Ye Hai Mohabbatein Written Update - 8th March 2014

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Posted: 2014-03-08T12:26:22Z

Episode starts with Ishu leaving and Raman decides that he will reply Ishu later for he needs to deal with someone else before that..At Ashok's house Shagun is getting ready for interview against Raman.. Tanu starts by asking her what going through after losing her daughter when Toshiji makes a grand entry saying she will tell..Toshiji tells that Shagun is a stain in the name of a mother and blames her for ruining Raman's life.. She asks Shagun is she isnt ashamed to say Ruhi is Ashok's daughter and says that Raman told her everything.. Shagun asks to shut the camera but Toshiji warns not to.. Ashok asks her to shut up and when she taunts him Ashok raises his hand to slap her but Raman holds his hand angrily..

Raman says that she is his mom and that he should thank god for he didnt break his hand.. Ashok asks Raman to confirm with Shagun when Raman says he has gift for Ashok and shows him DNA reports that shock him.. Raman advises Tanu to stay away from Ashok or soon she will be jobless..Raman asks him to read carefully and see what's written about Ruhi.. He asks Ashok to marry Shagun if he's so despo to become a father.. Raman warns Ashok and Shagun for the last time and also challenges them that like they dropped Ruhi to his house, Adi will also leave them and come to him and they will only drop Adi.. Toshiji asks Shagun to stay away from her family.. Both Leave..

Ashok warns Tanu not to leak all this happening or she wont be spared.. Ashok to himself that Raman shouldnt have done this and decides that he will take Ruhi away from him.. Ruhi with Amma and Muthu.. She tells Ruhi about Ishu's horoscope and how she got Ruhi.. Mihika comes and asks about Ishu and amma tells in her room.. Mihika and Ishu have a conversation regarding Mihir where Ishu says that she misunderstood Mihir and that he really loves her and to patch up with him but Mihika says she's happy just being friends and that if ever things change she will let her know first..

Mihika changes topic and reminds Ishu about the next day being anniversary of amma and appa.. They plan.. Raman comes with his mom and she leaves inside.. Raman sees appa with baggage and helps him out when Appa tells about his anniversary tomorrow.. Raman congratulates him and asks what amma is gifting him? Appa says he's got the biggest gift as her but Raman says she should be gifting him something.. Raman asks who wishes first and says it should be you only.. He asks him to test Amma and says this time let her wish first.. Ishu also tells same to thing to Amma to let Appa wish first.. Both agree to not wish until the other does..

Late night, Appa reading while amma is lying down and each are waiting for the other to wish.. Amma loses her patience and calls to appa and asks him to switch off lights.. Appa looks at flowers he bought and wonders how they will wish each other.. He turns off light and thinks that Raman was right while Amma thinks that Ishu was right..

Next day, Mr bhalla tells Toshiji to be ready for they need to go to iyers for dinner and puja as its their anniversary but Toshiji says she wont come for she wasnt informed.. Mr Bhalla tells her that he's telling na, so to get ready..toshiji wonders what to gift them and wishes Simmi was here.. She opens her cupboard and sees Raman and Ishu marriage gift and takes out a casserole and decides to repack and gift it not realizing that Raman Weds Ishu is written on the other side..

Shagun with bag decides to leave for the insult but Ashok stops her saying they need to play a bigger game this time.. Shagun says she was insulted so much today.. Ashok assures he is there and that Raman will fail and will pay for all the insults.. Shagun says she cant fight more when Ashok says they have to and that he will cross all limits this time.. He promises her and they Hug..

Ishita asks Raman to come now when he says he'll change and come.. Ishu starts coughing and he gives her Toshiji's coke bottle which she drinks..


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Thanks for the written update! Tongue
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Thanks for the Written Update
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Posted: 2014-03-10T01:32:51Z
Big smile  Thank You So Much Big smile
Big smile  Big smile  Big smile Two Interesting Comments / Retorts / Rather Say : - Toshi Telling Ashok That He Cannot Father A Child And Still He Claims To Have Fathered A Child Of Some One Else, Hence He Should Be Ashamed Wink LOL Second Comment / Say From Raman :- Chey Foot Dho Inch ; Translated  :- Six Foot Two Inches And Not Once Did He Name The Person He Was Refferring  To Big smile Really Nice Way of Putting Things Into Perspective Clap Clap Script Writters Did A Good Job Clap Clap
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thanks for this update.
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thanks for the update...
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