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Posted: 7 years ago

^^ Sanaya Irani, Shilpa Anand and Drashti Dhami. My previous shop banner consisted some of my favourite Indian Telly men, and this time I wanted to dedicate my banner to my favourite Indian Telly ladies <3. Actually once in awhile, my favourite MALE actors do switch up and change. LOL But if there is one thing that doesn't change, it is my love for these 3 drop dead gorgeous ladies of Indian television! Embarrassed
I really love and admire them! Not only for their beauty and acting talent, but also because I admire their onscreen and offscreen persona. Embarrassed Now, this doesn't mean they are the only female Indian telly celebs I like...there are others, but these 3 particularly stand out for me for one reason or another. Embarrassed
. . I n t r o d u c t i o n //
Welcome everyone to my 13th gallery/shop! # 13 is usually considered 'unlucky' but I hope it is special and as successful as some of my previous galleries! :) It feels great to have made it past 10 galleries, because I never thought I'd continue to PS for this long! But I guess its my love and an almost addiction for PS, and ofcourse the lovely encouragement and support of all my friends and commenters that I've continued to PS over all these years! Cannot believe it has been over 6 years since I first began PS-ing! 
 I have learnt alot over the past few years, and in a place where copying and over inspiration is common nowadays...I've tried my best to keep my work and styling different from others =) Some people have tagged me as the 'Queen of Icons' because I have received alot of appreciation and admiration for the icons I make...and that seriously means the world! Embarrassed 
I'd also like to say that all the colourings you see in my work are pretty much my own. Whether you'd like to believe it or not, but I've never used tutorials or PSDs to learn or try colouring. All my colourings I've done till date have been purely experimental and random. So if they do end up looking similar to other people's colourings, its completely unintentional.   
. . F a v o u r i t e s //
I'd like to take the time to list some of my favourites because most of my work will be seen on these people. LOL They're all Indian Telly people, cause if I sat down and listed my Bolly and Holly favs...I would put people to sleep. LOL I realize that this list keeps getting longer with every shop, cause I jump from pair to pair when I become interested in a new show and so on. 
Karan&Shilpa, Shilpa Anand, Rahul&Muskaan, Abhi&Nikki,Samrat&Gunjan
 Sanaya Irani, Mayank&Nupur, Yuvi&Naina,Sameer&Avni, Karan Tacker, Maan&Geet, Drashti Dhami, Gurmeet ChaudharyGurmeet&Drashti,Abhay&Piya, Barun Sobti, Shravan&Saachi, Anant&Navya, Arnav&Khushi,Sanaya&Barun,Vivian Dsena,Siddharth&Pratyusha (AnSh),Siddharth ShuklaRK&Madhu,,Saras&KumudGautam Rode
Pheww...look at that LONG list! LOL I think I need to start cutting down to who I really think are my most favourites, and who are people I just like alot. Its so hard to decide! LOL
Current Favourite: Paro&Rudra & Raman&Ishita 
. . I n s p i r a t i o n s //
I am inspired by pretty much all of the amazing and fellow sig makers in the Avi/Sig forum. But these are a few inspirations whom I admire most <3
Kaira/Sadz (sadz11), Jenny (jenny1000), Amna (amnamalik), Roz (PyaarSe), Ash (Aichuu), 
Ashu (notfadedaway), Payal (IPayal), Aish (aishhh.), Tina22 (Tina), Fary (Fizzylicious/Mausam)
And probably a few more I can't recall at this moment... LOL
 . . T h a n k  Y o u  T o  A l l  C o m m e n t e r s //
I want to thank all my commenters (especially my regulars who have been following my work for years!) from the bottom of my heart who have encouraged me by loving, and commenting on my creations. It is because of you people, that I have come a long way and have been able to reach my 13th shop =)
There are some special friends and commenters who I have met throughout the years and have become close to, and this time unfortunately I could not write out special  mentions...but I am sure you know who you are! Hug Lots of love to all my amazing friends who are inactive or are still hanging around, and lots of love to all the new friends I have made in the past year or so <33

Hope all of you enjoy my creations and please feel free to comment/criticize my work.
 . . P r e v i o u s  S h o p s //

Dangelz Designs 11 - - > http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3307757

Dangelz Designs 12 - - >


I  A m  C a p a b l e  O f  M a k i n g  :

non-animated signatures
non-animated icons
video avis
 . . G e n e r a l  G u i d e l i n e s  o f  M y  S h o p //


 - Please feel free to use my creations, but do NOT claim my work as your own!
 - Please DO NOT cut, paste or copy my work! I will definitely hunt you down if you do! If you are inspired by my work, please do credit me =)
 - My copyright sign is d a n g e l z'14 and DD for vid avis
 - Requests will be taken from time to time, depending when I'm free to take them...which is not very often lol. (I do not take any personal requests)
 - Requests will only be taken when my shop title says 'OPEN'
 - Please do not PM me for requests (unless it is a birthday or thread request), all requests will be taken from here only when I OPEN my shop
 - Please be patient and give me time for making requests, I will PM if there is any problem
- I do not have a PM list for my updates, because its extra work for me and I'm too lazy to PM people. LOL If you want to visit, then please visit on your own time =)
. . R u l e s  F o r  R e q u e s t i n g //
 - I will prefer to take requests that involve Indian TV Soaps
 - - [I only take fictional telly shows, so NO religious mythos or reality shows please!] - -
 - I can also take Bollywood requests as well.

 - I do not take Hollywood requests.
 - - [The only exceptions are Twilight/Harry Potter/Vampire Diaries] - -
 - If you request, please do use it for more than one day! (Even if you don't happen to like your request) I work hard on making them, so it disappoints me when people don't use their requests.  
 - If you have NEVER or BARELY commented in my gallery or shop, then I suggest you become a regular or occasional commenter first and then think about requesting here. I find it highly unfair for my other regular commenters if random people I've never met or barely know, come to request.

Resource Credits For Brushes and Textures
 - Deviantart Users from Deviantart.com
 - Swimchick.net

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Posted: 7 years ago

.. I N D E X //

PaRud/IshRa -  pg. 5
SA/IshRa/PaRud/Sanz -  pg.9
PaRud/IshRa -  pg.12
PaRud/IshRa -  pg.16
IshRa/PaRud -  pg.20
PaRud/IshRa -  pg.24
PaRud/IshRa -  pg.28
IshRa/PaRud -  pg.32
PaRud/IshRa/Ashish/KaranT/Sanz/SaMud -  pg.33
DMG Season 1 KaSh/RM/AN -  pg.36
DivAn/IshRa/PaRud/Divyanka -  pg.39
IshRa/PaRud/DivAn -  pg.42 
ArHi/IshRa/PaRud/Divyanka/Barun -  pg.50
IshRa/PaRud/JDJ 7/Reqs Batch 1 -  pg.55
IshRa/PaRud/JDJ 7 -  pg.61
Throwback Telly Couples Dances/Reqs Batch 2 - pg. 64
PaRud/DevDurga/IshRa/Last Batch of Reqs -  pg.69
PaRud/DivAn/DevDurga/MeriAashiquiTumseHi/DD -  pg.73
DevDurga/PaRud/DivAn/SanIsh -  pg.75
DevDurga/PaRud/YHM -  pg. 79
Throwback Telly Couples/Rain Scenes update -  pg.82
IshRa/DivAn/PaRud/DevGa -  pg.86
Mahabharat/SanIsh/DevGa/Suggestions -  pg.91
Mahabharat/DevGa/IshRa/DivAn/Suggestions -  pg.97
Mahabharat Tribute -  pg.103 
Mahabharat Tribute Part 2 -  pg.108
Mixed&Matched Telly Couples -  pg.111
RR&SC Tribute/IshRa/DVD/SA-DD -  pg.116
IshRa/Humsafars/IttiSiKhushi/Suggestions -  pg.123
Mixed&Matched Telly Couples Part 2 -  pg. 131

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Posted: 7 years ago

V i d  A v i  S a m p l e s . . 

KaSh 100x100




Jenni-Gautam 250x150


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Posted: 7 years ago

I c o n  S a m p l e s . .







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Posted: 7 years ago

S i g  S a m p l e s . .

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Posted: 7 years ago
Congratulations Daneglz!

I have been so inactive here, but I always keep a tab on your creations and everything is looking beautiful.

The banner looks GORGEOUS. Beautiful work !! and I hope you have have many more galleries!

Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by JennyPenny

Congratulations Daneglz!

I have been so inactive here, but I always keep a tab on your creations and everything is looking beautiful.

The banner looks GORGEOUS. Beautiful work !! and I hope you have have many more galleries!

Jens! So glad to see you here after a long time! Hug 

I myself have been inactive...I mean, I only come home on weekends from uni...I make stuff, post them in galleries and leave. I feel terrible for not being able to comment in your gallery for ages, but I do try my best to keep up with your creations :) 

Thank you so much for all the endless love and support <3, and I'm glad you loved the banner :) Means alot! 

Posted: 7 years ago
Congratulations for the new gallery Dangelz! Hug I hope this one is a success as much as the previous ones!

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