with the same wedding dress like Paro to put fire in Dilsher's room.Mohini comes out and tells Paro to go in the car as Dilsher will be late.Mohini's son ask her what's happening and why you send her in a hurry (referring to Paro).Mohini hits him on the head and explains to him everything.The girl opens the room and throws the bottle with fire and closes the door.Khushbu calls out Paro ( Girl disguised as Paro) but she doesn't listen and runs away.Khushbu notices the fire and says Paro what have you done.

Break : Showing Dilsher in the fire 

Dilsher is stuck in a huge fire outbreak in the room.Khushbu calls Rudra but the phone is switched off.Khushbu calls some one for help and they ask her that no one is in the room.Khushbu says no and my family isn't picking up the phone.They open the door and they ask for water to calm down the fire(Dilsher faints and falls down).Thakur Tejawat tells his wife to break her fast and drink the juice.She drinks the juice .Thakur says to forgive him and she faints.Tejawat talks to his wife and tells her to forgive him and says "I have to fulfill my family tradition." He continues by  saying,"If I have to keep this name and fame,I have to put Rudra and Paro's life at stake." Paro reaches and Rudra detects Paro's presence.Rudra looks at Paro and both look at each other with the BG music playing.Mohini's Bahu tellsParo your looking good and takes her.Rudra questions Paro on where is Dilsher and Paro asks Mohini.Mohini tells them that Dilsher will come late.Rudra starts scaring Paro  by telling her that if you don't want this to happen,sign the papers.Paro replies that I can see the sweat on your foreheadand  here is stime still.Rudra and Paro both challenge each other on whose confidence will win.The people who are helping in lessening the fire ask to bring sand as the fire is too much.Paro and Rudra reach the place where they will get married and Pandit blesses them.Pandit ask them to pray together to Bholenath.Paro catches Rudra's hand for the pooja.Mohini talks with Tejawat and tells him that Paro and Rudra are stuck together like a hammer and nail.Tejawat calms down Mohini and tell her that they will be successfull in their plan.Tejawat plots out a plan to separate Paro and Rudra.

Precao -  Rudra ask Tejawat where is Paro.Tejawat replies that Paro is where she should be.Tejwat moves and Paro is back of her. 

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@SayonaraVViegas: TFS the WU of the epi!!!!Smile
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