RaYa OS: Bahon mein chale aaooo...

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Hellooo!! :D

Okay, so I wrote this OS in bits and parts (as time permits). This is in continuation to the scene shown recently in precap when Ram and Priya are on the same table for dinner.

Now, I started this OS with an idea of a talli Priya and surprisingly we have a talli Priya coming up this week. So Yay!! Embarrassed

Coming to this OS, its a piece of writing emerging out of an extended imagination that has no boundaries :P

So please assume Ram and Priya are ageless or say they can get romantic even at sixty! Bwahaha...simple is to ignore the age and enjoy their romance :P

Happy Reading!!


PS: I wrote this OS particularly coz I LOVE the song I've used. I might want to sing it once just like Priya :P *blush blush*


OS: Bahon mein chale aao...

The minute the waiter lit the candle, Priya saw her adorable husband whom she fondly called Polar bear sitting in front of her. Ram's eyes sparkled and his lips curved into the signature smile when he saw her. In the dim light she looked more gorgeous than ever flashing one of her breathtaking smile.

Soon realization hit and he retrieved to his grumpy self and in a resentful voice, 'Tum?! Tum...yahan kya kar rahi ho?'

Upset with the unexpected reaction from him Priya retorted in a sharp tone, Wahi...jo aap yaha kar rahe hai.'

Ram looking clearly irritated said, Mein yahan khana khane aaya hu...'

To mein bhi yahan mujra dekhne nahi aayi...', Priya stated annoyingly.

'What nonsense! Tum kehna kya chahi ho, mein yahan murga dekhne aaya hu?

Murga nahi Mujra...taa thai tatta thai', Priya enacted jokingly as she tried to correct him.

Mujra...murga whatever, kya farak padta hai? And anyways I meant to ask ki.. tumm...tum mere table pe kya kar rahi ho? I came here first, you go find another table', Ram said and looked away.

Priya loved to annoy him and to see him irritated gave her immense pleasure. Suppressing her giggle she said,'Arre kaise husband...' she stopped midway, looked around and continued I mean kaise boss hai aap?' Ek to mujhe akele bhookha chod aaye aur uparse alag table dhoondne ko keh rahe hai?

 "Oh please! Jaise ki tum meri bahut efficient wife...I meam...colleague ho."

 "Listen! Aapko problem hai na mujhse...then you go find another table. Mein to yahi baithungi.", Priya said and picked up the menu and began to read.

Ah! Forget it!' Ram grunted.


"Yes sir"

I need another table please', Ram said curtly still looking at Priya.

I am sorry sir but all the tables are full.'

"What do you mean they are full? Do you even know who I am?' Ram shouted.

Sir, I am extremely sorry but please calm down. I see this lovely lady here, Mrs. Kapoor is anyways your colleague, why don't you share the table with her?', the waiter suggested politely and grinned at Priya.

Priya looked pleased but Ram glared at him angrily. He did not like an ordinary waiter calling HIS wife lovely in front of HIM. He stared at him and said, I DON'T need your suggestions. And don't you think you talk a lot? Keep yourself away from MY women guests please.'

Priya enjoyed her husband's possessive attention but she sure knew he would not be display it openly. The waiter mumbled a quick sorry and asked, Sir, what would you like to have for dinner?'

Ram totally displeased with the turn of events said, I'll order for food in my room'. He stood up and pushed the chair behind, his eyes still on Priya and buttoning up his suit he said, "...and spend good time in company of someone very dear to me!"

"Now, Excuse Me please!" Ram said and without turning around even once headed straight to his room.

The waiter saw disappointment written all over Priya's face and before she could ask him to scoot off, he disappeared.

Priya threw the Menu on the table angrily and ranted, "Hmpf! What does he think of himself?"

"In great company of someone dear...my foot!', she imitated Ram and grumbled.

Just then another waiter served a glass of Large Scotch on rocks at the table and asked inquisitively, Umm...Sir?'

Priya looked at the scotch and then at him angrily almost scaring him and said, That's for me! Now leave!"

The waiter apologized and backed off immediately.


After a while...

Room No 299

"Viraaaj", Priya's loud voice followed by a knock on the door diverted Ram's attention.

"Priya?", Ram murmured as he recognized her voice and quickly sprinted to the door to open it. He saw her lazily leaning on the adjacent wall, her saree ends tucked in at the waist, hair let open and her eyes sans any kajal barely open.

 She saw Ram at the door and smiled gleefully and tried to move in but instead she fell lightly into his safe hands and clutched them tightly as she struggled to stand.

"Priya...Priya...tum...thik ho?"

Jesus! You are drunk", Ram said as he could smell wine on her breath while he tried to hold her as she swayed merrily in his arms. Her wobbly feet could barely let her stand. He was surprised as the least he'd expected was a tipsy Priya walking into his room late at night, in a hotel room while they were on a business tour not as a couple but as colleagues.

Priya giggled and freed herself from his grip and stumbled into his room surprising Ram further. She tripped twice as she walked past him.

He shut the door behind and walked to her and asked, Ye...Ye sab kya hai Priya?'

Priya turned around and threw her arms around his neck and said in a husky drunk voice, Priya whooo...? Its mee...Mallika!'

Ram still confused with Priya's sudden change in behavior asked, Mallika? Kaun Mallika?'

"Aap Viraj, mere bosss ...and mein Mallika...aapki...aapki...umm... sss...secretary...han secretary...*hic* Yes bosss!!." Priya saluted and giggled.

She came closer to his ears and whispered, sirf hamara affair ho sakta hai okay, aur iske baare mein kisiko kuch mat batana...Shhh...'

 She hugged him and continued, waise bhi...aapki biwi and mera pati...Hhehehe... dono boring hai...we are more happening...'

Ram chuckled and loved this cute thing that hugged him so warmly. Though upset with her for having left him he never stopped loving her. He loved her whole heartedly and he knew very well Priya loved him equally. His hands were about to encircle her to hold her into a tight hug but he stopped himself and thought, This time Priya, YOU will woo me...mein rootha hu, tum manaogi mujhe.'

He slowly freed her hands from around his neck and said in a serious tone, "Priya, you are drunk. I'll take you to your room; you need to sleep this off."

He walked her to the door when Priya stopped and said groggily, Arreee...arreee...I am...ummm... going nowhere. Aap mujhe bhagaaa kyun rahe ho? Not fair!!'

She stepped closer to him and smoothly ran her index finger down his cheek and said in a seductive tone, itniii romantic sham hai...Mmmein hun...aap hai...you don't want me spend time with you Ram?'

Meri biwi isee hotel mein hai...agar pakde gaye na to kha jayegi tumhe aur mujhe...HITLER hai wo!', Ram said comically and tried to free his hand from her grip.

Priya laughed loudly and said playfully, My husband! He is here too...he won't eat us up...he likes only aloo parathaaa...

aaand if he finds us...he...he might just sit on you...' she said naughtily and guffawed.

Ram kept looking at her with an amused smile lingering on his lips and thought, she is so much herself - my Priya when with me. Her love for me evident even in her intoxicated eyes, my name on her lips sounding so pleasant , looking absolutely adorable, high on a single glass of scotch. How can I NOT love you Priya?'

Helooo', Priya called out loudly breaking into Ram's chain of thoughts. Ram recovered from his instant flow of emotions and spoke instantly, Uff...What do you want? Why don't you...'

Priya put her finger on his lips and stopped him from speaking further while Ram looked at her nervously and gulped.

She took a step back, spread out her arms and sang in a soft but a smoky voice, Bahon mein chale aaaooo...' she paused to notice Ram's expressions.

Ram eyes popped out in shock when she continued, hoo...hamse sanam kya ...parda...hooo hamse sanam kyaa pardaa...'

He tried to hold her but she rushed hurriedly to close the door and sang further in a high pitch, Ye aajkaaa... lala...lalaaa...nahi milan...yeh sang hai umar bhar kaaa...'

"Shhh...shhh...Shh...', Ram hushed her in the singsong tone to not let her voice. He smacked his forehead worrying about handling Priya in this state.  

Priya grabbed his arm and put it around her waist while she knotted her arms around his neck and danced to her tuneless singing, bahooo mein chale aaaooo...'

After obliging and dancing a step or two, Ram withdrew his hand and tried to move away when she held his hand again and sang  further, Chale hi jaana hai... nazar churake yun...Phir thami thi saajan tumne meri kalayi kyu, haan?'  

She pulled him towards her to dance further, but Ram freed his hand, nodded in negation and turned away while she sang further, Kisi ko apna...banake chod de...Aisa koi nahin kartaaa...'

Sshhh...sshhh...shhh...' Ram hushed her again. He brought her a glass of water and urged her to drink.

Priya took the glass but instead of drinking it she drained the water away and kept her glass on her head trying to balance it. Ram hurriedly grabbed the glass to avoid crashing it which could hurt her. He sighed heavily and gave up on her and turned to leave when Priya hugged him from behind and sang, Bahooo mein chaleee aaaooo...ho...hamse sanam kya pardaaa...'

Ram faced her in irritation and she sang the last bit in a questioning tone, hoo...hamse sanam kyaa pardaaa...'.

Ram hung his head low in despair after failing miserably to control his drunk wife. Before he could think of some idea, Priya suddenly threw herself in his arms and swayed like a little girl, Ye... Aajka...nahiii milaan...ye sang haiii...umar bharkaa...'


Ram blushed this time as it certainly felt great to hold his delicate wife so close and actually dance with her like a teenager.

Priyaaa...you aren't in your senses...ye hotel wale kya sochenge...ek fat boss ko...uski secretary seduce kar rahi hai? Pleasee...shaant ho jao', Ram begged.

Priya put her finger on her lips and agreed to keep quite. Ram sighed in relief and turned to get water for her and again he heard her sing, Kabhi kabhi kuch to kaho piya humse...Aye, kam se kam aaj to khulake milo zara humse...'

Priya pranced towards the bar table that stood in the corner line with high brand bottles and stuttered,  Kabhi kabhi kuch to...kaho piya humse...Aye, kam se kam aaj to khulake milo zara humse...'

Ram dropped the glass crashing it on the ground and rushed to Priya who was trying to balance herself on the bar table. Ram pulled her hand and lowered her. He slowly lifted her off the table and carried her. She locked her hands around his neck and hid her face his chest and whispered, Hai raat apni... jo tum ho apne...Kisi ka phir... humhe dar kyaaa...'

Sssh...Ssshhh...ssshhh...', Ram silenced her and laughed as he slowly put her on the bed. She rolled onto the other side and her eyes closed instantly. She was exhausted completely and half asleep. He turned the lamp off and pulled a duvet over her.

The room now washed with moonlight suddenly fell silent. Ram kept looking at her sleeping frame and the smile that played on her innocent child like face while she kept humming the song in low voice, falling into deep slumber. He brushed her pink lips lazily with his thumb, feeling their soft touch, caressed her cheek and lovingly patted her hair till he was certain that she had drifted to sleep. He pressed a soft kiss on her forehead and whispered, Good night Mrs. Kapoor'

He turned to leave when he felt a warm hold on his hand. Priya lazily opened her eyes and squinted through the darkness till her eyes met Ram's. She kept looking at him lovingly and all their memories of togetherness flashed in her mind, she blushed as she recollected their last stolen intimate moment just a few months ago before she was forced to leave him.

I love you Ram', Priya said in simplest manner.  She searched for an answer in his eyes that she already   knew. Ram smiled in response, his eyes screaming of his love. He slowly ran his fingers through her hair caressing it and said, I know!

Priya closed her eyes and drifted to sleep peacefully.

...and I love you too my dear.'

Ram tiptoed to the other side of the bed and slipped beside her. He looked at her one last time.

 Bahon mein chale aoo...Seriously?!', he repeated and laughed. Wait till its morning Mrs. Kapoor, it's going to be fun...' he said and turned off his bedside lamp.


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amazing lovely waiting for next one 
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Awesome update!!!
Priya singing a songWink
priya jab bhi tali hoti hai she becomes very romantic!!!
continue soon!!!
eagerly waiting 4 next part!!!Smile
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Please pm me next time when you update!!!Smile
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omg what a update
priya drunk nd cherry on the top
she s singin too
loved it 
plz continue soon
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awesome loved it
i am imagining raya in the scene
song is also fab
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Waiting for the next part
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