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She shut her eyes forcefully, trying to find comfort in the eerie silence that had engulfed the space. Any moment from now another gun shot would shatter the quietness, slowly killing the illusion of peace as well. The old lady settled next to her sobbed silently in her seat, occasionally calling out to the heavens to have mercy. And then, they would come; those cold blooded monsters disguised as human beings and ask her to shut up. 

Paro wanted to stop the lady from doing this, though she herself had prayed to her bholenaath many times. She didn't want them to come anywhere near her, especially the lean fellow who had eyed her lustfully, making her delicate frame shift deeper into the airplane wall.         

Not again bholenaath please. Do something!'

BAM. Another shot. This time the tears flowed mercilessly down the expanse of her velvety cheeks, as if mourning the loss of the one who had died and at the same time wondering if she would make it alive.

It had been two hours. She would have been at her Mami sa's place house by now, being served those delectable Dhoklas sprinkled with extra love and care just for her. Her cousins would have sulked, seeing their mother feed Paro with her own hands, and she would have laughed, deliberately teasing her young siblings. After all they were her only family,  weren't they? And she had missed them a lot!

Mami Sa would be waiting' she thought and a sob escaped her lips unintentionally. This was probably her biggest mistake. Those three monsters were back and this time for her. She gulped audibly not able to find any space to hide in. the lean one was staring like a hawk yet again, his murderous black eyes twinkling.

"Have you made the phone call again Varun?" the robust man asked the lean one, never taking those scrutinizing eyes off her.

"yes boss. And I bet I made their blood crawl in fear at the sound of the gun shot."

And with that they laughed, a disturbing sound, making her shiver. Paro would have done anything to shed the unwanted attention and get away from those eyeballs.

"So they have agreed right?"

"of course or they know the consequences..." Varun warned

"And how much time do you think they'll take to get their asses on the plane?"

"Not less than two hours. The ministers will take at least some time to part with their golden sovereigns!"

"Two hours? The supposed leader asked feigning utter shock. "And what will we do till then?" he asked in a honey laden voice.

Those eyeballs were almost dancing now, transfixed on the frightened angel bundled up on her seat in front of them.


Rudra adjusted his black rimmed spectacles for the fifth time now. Those glasses were really getting on his nerves. How do people manage to carry this annoying thing on their nose everyday he wondered?  "I'll get rid of them, the first thing after this." He mumbled.  Aman shifted on his seat beside him, worried.

Sir, is there any problem? He whispered careful not to attract any unwanted attention. Rudra turned to look at his fellow officer and immediately regretted the decision. Officer aman shekhawat was in a disguise, a rather amusing one. Those silky strands of hair flowed across his round face like a stream of black water. The fake beard looked terribly untidy, covering his whole neck like a rain water cloud. Rudra struggled to keep a straight face, as he shook his head to answer his question. If those three scouts had not shown up, anyone would have mistaken Aman for the terrorist instead.

This reminded him of his attire and Rudra winced in disdain. He had personated a business tycoon. That black coat, white shirt combination had never been his favourite but had earned him quite some appreciative looks from the girls at the Jaipur airport. The combination of those black rimmed spectacles and the formal attire had all the air hostesses blush scarlet but, who would have the courage to convince Rudra? Surely aman did not.

It had been a Sunday, a holiday and the day of merrymaking for all CBI officers.  But for Rudra, it was a waste, a waste of time and a day of uncertainty for the country.  But today he would have given anything to get his much needed sleep. A busy week and a tiring job had not been the problem, but the night spent with family definitely was.  And here he was, brutally snatched away from the rare joy of slumber, defending his country.

The three scouts were talking to somebody now, another victim perhaps. They had killed only one passenger till now, the following five shots fired in empty space to arouse fear among the passengers and the government. And they had been successful, unfortunately so much so that the government had agreed, or that is what he had got to know from their conversation.

The skinny fellow was dragging somebody now, a girl who looked like...Paro, he realized with shock. Aman too had registered the face and was looking at the major, troubled.

What is she doing here? He muttered in a menacing voice

"sir the last we saw her was in Jaipur when she was released from protective custody around 3 months back. She should have gone back to Delhi by now.

"Apparently she did not" he growled. That scoundrel was trying to take her to the rear end, while she wailed helplessly, her blood curdling screams echoing in the plane. The passengers looked on powerlessly.

Rudra unbuckled his seat belt, and before Aman could stop him, he jumped up from his seat in raging fury and shouted "STOP RIGHT THERE"


Paro had got badly bruised once, in her childhood at about 6 years of age. She had wailed and wailed clutching the wounded leg in pain, trying to stop the deadly red liquid from oozing out. And then her parents had come running, the tears in her mother's eyes reflecting her own suffering at that fated moment. Her father had scooped her up in his arms and ran back to their humble abode. After that for a whole week she had enjoyed the undivided attention of her mother and father and Mamisa and yes, the neighbourhood aunts who had come almost everyday to ask about her well being. Though the pain had subsided on the first day itself, she would pretend to be in distress just to get that warm hug from her mother asking her to calm down. And there, near to her mother's heart she would have slept peacefully, her humming drowning all her sorrows, if there ever were any.

Today there was no one . Her legs had been bruised again due to the dragging but there were no warm hugs. She had wailed this time as well, but nobody had come to her rescue and the passengers looked on. This was the sole reason why she had sighed in relief at that sound. The same sound which had frightened her once. And then she saw him, standing tall in front of the assailant, challenging him to make another move. He looked different though, but his eyes gave away. Those eyes which hid a sea of emotions, the one which had swallowed her some time back calmed her unexpectedly.

He came forward, and snatched her away, pulling her towards himself. The fear which had clouded her mind evaporated in one swift move and a sense of security took its place. She stood there, before him, clutching the collar of his white shirt, safe and secure and at peace at her sanctuary.

And that is when a gun shot roared, her peace shattering yet again but this time, it was replaced by DARKNESS.

part 2- page 4

part 3-page 7

So this was just a random thought that came to my mind today. It is exam time you know, such thoughts keep coming and there is hardly any time to shape each and every one.

I will update part two, but only when I am convinced that I am not making you read utter crap. So do comment and like if you want me to continue and stop me if you do not. I promise I wont mind.

P.s By the way, hi I am new. Mujhse friendship karoge?

P.Ps I swear I wont kill Paro. Pakka promiseWink

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An amazing start--tension, drama, underlying story line--its all there! Plus Paro has a family, and normal everyday "girly" longings, which I really love, and she is no village damsel, which is certainly different. Also, loving the inclusion of an evil Varun! I'm looking forward to the next chapters! A small request--could you increase the font size you've used for the story? Its almost impossible to read without enlarging the screen! Welcome to the RR forum, by the way. Looking forward to seeing your posts, and comments!Edited by napstermonster - 2014-03-08T03:31:52Z
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Posted: 2014-03-08T03:36:28Z
Whoa that was thrilling .
Loved it ..
Welcome to the forum dear :)
Do write more :)
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Posted: 2014-03-08T03:37:14Z
Very well written.
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Posted: 2014-03-08T03:40:34Z
Totally not writing utter crap since I am not reading utter crap!  Cannot wait for the Part 2.  And more insight to what a CBI Shocked  suited booted Rudra is going to do to these dummies who dares touch Paro.

Although could you pretty please format it with slightly larger writing and paragraphing to make reading, easier?  Embarrassed

P.S  absolutely friendship karoge!  Welcome to the RR forum Hug

P.P.S  I'm glad to hear that Paro baisa will survive.  And had you killed her then I would have saluted you as your other readers chased you down ready to rain masala onto you.  Tongue
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Posted: 2014-03-08T03:42:04Z
That was really good! Do continue
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Posted: 2014-03-08T03:51:13Z
That was fantastic! Looking forward to the next part.
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Posted: 2014-03-08T04:17:21Z
fantastic.. continue..Clap
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