o$ Refreshing season1 balh

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march reminds evrybdy of raya cnite...!!!! Embarrassed.

a small try on refreshng season1 balh...on req by sm1 spl..!!!

Scene strts aftr priya starts leavng the party aftr meetng ronit roy.

Ram to vikram."vikram, tu unlogose       kehdey .ki wo .nhi.aaye. Phle.mujhe.cnfrm krne                           de...ye.mujhse pyar krti hain ki nahi...i dont.wanna make a fool out of myslf" 
Vikram"ram tu smjh.nhi.rha..wo bas bhdka rhi hain tujhe." 
Ram," is.baar meri.baat sun tu. Lemme do it my way." 
Vikram thnkng its.waste of xplaining ram and tells ok.
Ram," mujhe kuch kam hain.mein.chlta hoon" leavng vikram confused.

In the parkng lot,

Ram goes behnd priya. 
Ram,"priya, wat was that??? 
Priya," oh. Aap agy. Mtch khtam hgya kya???" and rolls her eyes. 
He cld easily predct tht priya is angry on him fr mtch...for ignrng her. 
Ram," nhi. Mtch ko chodo. Kya kr rhi thi ronit ke smne???" 
Priya," mein.kya kr rhi thi. Bas interaction" 
Ram," mujhe mota prove kr rhi thi. " 
Priya" alrdy.jo hain.use kya prove krna???" she leans on the car door. 

She doesnt look at him, fearing if he wld read her mind, but ram had alrdy caught the glimpse of it through her eyes, her restleness fr him. 

Keepng one hand on the other side of her, leaning a little frwd he tells her nt to call him mota. And he signals the drvr to go away, leavng car keys on the car. 

Priya," mota nhi...golu" 
Ram," priya jab mana kia hain toh maan lo." 
Priya who is pissed of by now calls him golu cont. 

Ram leans on priya, and bends to her ear. 
Priya gets goosebumps feelng his proximity and weight on her, stiffens her body. 
Ram blows air on the car window, whch reflcts and felt by priya. 
Priya closes her eyes feelng his breath on her.
Ram slides his hand on priya's bare waist...pullng her closer...whispers" tumse kisi ne kha aaj kitna jyda sexy lg rhi ho??? dnt wanna shout at u, but cant stop myslf from..." ram stops...priya looks at him in wonder. Ram comes more closer. Feelng him so near priya shuts her eyes...she feels rams lips lockng her lips, she opens her eyes in disbelief. Sees ram eyes closed. 
She closes her eyes njyng her frst kiss. 
Frst kiss, a very spl moment in evrybdy's life and raya wer lvng tht momnt.
A smokth kiss but yet a much awaited kiss, birds thrsty of love fulfillng their desires. 
So far so good remins true to these lovers. 
She clutches ram's coat and fdgtng with it, pulls him more, penetrates into his mouth. 
Ram has adrenalin rush seeing his hitler respnding vigoursly to him.
Ram leans frwd gvng her full access of him and in turn takng full access of her and due to this priya gets jammed btwn the car and ram. Priya pushes him as she strts feelng out if breath due to.jammg and their passionate kiss. 

Realising their surroundings, 
Priya,"ghar chlna hain ya abhi mtch dekhna hain." 
Ram is super suprised at the out turn of her behaviour. Just a while ago she was respndng him with full passion and now all of a sdn she trnd cold. 
Bt seeing his surroundings he keeps mum and opns the door fr her. Ram comes in to the drvng seat.

Ram," priya mujhe tumse kuch khna hain." 
Priya doesnt reply. 

Ram locks the door through the central lockng systm and takes her hand she tries to jerk out but his hold was firm. She turns to his side. 
Ram keeps her hand on his heart," priya yaad hain tumne kha tha lohri ke din, "mr.kapoor kbhi bhi aapki zindgi mein isi mod aaye jab aapko kisi ki zaroorat pade, toh koi aapka sath de ya nade, mein humesha rhngi." ??? 
Priya aaj mujhe tumhri sath ki jaroorat,
Is dil ko ek dil ki zaroorat hain chalne,  Pta nhi kb dil churaliya tumne, ab ek kadam nhi le pa rha tumhare bina, kya tum apna dil shre krskti ho??? 
Mujhe aaj tak kisi ne apna nhi mna, isliye mujhe dar tha ki khi tumhe bhi na kho doon, isliye kha ki.nuts ki fashionshw ke liya aaya.
Priya tumhra faisla jo.bhi.ho, par aaj tumhri akhen bta rhi hain ki u wer restless fr my attention. Usi pe bharosa krke iam.lettng u knw my feelngs. 
Kal agar mera aakhri din hua, thn till the last momnt i wanna b wid u priya. 
I love u to the core, will u b my lady fr the rest of my life??? 
I was abt to get on my knees in the cmplt hall up there, but the pln bckfired but now i bow my head. Wid due respct and love i wld want u to step.into this scrd reltn.
tumhe pta hain, 
A man bows his head only bfr his hghness, and tdy i feel proud fr bowing my head bfr u.  
I heart needs u for its beats, my breaths need u breaths to cmplt thm, i need u to cmplt my life. Will u b mine frevr??? 
I cant promise u a no more tear...but if u have tears, thy wld b of joy and happiness, i cant promise u of sadness, but i promise u will not feel it and i will take ur sadness into mine.

For the rest of my lives...can i have the honour of takng the most awesme creation by god, into my arms???  bowing his head.

Priya gets into tears, she slowly remvs her hands from his hold, and ram looks dejctd, but she slwly moves near him, hugs him as tght as possible lettng out her cries. Ram hugs her back like he has found a long lost fav. Toy, priya comes out of the grasp places her hand on his jawline and moves into his hair, ruffling it, pulls him near and angling his head accrdng to her takes his lips, ram closes his eyes. She whispers on his lips, i love u ram, wana b wid u frevr and evr and takes his lips into a slow passionate kiss, pouring all her love, ram lets her take the possession of his lips. Her restleness, anxiety, her pure love, evrythng was convyd through the kiss , he was in the heaven, wat cld she ask.more from Him.. ??? He had alrdy sent her man to her, He had givn one of His finest creations to her. In the wrld wer a persn doesnt trust an other prsn, she had sm1 who tristed her all through the while, evn when she was still a strnger to him. She thnkd the almghty for the upteenth tym fr gvng her a jewel. 
Thy partd aftr a long kiss, takng deep breaths. Ram looked at priya while priya blushed to the core. 
Ram," ab ghar chalein???". 
Priya blushed and nodded, leaning on his shoulder. 
At km.
Priya gt out of the car and leand on it, waiting fr her man, who was still inside it typng a msg. She was super irrtated by this. She was cmpltly in a rmntc mood and he like alwys wid his frst wife aka buissiness. 
Her thoughts wer dstrbd wen she flt a cold hand graze along her waist and enclosng her. Priya lokked at ram in anger. He knew she was angry but was shre she wld b suprised wen she knew wat he has been planning. He pecked on her forehead mimed a sry and quicly peckd her lips.

Priya smiled to.him. 

Thy moved to their greenroom. As soon as both wer inside ram locked the door and pulled priya to him. Circled his hands around her, whispered priya i love u. 
Priya turned to him kissed on his forehead and contnued, ram i dint knw wat was the meaning of shring life. I always thought i was hpy and dint req. Anythng more, but u shwed me wat it means to. Have sm1 to shre their life, havng sm1 for ur own, i love u too ram.

 Seeing the desre and lust fr her in his eyes she pushd him and moved into the chngng room.

 But ram was fast enough. He came inside and boltd this too. He moves towrds priya, while priya took stps bckwards, until she hit a cupboard. 
Plcng his lft hand on the cupboard, ram leaned and whispered," hair leave karo aur chnge into a suit and get ready we r gng out. 
Priya immdtly asks wer. 
Ram," to.such a plc wer there is no one to dstrb me in makng u mine" i hv pckd evrythng alrdy so.u.jus gt ready. Agar kuch hlp chahiye toh puchlena.
Priya," raammm" 
Ram giggles and comes out. He maks a few calls. 
Inside priya was in a fix wat to do...!!!she picks up a nrml suit whch is elgnt too...!!! She dresses up acc. To her mans wish , neatky lined kohl, his fav. Lipstck wid his fav. Cologne.

She comes out and sees ram restng on his armchair. Goes to him. ,"Ram, iam ready and aap jayiye" & kisses his cheeks. 
Ram opns his eyes feelng his fav. Cologne. He looks at priya in awww... and xcuses himslf to chnge. Priya blushes seeing the twnkle in his eyes. Ram comes out in casuals, grey puma sweatshrt, wid blue denim. priya looks at him shck as she has nvr seen this side of her man. She comes to him, settng the threads of his cap she whispers handsome. Ram blushes to this. 
Ram," ha chalo. 
Priya," hum kha ja rhe???" 
Ram," farmhouse" 
Priya," ab iss wakt??? Kyun???" 
Ram," wanna spnd quality tym wid my wife. So." 
Priya blushes and looks out of the wndow.
Thy reach the farmhouse. Ram asks the securty to comes nxt day mrng and asks keys frm him. 
Ram asks priya to close her eyes, priya obeyng his cmmnd moves twrds the entrnce with his suprt but trips. Seeing this ram scoops her. Priya is in utter shck. She opns her eyes. Mr.kapoor ye kya kr rhe aap?? Chodiya. 
Ram,". Mrs.kpoor ek toh te mr.kapoor khkr bulna chodo. My name is ram." 

priya blushes," k raaa...m chdye mujhe" 
Ram," biwi apne aankhein band karo. And i cant let u trip tody. So let me handle my doll my way." 
Priya keeps mum seeing his love fr her.and closes her eyes seeing when he indicats her.

He takes her to a bunglow, carries her through the stairs and into room and puts her down. 
Priya again in shckd seeing her pics all over the room in diffrnt postures.
She hugs him as tght as possible, with the tears of joy.

Ram," hitler ko rulane nhi leke aaya" 
And kisses on her neck. 
Priya stiffness and tries to.come out of his hold. Ram tghtens hold and trails his kisses on her neck and jawline. 
Priya successfully comes out the grip and moves twrds the window. 
Ram comes and hugs her frm behnd, love u. 
Priya closes her eyes feelng his hands on her bare stomach, amd his closeness.
Priya i wanna mske u mine frever, if u r ready.
Priya,". Evn i hv been waiting fr this momnt from a long tym ram". And hugs him
My love, i hv smthng fr u in the wardrobe. Do u mind chnging??

Priya looks at him, his eyes conveyng his desire and lust fr.her. She smiles amd moves twrds the chnging room. 
She opnes the wardrobe to find a red sleevless nghty satin nghty hanging in there. 
She smiles seeing tht but is awkwrd to go infrnt of him. 

Ram knocks the door, priya jldi aao. Agar psnd nhi aaya toh chod do.

to be contn...!!!

feel free to comment...!!!!

waiting for ur replies and likes...!!!! Smile

thank you...!!! Smile

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Superb update... oye hoy pc... kya baat hai romntic update Wink ram ji golu nhi hai romantic kapoor hai yhaEmbarrassed are sr km mein nhi hone wala... farmhouse mein... es baar koi disturbance nhi hogaLOL oye ab yha end kyun kiaAngry kk khin ki ... jaldi continue kro... love u pagalHeart MuahhhHug Edited by Mini1991 - 2014-03-08T09:51:28Z
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Posted: 2014-03-08T08:12:55Z
lovely partEmbarrassed
Ram ji toh bade romantic nikle..
first kissBlushing...Ram ne sab plan kiya hua hai...he wanted to spend quality time with herWink
uff..kahan rok diAngry...yeh bhi koi rokne ki jagah hai...but I am sure ki Priya ram ka laaya hua gift pehengiTongue
itna achha confession kiya ...BALH ki tarah jagda bhi nahi kiyaLOL...
continue soon...and thanks for PM
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Posted: 2014-03-08T08:23:07Z
Heyyy ...
Pc .. Hayeee haye ..That was super romantic ..
Utterly passionate kiss that they have shared justat the car side ..
Awweee you have reminded me those old days of BALH ...
Thank you so much for the special one
Continue soon ..
Eagerly waiting for next one ..
you have stopped at a very nail point LOL

P.s:Kisi ne blackmail kiya kya to write this part .
And Iam first one to comment ..see everyone res karke bag gayiii LOL

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Posted: 2014-03-08T09:42:27Z
hi its ver very goood pls continue soonnn...waiting...
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Posted: 2014-03-08T10:04:22Z
superb updateWinkDay Dreaming
continue soon...
and please pm me from next timeSmile will be waiting 4 update!!!
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Posted: 2014-03-08T10:40:21Z
awesome update...
pls continue soon...
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Posted: 2014-03-08T11:58:48Z
first who is that insisted u to write.. 

who so ever the spl is .. thanku so much , 

we got such a lovely beautiful OS.   golu is bold to kiss wife  in parking in car  , he planned spl time too. wow.. too  and now am desperate to  read next part..     weekend is too long.
Thanku for PM 
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