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Bheema and his goons  catch  hold of Sumer and they ask for money he says you wanted Paro I brought her  Bheema  scolds him for asking money yesterday handing him Sumer's bhabhi  and today you came empty handed and asking money you will get nothing.

Mythali is making attempts to catch Paro's attention and is able to just then  Parvati watches Bheema  who comes to the car and finds the car empty  he is very angry. Meanwhile Parvati finds her jija she asks her not to cry and to pretend as Bheema is  searching for Paro, who  sees Mythali  still unconscious and asleep and goes . Paro comes and releases Mythali  who wants to cry  but Paro says don't cry as there is no one to save us. Sumer is caught by 4 persons Bheema  beats up Sumer who says he brought Paro . Bheema says it is lies and asks others to beat him up all four  are beating him. Paro tells Mythili no one to help us both think never before they handled such a situation . Paro prays to Bholenath to show way so as they can help ourselves and they see the goons beating Sumer up. They take the sticks both do not know what to do but take Bholenath's name and  go. Paro  goes and hits Bheema  with a stick on his head  and  another from back  as they are beating up Sumer one goon catches hold  of Paro  then Mythali beats him .Stupid Sumer is watching  when one goon beats Paro Mythali  shouts Sumer  to hit them  and all beat up all and Paro  screams  let go and when Bheema  catches hold of  Sumer's legs he quickly releases himself and runs away they drive and go off and Paro and Mythali hug each other.

Mythali  and all come home all are happy to see Mythali  and she says only one person  who saved me. Mohini pretends and asks what happened to my Parvati bindini hope nothing happened and  she is stunned looks at  Sumer  when Paro comes .Mythali says it is all because of Paro  that I am alive and she gave me inspiration to fight the goons. Mohini pretends to be happy  hugs Paro praises her but all through while talking she is glaring at Sumer and says because you are the good luck of my family and saved us from dishonor  that you are my DIL and apologizes for all her previous bad deeds. She sends  both DILs in 

Mohini  takes  Sumer and also gives him back good and  scolds him. Mohini rings up Bheema and says forget about my son he is an ass as when he was born asses were braying LOL lol Sumer looks on sheepishly  and forget about his deal and tell your Thakur  the deal that  I made with him  stands  and she will deliver Paro .But  Bheema  does not agree and Mohini threatens them if your Thakur knows the truth how two women beat you up  and she tells him then your will be in soup your mausam will be spoilt . Bheema reluctantly  agrees .Mohini  looking at Paro  takes a oath today you escaped but I will give such a send off  that you will remember all your life. Dilsher tells praises Paro  you are brave  but if Rudra had been there it would have been better but she says if he had been there then he would have done nothing  and goes . Dilsher is thoughtful

Paro brings milk and asks Mythali who the people were and why they kidnapped her Mythali becomes sad  Paro apologies to Mythali for reminding the incident again and again as she wanted to know who took her out  and both  recite the rhyme  iski piski  together and  Paro makes Mythali  drink milk  then she goes  to bring water but there is no water she takes the jug  to bring water.

Thakur is angry why  Sumer did not get in touch with him and unnecessary he made  a deal with the calf Bheema sidetracks him and Thakur says he has to wait till Mahashivratri and wedding to get Paro

Sumer unties  the person they caught and asks him to run away and go from the back door so that no one sees him.The person runs and Paro sees him and asks who that man was she slowly goes down and the scared man throws a plate at her hits her on her forehead  and runs away  she runs behind him and dashes  into Rudra who  comes and asks who is that man whom I saw just now then sees her forehead there is blood he asks her to stand straight and presses her wound and she says leave me. Their song mati sang Kumhar  in BG both have an eye lock she removes his hand he asks teek hai and asks about the man did he come from outside and she tells him he was inside and he says why are you running behind him   is he your brother and she tells him she was scared after what happened to Jija and the  incident and takes him to task about him saying the family does not matter to him Rudra does not understand and she goes  and he calls her Parvati Rudra Pratap Ranavat   and she stops and says  don't say this we are neither wedded nor you put the mangalsutra  and  Rudra says don't say anything  further as already you are looking  like my wife the blood in your forehead  and shows her face with her blood in her maang so both see  themselves in the mirror . Rudra already filled her maang with her blood.

PRECAP Paro thinks I wiped the color but still my maang has blood and Mythali comes and tells her don't rub sindoor Paro says it is not sindoor its blood  and Mythali says that means Bholenath wants you together  and tells a stunned Paro to  get ready today is your mehendi..



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Thanks..nice writeup...
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Many thanks for the WU
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Thanks a lot for the update
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thanx forvthe wu..
only last parud scene was thevjaan of the epi Embarrassed
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Thanks for written update dear...
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thanks for the update...
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Thanks for the WU
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