Rang Rasiya 7th March- Written Update

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My laptop is illLOL so it's quiet a brief update.

Part 1

Paro is unable to sleep. She is thinking something. After a while, she sleeps off. Sumer is eye-ing on Paro. He sighs that the 3 women are together while Sunehri is snoring. He calls someone and says need a jeep and 3 men, wanna take someone to Beerpur tonight. Thakurain finds a kada on the floor. She enquires about it from Tejawat. He says it seems this belongs to the woman who came to meet him. Thakurain says what did she want. Tejawat said she needed help regarding property, will etc. Thakurain says she is unable to sleep. Keep thinking of Rudra, what will she say, what will he answer, can they call him here. Tejawat says why not.

Paro and Maithili are tired for Sunehri's snoring. Paro says she'd sleep on the floor. Maithili protests but Paro remains adamant. Sumer organizes for a chloroform bottle. He goes to the room and makes the person lying on the floor unconscious with chloroform. He wraps her up in blanket and takes her to Beerpur. He reaches upto Tejawat's haveli and protests to get his 15 lacs right now. The men call Tejawat. One of his men give him 20,000 advance to which Sumer refuses. The man says Thakur sa would give the amount only when he sees the girl.

Part 2

Thakur's man threatens Sumer that he cannot compete with Tejawat. They will kill him and dig him somewhere noone would find. Sumer says fine! He'd come tomorrow.

Next morning, Dilsher and Danveer says it looks quiet. Danveer says must be Maithili...Samrat has got a beautiful wife. She was working hard all night and since morning she's preparing breakfast. Mohini comes asking for her phone. Dilsher says there comes the end to the silence. Mohini calls on her number and finds out Sumer's got it. She goes to Sumer and asks her why he has it. She finds out he called Tejawat. He tells her he made a deal...15 lacs for Paro. Mohini is disgusted at him. Says how could he commit a blunder. Why did he leave the girl for money. Sumer says why would it matter if Rudra stayed alive or dead. Mohini says it matters. Sumer says he already got Paro sent to Beerpur. Mohini says when Rudra comes back, he will point gun at her. Sumer asks what to do now... Mohini says sit back and wait for our destruction.

Sunehri greets Dilsher. Dilsher asks for Paro. He asks Sunehri for Paro. Dilsher says will go check in Rudra's room. Sumer stops him. Says she must be relaxing, she wasn't well. Mohini calls for breakfast.

Paro comes in with the breakfast. Sumer is stunned to see her. Mohini is shocked. Paro gets worried. Sunehri says we thought its Maithili Bhabhi. Paro says she didn't come yet. Samrat goes to search for her!

Part 3

Mohini beats Sumer saying how did he take Maithili away and leave Paro. Couldn't he recognize her. Everyone searches for Paro. Sunehri asks how did it happen. Paro says Maithili gave her "kasam" so she slept on the bed. Mohini says more than how it happened, it's why it happened. Samrat is searching for Maithili.

Tejawat's man unveil the blanket to find someone else instead of Paro

Precap-- Paro tells Samrat that she thought Maithili went their room. Samrat says she didn't say anything. Paro notices that Mohini seems panicky.

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Thank you for the super fast update
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Thanks for the update!
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Thanks for written update dear...
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Forgive me if I'm being insensitive, but I couldn't help but completely crack up, when I saw Sumer's & his mother's expressions' upon realising that Paro was safe & sound at home, and that the blockhead we all know as Sumer took his "Bhabhi" over to Tejawat's mansion instead...  It was just priceless considering his insistence on his being able to do a "man's" job in abducting and delivering Paro to Tejawat!!!
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thanks for the update...
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Thank u so much for WUBig smilexxx
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Thanks for the WU 
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