Ye Hai Mohabbatein 17th March 2014 Written Update

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Ye Hai Mohabbatein 17th March 2014 Written Update

Episode begins when Ishita finds chits in the kitchen from Raman. Ishita assuming the chits are for her from Raman. Just then Ishita hears Raman say every one should start fresh and new. While those chits were written by Mihir for Mihika. Ishita started thinking she only said Thank you to Raman for saving her mother from eating that samosa and Raman took out the whole story into something else. Ishita goes into deep thinking that did Raman change? or she just imagining.

Raman comes in the room and Ishita asks him about these chits and Raman looks all confused as if he doesn't know anything about it. *Window was Open* The wind blows at them and Ishita Raman end up in a eye-lock and Ye Hai Mohabbatein song plays...And Raman wipes off some food from her lips when Ishita's mother passed by ans saw how happy Ishita Raman are...and took her hand and told her to clean your face after eating food. He leaves and Ishita gives a small smile. Then Ishita's parents have a eye lock too, then Mihika comes and tells then lets go power is back. So they three go back home.

Raman and Ishita are in their bedroom and Raman tells Ishita that tonight is very important for him and he talks on the phone with Mihir while he looks at Ishita. Ishita starts to think something else and lost kind of. Raman start whistling and Ruhi walks in their room saying I will sleep here tonight and Ishita says oh yes thank you. But Toshi ji comes in and says no Ruhi is going to be sleeping with us tonight. Raman closes the door. Ishita just keeps on looking at him.

Ishita almost falls and Raman grabs her from falling. Raman tells Ishita to sleep on the bed and he will be up at night and manage. He moves all the files from the bed and Ishita says No I will sleep outside in hall and Raman says ok upto you. Ishita takes the pillow and goes out. She starts thinking and saying to herself, I thought this marriage is a contract only for Ruhi then whats all this? Raman forgets a file outside and he comes out and Ishita hides under her blanket and Raman says Mad Woman. Ishita says to herself he only came for a File? then says Ravan Kumar and Raman goes back in the room.

In the morning, Raman waves at someone while leaving for work and Ishita thought he waved at her. She says to herself why is Raman doing this and No way Raman is not like this. Ishita reads those chits again and feeling happy all over again. Ishita says what happened to Ravan Kumar all of sudden?

Raman comes to Ishita's clinic because of his cap that came off and he had pain. Ishita sees him and says no way I cannot see him or meet him. He came here just to see me and get close to me. So, Ishita sends her trainee to him and attend him of what he needs and Raman says no I want to see the doctor not you. Ishita comes and Raman starts yelling at her saying on proposely you send your co-worker to me so you didn't have to care and Raman tells her bad dentist and her fault. Ishita then asks him about those chits and Raman says what chits? Why would I send you chits? I am not a mute and Why would I want to come see you. Raman sees the chits and says its Mihir's handwriting. Ishita says see Mihir wants to be with Mihika so why are you forcing him to see Mr Tandon's sister? Raman calls Mihir at work and says come home right now. Ishita says let me check your tooth first.


Ishita asks Mihir why are you going to go meet Mr Tandon's sister? Raman makes Mihir the truth and Mihir gets confused in between Ishita & Raman.

By: Prii

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thanks for the amazing wu 
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Thanks for the update..
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thank u...
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Thanks re Prii..Awesome update.
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Thanks for written update dear...
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thanks for the wu ..!!
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Thank uHeart
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