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I am Extremely Sorry my  Delay update ..I am really Sorry Amrit .. but u know I am so busy .. i just tried to manage my time only for this os .. as I Promised u .. jo bhi cant break it na..

 And Sorry  friends for delay of my FF.. same problem..


Started with the last scene of Wednesday episode -

Ram went to find out Priya as he was suspecting must be Priya went for washroom..

But Suddenly in the mid way .. He saw his lady love but not exactly in  her state .. with a concern voice he asked ...

Priya  kya kar rehe ho tum

Priya was lost .. with some weird faces ( Sorry but have to say .. Expression queen )  said . yes Mr. Kapoor .. mujhe pata hai .. aap mere sath hi baat kar rehe hai ..

 But  I don't feel good.. mujhe na aapki ..koi bhi fav chiz try hi nehi karna chahiye .. I am having bad headache ..

RAM as an expert  he could feel  what happened with her

 Ram in his  shocking state just

 Said matlab k  tumhe meri drink milgayi

 And with a  frustration he uttered  Jesus ..( I know u like this Amrit ..from RAM.. me too )

Ram in his own mind ..

I cant leave Priya all alone specially  in this state ..

But agar maine isee lekar aise jayu and Peehu ne dekh liye .. ufff..have to make sure k Peehu apne room pad hi hai..

Asap Ram called his Daughter ..

Hello Peehu ..: kaha hai aabhi tu..

Peehu: Main to apne room me hu papa..kyun..koi jarurat hai kya?

 Ram: no no.. I just want to meet u ..so I asked u..plz stay there .. I am going within 10 minutes.. and where is shammy

Peehu : papa . wo to abhi tak..

Ram did not give her chance to complete ..as  he realized that again he did a blunder ..he was asking about Peehu and her where about  in front of Priya .. if Priya will come to know that Peehu is also at the same hotel .. she will backed off again.. but Ram cant allow this .. he went Delhi only because of Priya to sort out everything .

But  Ram and his luck  was with him ... Priya was not in state .. to  hear  what her husband is talking even what  with whom he is talking ..

Ram looked at  her .. as he was expecting a question from Priya .. but when he looked .. he saw the most cutest sight of his life..

Priya totally in her drunken state ..Ram  loves her .. who she is .. but secretly he admires her this site .. coz she is looking so cute with her child like activities ..

Ram hold her and trying to take her to  her room..

Priya . trying to match her foot step with Ram .. but she could not .. .

When she  was going to fall Ram hold her  tightly .. from her waist...

Priya hiccupped .. felling  her man's magical touch..looking at him  she said .. 

Mr.Kapooorrr...apne mujhe aise pakde hai kyun.. main to ...

Priya u r not in ur state.. room me chalo bad me.. baat karenge..

Nehi mujhe  batatyiye na  why u hold me.. main to aapki employee hu na ..  so why u..

Ram  with his irritating tone ...ha I know u r my employee now go..

Ram said this  so loudly that .. the others looked at them ..

With embarrassed look Ram said .. Room me chalo don't create scene over here ..

Priya like an obedient kid.. follow his comments ..

They reached her room

 Ram  helped her to lie down ...

But again Priya  started her blabbering ..

Mr.Kapoor ..mujhe bahar jana hai .. room me ghutan ho rehi hai ..

RAM though his heart  was dancing .. to  see the sight .. but he just said .. but composing his all feelings he said

Tum so jao .. main pakka tumhe kal le chalunga ..but pehle change to karlo..

Nehi ..Mr.Kapoor ..mujhe na kuch kehna hai aapse ..

Ram was anxious as he was anticipating .. some emotional words from her at  I LOVE  YOU  these  three magical words can do a magic on him ...

But no Priya did not utter anything ...sirf blabering same sentence again and again ...

Priya ..Pehle change Karlo .. then so jayo ok.. main hu tab tak..

Suddenly Ram remembered He called Peehu and told her that he is coming in 10 minutes ..

Very Softly he said Priya .. main ati hu.. bahar se lock karke  ja raha..sirf thori der k liye ok..

Priya did not pay any attention to her husband's words .. actyally she was lost in her thought and in her state..

Ram unwillingly went to open the door

To meet his daughter

But when RAM opened the door he was shocked at Peehu was just in front of him..

Tu ..tu yeha kya kar rehi hai..aab..

I was waiting for u papa..but u did not come so..I went ur room to check.. wo bhi lock tha to..i thought..

Ram closed the door ..and standing  at  in front of the door ..

Ha wo kuch kam tha to isliye..

Peehu's mind was wandering with Vikram and his weird question..

Papa ..aap Drinks karne aye ho na ..apni employee k sath .. still u r missing mom na..

Ram was listening her words..

Peehu again started Mumma does not care for us Papa, she does not care for u ...dekho na kaise wo .. us Suhani k liye just left us.. not for a single sec she thinks about us papa.. and juhi Maa ko dekho.. ...


 Already Ram was pissed off with Peehu's past few months attitude and her words..

He said..and this time just to show her that  she is talking with her father ..and talking about her mother ..

Peehu tu aapni kamre me ..jaa.. don't wanna talk with u now..and aur ek baat jiske bade me to baat kar rehi hai ..wo teri maa hai.. tu aaj jo bhi hai.. sirf uske liye hi.. respect nehi de sakti hai .. to ..kuch aise baat mat kar k khudke samne tu  gid jaye ..now go from here ..

Peehu was stunt hearing her father's out burst and hurt too..as never ever she accepts such.. she asap left the place ..

Ram entered her room again..  ..Priya was in sleep...but her face was saying k she  was not at all comfortable ..

Ram went so close to her .and in a husky tone he asked tum so gayi kya..

Priya just moved a bit..

Ram again went so close and this time at her ear..

 R u sleepy kya..change nehi karni hai tumhe..

Mr.Kapoor..sone dijiye na..jo karna hai aap kar dijiye mujhe nind aa rehi hai

Ram was taken aback  with her words ..

 But in his naughty mind he went to  her night dress from her suit case ..and  he got his Kurta there ..

He was not surprised  to see this coz he has never doubt on her love.. and he knows priya loves him.. moves him more than  he does..and his kurta  fill the void of his presence in her life from past six months..

 As he did same..

Ram changed himself..and then her lady love..

At morning..

Priya stirred a little bit.. opening her eyes she could feel headache..

Just wanted to get up suddenly  she felt someone's tight hold on her  waist ..

Priya was shocked first ..but when  she realized . that this is only RAM.. she relaxed..and,, blushed too.. but  with a fake anger she tried to move his  hand..Ram   woke up.. but holding her tightly ..

Kya kar rehe ho yaar .. sone do na..bohut din baad aise nind me hu..

Priya's lips curve with the genuine  smile ..she was  also craving for this night from past  6 months..they don't  need any physical intimacy..but their presence is a lot ..

Which speaks a lot than their voice  does

But As Priya wanted to listen his hearts directly .

 She did not care his words

Again Priya tried same

And this time Ram came very close to her ..and said  in her ear kya karna chahte ho,..

 Priya remaining same with her fake anger she said ..

Why u changed my dress..

Ram with his naughty smile he said..Mrs.Kapoor..husband hu...and aapki information k liye .. 3 beti hai humari..so I can na .. this time Priya could not say anything .. just kept silence herself..

And RAM said ..aur kuch kehna hai to bolo ..tumhe chup karana ata hai mujhe...




 plz me waiting for commnts 

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Posted: 2014-03-10T05:58:37Z
wow.. That's cute.. Id be happy to watch that on the show tonight..
great effort.. Do write more..
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Posted: 2014-03-10T06:10:11Z
Superb os...
talli priya bade ache lagti haiEmbarrassed
are wah ram ji ne peehu ko mast sunaya...
are priya ka fake anger bhi acha lagta hai aur naughty ram bhi...
oye janu dekho es baar mai jaldi aa gyiLOL
pr first nhi aayi Ouch
thanks for the pmHug
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Posted: 2014-03-10T06:12:50Z
wow ClapClap
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Posted: 2014-03-10T06:20:05Z
Hahaha i jst lovd d last part . . Kya dialouge mara he ram ne LOL
Awesome yaar .. i so wish k ram peehu ko kuch sunaye aur samjhaye...
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Posted: 2014-03-10T06:26:12Z
aiyyoo darling awesome yaar
maar daala

mast post yaar

kaash aisa ho yaar

aur woh Pihu ki to aisi ki taisi

I want Priya to once again slap Pihu
i know bahut log chaahte honge ki Ram bhi thapad lagaaye
bt u know what i thnk daughters r always pampered by their dads

papa daanthe bhi nhi to thapad kya lagaayenge
mere papa mujhe saal mei ek aad baar daatthe hai
bt i know he ll never hit me

isliye I never want Ram to hit Pihu
woh sirf Priya ka hak hai
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Posted: 2014-03-10T07:06:29Z
so good os dear.thanks for the pm
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Posted: 2014-03-10T07:12:37Z
superb os...
talli priya... hay hay... Embarrassed Wink 

atlast ram ne kuch toh sunya pihu ko...!!! 
hope this repeats in serial too...!!!

last super duper cute scne...!!! Embarrassed  Embarrassed

thnx fr the pm...!!!
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