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The roads are winding, the doors are dusty and the lanes are lonely...

This is want Paro felt, her lil heart sank, she was walking in the lanes of Jaipur with her baba and amma.

 Baba had a sarkari naukhri...so he had come here.  Amma had to come with him.

 And me, turning all fifteen, I am going to celebrate my birthday not with my friends, not in my room, not in my school...

With the thoughts of being lost, thoughts of having lost dear nothings, Paro had reached the door of the haveli, Mohini sa's haveli, As amma had said, she is of one of the well known people here and they were at the haveli to make new friends.

Friends yes, her lil heart was alive again... will this door open to new friends?


I want to write a FF with a young Paro meeting a young Rudra and how finally Rudra turns into a tough Army officer and a possessive lover or turns to a possessive lover first and then a Army officer. 

I thought of giving it a title of Rishtha, somehow it doesn't tell the rishtha started young... 

Please suggest better titles...

Part 1 - scroll down

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Part 1

Pheli Chori

The haveli was never ending, huge, beautiful. White curtains swaying in the air. Blue would have been a better choice... Thought Paro.

She had by now had met everyone...

The lady of the house, Mohini and her husband... Dhanveer, he looked lost just like Paro in the big haveli...

And Mohini's 3 kids

Samrat... I am the eldest, I am the nicest boy types

Sumer... I am free, can I talk you for a walk types...like around the haveli I presume

Sunehri...Hi, I am happy to see you, can I show you my toys types...

Well these were the friends options available for Paro right now. She decided to go in with sunehri... she was the safest and sanest bet...

Paro, come let me show you around the house.

Sunheri dragged Paro around...thats when Paro got fixated with the curtains...

Sunehri had quick comments for each room

Samrat bhai ka kamara, its big with all his books but boring hai.

Sumer bhai ka tho kamara, actually you can never see the kamara.

True the room had all clothes and books and even the bedsheet thrown disarray...Yikes!!!

Aur yeh...Sunehri was silent, lets skip this room... mine is best, with toys, dolls and cuddly stuffed toys and 

Sunehri didn't notice Paro was left behind...

Paro noticed a ... she opened the door of the skipped room ajar...she narrowed her eye to see a small Puthala lying down. A puthala with a nice long curvy moustache in an army uniform... it was quite old, but the moustache was still curvy enough to make Paro smile.

The room otherwise looked very empty... Wasn't anybody here?...Oh where is this sunehri??...Paro walked towards the loud talking of Sunehri. There she was pulling a box full of toys...

Ahhh... Finally I dragged it out... Choose what you want.. Paro just smiled.

You don't like anything... see this is Shyamu... and this is Gol Matol Radha... See just like me...

Paro!... her Amma was calling her...By the time Paro reached downstairs, her amma has clean sweeped all the pakodas, Babuji had finally made Dhanveer uncle smile and the boys... The boys, they looked too eager to take Paro around the house one another time!... No...But Paro just smiled.

Suniye Mohini ji, Paro's birthday is coming up, I will come again to call you for the party.

Oh no, my birthday party and all the whole Mohini Haveli will be there...Paro had to smile.

Definitely, we all will be there Ambaji.

Paro waved her hand to say bye to sunehri and then she noticed the puthala was still in her hands.

She decided to take it home with her, anyway nobody is going to notice the small puthala which was anyways lying ignored on the floor.

She had many dolls but this was going to be here first puthala and her first chori too. Pheli Chori.


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Originally posted by havebecome

alive again...

alive again??? didnt quite understand, did i quote anything wrong in the above parts?

Though it does rhyme with ur username, have become alive again
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Interesting start :-) does puthala means male doll?
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Originally posted by MOnamy11

Interesting start :-) does puthala means male doll?

Yes male doll
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that is nice update
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Lovely concept
Great start

Pls continue soon
Would like to read more!!!!
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Posted: 2014-03-05T23:09:37Z
Originally posted by vishruta

Lovely concept
Great start

Pls continue soon
Would like to read more!!!!

Thanks for this encouragement... will defn continue.

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