One time short story (6th Update Pg.12)

Posted: 2014-03-09T09:28:38Z
   Hi all, wrote this couple of days back, but just now posting it...well, better late than newer, right? OK, now, I dont know even what to call it, ermm, Short Script maybe? Tried to be connected with these episodes now...well, who ever wants read it, comment or not...  But remember, I'm no writer and this is just one time shot. See ya :) 

Vikram meets Ram and Priya in Delhi

Vikram enters a room:  

 -How are you Krishna ji, I hope all is fine, but you were sounding little worried over the phone...


 -Sab teek ho with me beta, don't worry. I called you to show you something. I was looking for the right moment to give it to him, but you know him, I didn't know how will he react, with all happenings in this house...  

  She just deeply exhaled and give something to Vikram. He took it in his hands, looked at it for a while...picked the phone: 

 -How soon is the first flight for Delhi? Great, I wanna book a ticket in name of Vikram Shergil.  Thanks, bye. Don't worry Krishna ji, I'll take care of this... to him self little angry:Hope before that golu friend of mine does some mistake he'll regret later!


Delhi, hotel room, Ram and Priya going trough some  numbers, Ram's phone rings, he picks the call:

 -Arre yaar! Will you stop with your detective work! I'm busy, cant talk now...what do you mean busy with what!? I'm working! Yes, in the hotel room! What does it matter if I'm alone or not!? What!!!? Fine! Just stay there, I'll come, but you have a lot to explain what you doing (Drops a look at Priya) ...just wait, I'm coming! (Closes the phone) I have to go and meet this...other employee of mine at the restaurant down at the hotel, and he just had to come here! (Annoyed Ram stands to leave the room)


 -But, Mr.Kapoor the work...

Ram cuts her words:

 -You can manage on your own, let me finish with this one down stairs and he better have some good explanation or I'll cut his salary in half for wasting my time here for nothing! By the time you finish this I'll be back, you don't need to come... (he just stops for a bit before he was about to say something he'll regret and chills a little) finish this and beep me, I'll come to check all again.

Ram leaves while Priya follows him with her confused look. But then, she smiles and thinks to her self:  -You'll never change Mr.Kapoor, you look cute even when angry like this...just, wanted to take your face between my arms, look deeply in your eyes and make you calm...but I know it's not possible now and you wont allow that... (Decides to leave this thoughts and get back to finishing work, before Ram comes back and finds her with unfinished one that could make him more angry, the thing she didn't want)


Ram at the restaurant:

  -Are you gone pagal!? What are you doing here, didn't I told you not to bother me here!? And you just get on plane to spy on me! HUH!


  -Will you just shut up! I didn't came to spy on you, but to save you from more sorrow later! I'm your friend and that's what friends do! So just shut up and let me talk, fine?(Ram annoyed, took deep breath, but nods his head as yes) Now, I know you are here with your special lady employee and it looks like you do care for her a lot, why would you took her in this trip anyway? You only take me on trips, but this time you keep me far, far away, and I do suspect you don't want me to see why...maybe because you wanted some alone time with this special person... (Ram opens his eyes and mouth, but then thinks and smiles, if Vikram only knew how right he is, just he doesn't know it's my Priya) there, when I mentioned her you smile, are you having an affair? Did you just wiped Priya of you, well every part of you because she is, in your heart, in your mind, in your every thought, I can see it, you cant fool me...but what you are doing with this new lady employee is confusing me, the guy in reception said you were not in your room but probably in hers, that's why I called you here...Ram, this is not right yaar... (Now Ram amused with cheeky smile nodding him to go on) ...I see you enjoy this now, but wait till you see this, then we will talk how much you'll enjoy your stay here with your special employee with clear conscience.

 Vikram hands him Priya's birthday card for him that Krishna gave.  Ram all questions, recognizing Priya's handwriting. Vikram explains how he got it. Ram starts reading, his cheeky smile disappeared, whit every line he would read his eyes were getting more teary, especially when he read that last lines... Vikram carefully watching his friends reaction on the card speaks:

  -You love Priya, you know she does to, you two belong only to eachother...this you know why I didn't wanted you to do something you'll regret later...

Ram just barges in:

  -You really think I stopped loving her? You really think she left my mind, my heart...even if I called the Universe for help to get her out of me it wouldn't help! Now read this, I wrote it for her on V-day, but didn't manage to give it to her...and don't ask why!

Ram picks from his pocket his V-day card for Priya (and yes, he was caring it with him since that day hoping ...) and give it to Vikram, Vik reads it and asks:

  -Toh phir, what are you doing here with that lady?


 Meanwhile, Priya finishes her work and feels little weak , thinks she needs refreshment, will go and get some juice in the restaurant and inform at the same time Mr.Kapoor about the work, forgetting what he said about beeping him and not coming down.  She stands at the door of the restaurant searching him with her look, she smiles when spotting him, but spotting Vikram a second late made her realize why Mr.Kapoor didn't wanted her there. At the same time she wished to go and meet them, and don't meet them. Meeting them it would be funny how Vikram would react on them being together in the hotel and she being that special employee, but on other hand Mr.Kapoor didn't tell him anything and didn't wanted anyone to know, so Priya didn't wanted to hurt Ram over this and spare him of lot of explanations in front of Vikram. She just turned quickly to disappear from there, but bumped in to someone... Priya:

  -Sorry, didn't see... (And she just stopped and froze when noticing the person she bumped in...)


  -TUM!? Jahaan!? What are you doing here? Don't tell me, you know papa is here and you followed him dare you!? Arent you ashamed!? Since Peehu's "TUM" all in the restaurant were quiet and not a soul didn't hear her words. It happened just before Ram managed to answer Vikram's question about the lady. Both of them were perplexed to see Peehu and Priya there.


  -Peehu, its not what you think and what you just said, nothing is true...

Peehu cutting Priya's explanation:

  -Ow really!? I know exactly what to think!

Priya noticing the quiet and all eyes on them:

  -This is not the place and time for this, we will discuss about this in other place. I'll leave now.


  -Leave? Yes, leave at you precious Suhani, you care only for her, you don't care for your own daughter and her happiness, but you care for the ones destroying that!

Priya's  heart just clutched on hearing this words from her daughters mouth. Those words were like knife, stabbing her deeper and deeper...A thousands thoughts, a thousants questions  were fighting in Priya's mind plus the pain of the broken relationship with her daughter. She stayed away from her life, her Mr.Kapoor just to make her happy, but Peehu didn't understand her, she still does not...Tears were rolling down her face, mixed with the helplessness of making Peehu realize the truth...This was not the moment for anything, Peehu wont listen to her, so slowly she turned to leave...Pain, a grip at her hand stopped her and didn't let her move. Her eyes met his, he didn't have to speak a word, she saw...


  -Papa? Why are you stopping her? Just let her go (facing Priya with nastily look) to her Suhani dearest...


  -Peehu, just one word, one word more against your mother and I' will do what I haven't done in my life so far (Ram raising his hand)


  -What? You will slap me because of her? And whats this in your hand... (Peehu just grabs Priya's bday card from Rams hand. Ram moved towards her with all his anger and raised hand, but Priya just came in front of him, looked  him in the eyes and nodded her head as no, then moved slowly his hand from hers and walked away. Perplexed Vikram followed her.


  -She writing to you like this, how dare she...and you here with her!!!  (in complete anger she torn the card in half and throw it down on ground)

Ram's eyes  follow Priya walking away with feelings that were tearing him apart inside...he managed to control himself in front of Peehu now, bend down took the pieces of the card and just walked away leaving her with no word spoken anymore.


 In Priya's room Vikram was trying to think of something to say, but he was too confused and hurt for his friends from all what happened. Priya coming out of washroom, her phone beeps, an SMS from Kush saying Suhani was little unwell but now is fine, Priya angel not to worry. Priya told this to Vikram and continued:

  -Suhani give up her happiness thinking she will make me happy, and Peehu too knowing what Peehu means to me, but look where it got us now. Vikram, did you ever thought that Suhani's baby is Sammy's too? I know what happened and what was said, and Sammy is your son, but you know Kush from birth, you know him even better than me, you think he is capable of doing that to a girl and wont marry her? No one bothered to ask him...all just wanted to fulfill Peehu's wishes, no mater the consequences, even me. And that innocent baby...that baby is your first grandchild Vikram...


  -Look Priya...


  -It's OK, you don't have to say anything, I shouldn't have to say anything...just don't know what to do anymore, how to behave, how to continue...all this happenings... (and she just crushed on the couch covering her face with her palms) 


  -How long you've been standing there?

Ram at the door:

  -Long enough...

His voice shake Priya, but she didn't dared to look at him. Vikram asked for Ram's room and key which he got, than came to Priya handing something.

-Here, he got his, now you get yours (hands over Rams V-day card to Priya and walks away closing the door, leaving the two alone inside).


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Posted: 2014-03-09T09:53:56Z
Eli, Thank you for writing such a lovely heartfelt OS...
Please continue
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Posted: 2014-03-09T10:22:35Z
i liked that cards exchanging/reaching part,

in next part there shoulnot be paahu please
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Posted: 2014-03-09T10:41:58Z
emotionaly writtenn... So gud
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Posted: 2014-03-09T11:01:50Z
awesome os
loved it
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Posted: 2014-03-09T11:41:22Z
beautiful os 
emotional and caring...
hope peehu realises what she has done...
hoping for next time ...i know its an os but its damn good Tongue
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Posted: 2014-03-09T12:44:36Z
Lovely OS
beautifully written
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Posted: 2014-03-09T15:28:19Z
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