6th March 2014 - Written Update-RangRasiya

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Part 1

Aman informs Rudra that they have some info on the man Tejawat strikes deal with! Rudra walks out of the home and Dilsher calls out saying its so late in the nite.. and he is gone? Sumer is delighted and says now lots of secrets will come out in open! Danveer tries to justify ...! Dilsher says.. lion sleeps too ...! Danveer says this case is too big now..and says how Rudras eyes reflect how much he is attached to this case! Dilsher says i see Paro's pain too! Danveer says . neither Paro is wrong nor Rudra ..and yet they are opponents..! Danveer says.. Rudra is fighting to prove he is innocent..! He says.. how since 18 yrs.. gun smuggling is going on ..and Rudra stopped it..! Danveer says.. Paro needs to open her head and close her eyes.. she has to realize that Rudra is protecting .. her .! Danveer says.. Paro is thinking she is marrying the killer of her hubby but look at Rudra. .to hear that a soldier is killer.. is a blot..! Dilsher asks Danveer to go sleep now..! 

Sumer sneaks inside Mohini's room ..! Sumer closes in and tries to steal her moby from her..! Mohini is tossing and turning and coufing.. ! Sumer manages to sneak it out from her grip but bumps into Danveer..! He falls and sits and Danveer asks the matter? He says mom scolded..so will sit here till she forgives..! Danveer says.. dun irritate ur mom ..go sleep..! Sumer runs off..! 

Dilsher is in his room and looks at pics of Rudra and his mom ...! BSD trucks..! He recollects Danveer praising Rudra's efforts..! Paro comes and Dilsher asks u not asleep yet? Paro gives him meds..and asks why does he look troubled? Dilsher says.. all is well ..! Suddenly the letters and pics that were kept on the bed.. scatter and fall on the floor..! 

Part 2

Paro picks up the letters from the floor and reads it..! Rudra writing to his mom ... ' u will come back tomorrow.. u left coz i was a bad boy? promise to be a good boy ... will drink milk and eat veggies.. sleep on time..wake up early..' and then 'dun return.. ever.. i hate u' ...! another letter where Rudra writes 'come back soon .. i love u ..dad is taking me away from here.. and if he does that.. how will u reach me? will wait for u here..' and a pic.. and all letters written .. 'ur son Rudra' 

Paro recollects Rudra's words ... about how a person wuld feel whose own mom deserted him! Paro bends down to pick up the photo of Rudra and his mom when Sunehri runs in and takes Paro by hand saying we have some special plan for u ...! 

Sunehri brings Paro to the room and its decorated ... they burst balloons ..and there are sweets and juice kept! Paro asks what is this? Sunehri says.. Maithli says.. we are like sisters.. so .. we are gonna share our happiness.. ! Sunehri says.. ur real sisters wuld be crying but we are happy ..! Maithli says.. thot to cheer u up ..! Paro says.. God was kind .. introed me to u ..! Sunehri and Maithli ..all sit on the bed and chat..!

Tejawat ..fumes about the woman who dared to bargain with him ..! He says.. this woman dared to tell me to agree to her demand..! Tejawat asks about Vinod and the man says he will come with a gud news..! Tejawat that Paro is with Mohini? 

Sumer calls from Mohini's number..! Sunehri chats about how she wants her prince charming to come! Maithli says.. maybe he is on the way..! Sunehri says.. hope he has strong eyesight.. n has a uniform..! Maithli says.. like a securityman.. ! Sunehri says like Rudra..! 

Part 3

Tejawat receives Mohinis call and says.. Tejawat doesnt take anyones call ..and calls from front..! He says.. no one calls me so late..not even u..! Sumer apologizes..! Tejawat asks who is this? Sumer says.. Mohini's son..! Tejawat asks ..why this act? Sumer says.. its a deal.. have an offer.. ! Tejawat says.. already struck a deal with Mohini..! Sumer says.. Mohini.. is a woman.. this is bigger than that! Tejawat says..what do u mean? Sumer says.. what is guarantee u will get Paro with Rudra around? Only i can manage..! Tejawat ..says if ur so capable then why did ur mom not include u? Sumer says.. still i kept an eye on her..! He says will hand Paro over to u..at 6 lacs..! Tejawat asks why do i trust u? Sumer says.. a man's word... only i can handle Rudra..! Tejawat  says.. will give u 20 lacs.. if u have guts to present Paro infront of me within one hour..! Sumer smiles..! 

Paro looks at Maithli and Sunehri who are happily sleeping! Paro self thot.. wont have gotten such loving people ever..! Sumer keeps an eye on Paro and says.. for Rs.20 lacs will take her from here..!

Precap --- Sumer looks at a  bottle and smiles..! He calls someone and says.. need a car .and three people...have to drive someone to Beerpur..! Sumer enters Sunehris room and sees someone sleeping on the floor and thinks its Paro so ..covers her with a blanket and presents before Tejawat...! 

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Thanks for the fast WU
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Thanks much for the WU, Tanu! :D 
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Thanks for sharing. . Smile
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Yay! Paro was in today's episode! People can breathe now LOL!
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