TaaRey Three Shots - Ehsaas *part 3 - page 16*

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Rey come downstairs in dining area for breakfast but he was lost from morning some unknown guilt was making him restless

" taani beta " his mother called taani...hearing his wifes name...rey drowned in his thoughts he remember what he found out in morning...on one side he is happy and one side guilty

Taani come there with breakfast...rey look at her she was smiling at his family members and serving them happily this made him more guilty...she never complaint..she never voice out feeling

Taani walk toward rey to serve him..rey look at her both caught in intense eye lock...taani was shock to see that he was looking at her with soft eyes not with those hatefull cold stares

" taani come you also have your Break fast " sharons voice broke their trance taani nodded and sat beside sharon...reys dad start the convo and ask ladies about their Holi celebration plan and preparation

" we are going to start the preparation from today for holi party " reys mom told him

" okay mom if you guys need anything just tell us " swayum said to mom and ladies...but he also notice his brother reys lost expressions...he decided to ask him later in alone

His mom started telling sharon and taani about things they have to do

" taani beta can u go and bring these things from market " reys mom said to her when after finishing breakfast they all settled in living room as its sunday ReYum and Dad is also freed from office decided to help ladies in holi party prepartion

" okay ma...mein chali jaungi " taani assure her MIL...today she was not feeling well but she cant even denied or else her husband would get another chance to tuant her , hurt her

" take driver with you..samaam jyada hai " mom said to taani

" mein chala jaatu hu " rey didnt let his mother complete her sentence he cut her in middle...taani was shock...did she hear right her husband wants to come with her he never done this before in 10 months of their marriage

On the other hand rey dont want her to go alone declare that he will accompany her...they all discuss for a while then started doing their respective work as rey had no work he goes in his room

Rey walk toward his closet and open it...he took out a file which is kept hidden in her Sarees by taani

He again read what written in file...it is his wifes medical report stating that she is pregnent...he is going to be father

" but why didnt she tell me or any other family...is she is not happy with child ? " rey thought to himself...he knows that their relation is not like any other other normal couple but still cant she share this news with him

" kis haq se batati tune aaj tak use koi haq diya hai " rey again thought when he remember his own words he said to her on their wedding night

- Flashback -

" This marriage means nothing to me...you are nothing to me...this relation and you have no values in my life " rey was spiliting fire on his newly wedded wife...he was forced in this marriage by his parents

" this is your real place...you have no right on me , my bed and on any other thing in this room which is mine " he said as he throw her on floor and left the room and his silently crying wife behind him..she dont know what is her fault that her husband disowned her


Rey closed his eyes in guilt..he was ashamed on his behaviour with his wife...he never even treated her like humans

And After that fateful night his words to her was more shamefull

- Flashback -

Rey entered in his room in drunken state...he is not fully drunk...he dont even drink but today his friend forcefully made him drink alchohal

Rey look at his wife who was preparing her bed on floor to sleep...rey walk toward her and grab her hand...taani look at him shock

" why are you sleeping on floor " he asked her in his drunken tone...taani look at him come to know that he is drunk

" only you ask me sleep on floor " taani answer him calmly
" on you will not sleep on floor come you'll seeo with me on bed " rey drag her toward bed taani tried to resist him but he was not in his sense

Rey stamble on his steps and both fall on bed with rey top of her...rey laugh n taani tried to push him

Rey look at her..he was getting lost in her angelic beauty which is shining more in moonlight coming from window..rey put the flick of her hairs behind her ear making her face's view clear to him
Rey's gaze fall on her lucious lips all the while taani was avoiding looking at him and trying to free herself from his grip she knows that later he will regret what he is doing know and she dont want that

Rey was about to put his lips on her when taani pushed him
" Rey what are you doing ? " taani tried to get up from bed but couldnt rey held her more tightly

" what happen taani..i wanted to kiss you " rey told her in his drunken cute Embarrassed voice
" rey you are not in ur sense..we'll talk in morning now sleep " taani again tried to push him

" why are stopping me am ur husband damn it" rey told he this time in anger...he was not aware what he is talking...alcohal affect is all over him

"husband..how can i give right over me when you dont even consider me as human...wife manna toh bahut dur ki baat hai " taani thought to herself

but before she can react rey slammed his lips on her..taani was too shock to react..rey started nibbling her lower lips..his hands were roaming on her waist...taani resisted him but all her effots goes in vai...soon taani was also melted in his passion...her love for him which she is hiding in inside her is coming out and taking over her mind which is telling her to stop
Soon all there clothes were on floor and both became one in true sense Embarrassed

Taani was working in kitchen she was worried how will rey react after knowing what happen between them..her chain of thoughts broken with rey's voice
he was standing infront of him...taani got nervous seeing him

" dont even think of i have some feelings for you...last night was a big mistake...forgot that thinking it as we both satisfied each other's body needs nothing else and remember you still meant nothing to me " saying this rey walk out of kitchen...after crushing her heart with his harsh words

tears were falling from her eyes unstopabily...she knows that it is coming for her but still she didnt expect him to behave like this


Rey's eyes filled with tears as he remembered his own words..he crushed that innocent soul under his big fat ego...because of his ego he didnt accepted her as his wife till now .

PRECAP : Taani's POV


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me first .. yipee Dancing
aah... new fic. Big smile but a three shot Ouch
aur bada kar dete to kya hota :(
coming to the fic.
so cruel he is Angry
but y he is behaving like this ?
chalo...atleast he realized his mistake  
taani toh kuch bolti hi nahi hai :(
banner mast hai :)
update soon 
thanx for the pm 
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wow nice start. Taarey r married superb, bt whts dis rey dng? Poor taani,she is pregnent and stil she is scared to tel any one, rey is hurting her so badly. Holi celebration, mmm i smell sm romance poping up sm where. Nw precap taanis pov hmm waiting : )
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Posted: 2014-03-14T04:51:50Z
Aww ... sry .. a complete sry fr taani ... 
Sooo sad... its been lukr 10 months n still dey r nt proper... 
I hate rey wen he said only fr body needs...
Rey is meltin n will completely melt... 
N shock taani os pregnant ... haww ...
Loved da update .. amazin ...
Btwn at da lst as u said rey with big fat ego crushed da innocent soul ...
Waitin fr taani pov ... plz do update soon ...
Ty fr da pm
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Posted: 2014-03-14T04:54:46Z
I wanna cryCryCryCryCryCry
but phir mein kyun aanso bahaonConfused
aise ladke ko to mein laat marke bed se seedhe floor pe pahucha do and then I'll say. BASKET!!!!
Bed sirf mera haiAngry achha hua sudhar gaya varna ise to mein achhe se dekh leti. Agar isne jaldi se taani ko khush nahi kiya na to Angry
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Posted: 2014-03-14T04:57:08Z
gr8 strt..
flashbacks.. urghh.. hw cud he do it !!
poor soul taani..
make her happy this holi..!!
suprb writing.. 
continue soon.. :)
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Posted: 2014-03-14T04:59:01Z
awesome ts
loved it
rey is so  rude in fb
continue soon
waiting for taani pov
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Posted: 2014-03-14T04:59:19Z
Super Interesting...
Rey behavior wired with Taani...
Rey realized his mistake that great
Update soon
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