OS: Yeh mehndi rang nahi layegi!

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Shreya (shreya_rc)encouraged me to write thisSmile
The mehndi sequence or the sequence that probably will lead to no mehndi on Paro's hands as I am imagining it to play out...based on the SBB /SBS segmentsBig smile

There is some humour in the scene as well...mainly the part that expresses our reactions to Parud on screen!

Somewhere in the haveli...
After the kidnap fiasco has conveniently ended and everyone is back in Shaadi mode...

Paro all dressed up for the mehndi
Amidst Sunehris excited chatter and maithilis more muted but equally happy conversation Paro is the picture of misery but they don't notice as usual...putting it down to wedding nerves...LOL

KCM..."Maithili beendani...Dulhan ki sajaawat khatam ho gayi ho tho rasoi me aake yahan ka mausam sawaar do...khana abhi nahi banayegi thi mehmaanon ko apne maayke le jaake khilayegi kya!!"
(KCM..."Maithili beendani...If you are done with dressing the bride come and take care of the cooking. Are you planning to take the guest to your mothers house to feed them?")

Maithili exits and Sunehri also leaves with her to check if the mehndi wali has come...

Paro...thinks...about her wedding...flashback to when she was chosen by the snake and when she met Varun sa and then her wedding...and ending with the gun shot that ended her dreams ! 

Her eyes fill and she slowly lifts her hands and places her cupped palms in front of her...

Paro..."hey Bholenath...mhaare apnon ko bachane ke liye Maine is JALLAD se Saadi karne ki thaan tho li...par yeh rasmen...yeh byaah ki vidhiyan...woh Bhi us insaan ke saath nibhaana jisne mhaare suhag ko cheena...Jisne mhaare apnon se mhaare ko alag kiya...Jo mhaare ko baar baar yeh kehta hai ki mhaare raja thakur des drohi hain...mhaare ko bahut takleef ho rahi hai is Sab se
Mhaare ko sakthi dijiye Bholenath...sakthi dijiye..."
(Paro.."Oh Bholenath...for the sake of my people i have decided to get married to this stone hearted guy but these wedding rituals...with the same person who killed my husband...took me away from family...and keeps telling me raja thakur is a traitor...are very difficult for me...give me strength...please")

She closes her eyes in pain...

From close behind her...in a seductive voice that turns us IF vasis into weak kneed juveniles...

Rudra..."apne haathon me mere Naam ki mehndi Lagne se Pehle hi Itna nihaar rahi hai..."
(Rudra..." You are admiring your hands even before they are adorned with mehndi in my name")
Paro...shocked...eyes open...even more shocked to see him standing so close she can feel his breath on her neck...

Paro...tries to move away but Rudra doesn't let her...moves closer...she turns around and bangs into him...for a moment Rudra is mesmerized by her beauty but catches himself in time and goes back to tormentor mode...

Paro moves away and looks down...

Rudra holds her hands despite her protests and moves closer...saying..in a low romantic tone ...

"Sach kahoon tho Mai Bhi apna Naam tere haathon me mehndi me saja dekhne ke liye uthaavla ho raha hoon...ab intezaar nahi hota"
" Believe me I cannot wait to see my name decorated with mehndi on your hands")

At this...Paro looks up with an expression of pain and shock and disgust..pulls her hands from his and  exclaims...
"Yeh kya Naya khel socha hai...manne pata hai aap Bhi in rasmon se khus nahi ho"
("What is this new ploy of yours...i know you hate this situtaion as much as i do")

 Rudra..." Jab tune soch liya hai ki gaddaron ka saath deke tu mujhse byaah karegi tho phir Maine Bhi soch liya hai ki Mai Tera pyaaar karne wala pati banoonga"
(Rudra.." When you have decided to support traitors even at the cost of marrying me i have also decided to become a loving romantic husband")

Paro moves away ...Rudra smirks and turning towards the door says
 " jab mere Naam ki mehndi  rach jaye haathon me tho dikhadena"
(" when you have decorated your hands with mehndi show them to me")
and leaves.

Paro in tears...leaves as well and wanders into the kitchen where Maithili is making rotis on the tawa...

She stands there thinking about all that happened just then...
Sunehri calls Maithili saying the mehndi wali wants something..

Maithili..."Paro baisa...aap Zara yeh roti dekh leejiye...Mai BAS abhi aayi...haath na jala Lena...devar ji sa ke Naam ki mehndi abhi thodi der me lagegi..".laughs and goes...
(Maithili.." Paro baisa...can you please see to this roti...i will just come..dont burn your hands..mehndi ceremony is going to start")

Paro thinks about what Maithili said and what Rudra had said...flashbacks of all that he has done wrong to her...closes her eyes and when she opens them the roti is burning...she quickly takes it off and throws it aside and then...Sudeenly it strikes her...what if she were to burn her hands...

So she goes ahead and places both palms on the tawa wincing in pain...till she can feel the burn ...tears stream down her face and she turns off the gas and turns to leave...

And in front of her is JALLAD...she looks down and tries to walk away...

Rudra..." Yahan kya Kar rahi hai" 
(Rudra ..."What are you doing here?")

She doesn't answer so he holds her burnt hand and she winces in pain...he looks down and sees her injured palms and understands what has happened...an expression of self disgust for a minute...and then he shouts 
" yeh kya kiya tune...dimaag theek hai na Tera"
("what have you done...is your brain functioning?")

Drags her to the sink and turns on the water and puts her hand under and holds it there when she protests...forcefully!

As the water hits her injured palm Paro exclaims in pain and closes her eyes...Rudra glances at her in anger and exasperation but one look at her closed eyes and scrunched up face and his expression becomes gentle...he feels her pain...and the self loathing that he caused this is back!

Then he steels himself as she opens her eyes...

And Maithili comes in exclaiming...

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Very nice idea! Please post subtitles for the Hindi parts. Smile thanks!!!!
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Posted: 2014-03-11T08:35:06Z
lo ji !! main yaha 1st nehi apayi Cry.
chalo koi baat nehi. excellent imagination, baisa ! I really wish kuch aise hi dikh jaye episode mein bhi !Smile
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Posted: 2014-03-11T08:36:48Z
Yay! U made it ito a seperate topic!!!! [:D/] like I said i hope something like dis happens!
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Posted: 2014-03-11T08:44:48Z
Originally posted by Jaz1990

Yay! U made it ito a seperate topic!!!! [:D/

like I said i hope something like dis happens!
I had to drag her literally to make a separate post on this !LOL
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Originally posted by SherryGS

Very nice idea! Please post subtitles for the Hindi parts. Smile thanks!!!!
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Posted: 2014-03-11T08:59:49Z
yaa pri. itz better now with enlarged fonts.
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Posted: 2014-03-11T09:01:36Z
Originally posted by shreya_rc

yaa pri. itz better now with enlarged fonts.
Can't make out on phone that's why it was small
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