Rangarasiya Written Update 4 march 2014 , Safety and Jealousy ????

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Rangrasiya  Written Update 4 3 14


Rudra goes to Paro's room and is shocked to see it empty ,finds the glass and remembers Laila's saying did you see a marriage without bride  he keeps taking her name and Dilsher comes asks what happened  and says where is  Parvati and talks to himself  her safety is my responsibility and gets the flashback of all the previous incidents doctor  and also Jankhi and  her ghunghat being opened by Mohini  and inviting all for sangeet  Laila saying she wont let marriage happen and Rudra is very worried  agitated and Dilsher teases him  she looks good as I see her  all men become mad after  marriage not before marriage .An extremely relieved  Rudra  says stop and asks how she is and what she drank and ate he touches her face to check  and then scolds her where she went . She gestures and says bathroom and it does not register and says tell me and go She says  to bathroom and tells her to stay safely  in room and she says don't worry till you guard me nothing will happen to me as you will try to make your truth read.

Sumer and Mohini are hitting and asking Tejawats man who he is and  why he came and asks him about  why he wants Parvati  and searching  her  1st he avoids but after getting beating and  lash of Mohini's tongue and he tells Tejawat  wants to find her and says that old Raja  why and he says she is like his daughter and  then Mohini and Sumer go after getting the truth out of that man go without telling him about Paro.

Mohini plans to go to Tejawat and find out more why he wants Parvati and to make a deal.Angry (Yes go and get more jealous see the luxury Mala is enjoying) 

Mythali introduces herself  that  she is the elder daughter in law and  Mala is happy asks where is Rudra and as then Mythali goes to call Mohini Mala hides Mohini mocks Mythali saying she needs  special glasses to see ghosts. Mala says Mohini jija I cant meet you now just then Rudra passes her  but she closes her eyes. Danveer comes and asks his Bhabisa to go but he repeats that mausam is bad here and asks her to go and he will show Rudra later at the correct time when she asks about the chuda she gave he tells her to go immediately and after she goes he apologises sorry Bhabhisa.


Mala   as she goes she dashes against Dilsher and she hides her face she gives him his crutches and goes and as she goes he stops her and asks to apologise but she runs away. Mohini comes and says are you waiting for your wife  but this haveli only has a door for her  going out not coming back and  and mocks him and Dilsher also gets angry and tells her she is your sister and people she is your sister ran away so she will also face the bad name  .But Mohini  she wontfor two things she is jealous as she was a ideal wife mother and today all hate her her husband  her son  and also her dead parents  so she is happy that she is rotting somewhere in utter poverty. And secondly  she tells Dilsher you got your dues for what you did.(another story)

Mala comes back and Tejawat is waiting and she is asks him you did not sleep and he says my wife goes out in the middle of night and you expect me to sleep and she says don't ask me anything and he says I know where you went Chandangarh and also why she went to find Paro Bhaisa  despite my telling you not to think about her. She says no I did not go there to find Paro  Bhaisa but to see my son and he came back after so many years .Tejawat is stunned .

Laila asks you know me from eight years  and don't care for  and you are running after a girl you  know since 8 weeks. He says go this is a house and  you go but she says Rudra  I have become mad for you  give me a chance once I will keep your happy and Rudra says you don't know anything  why this marriage  is happening. She says this is my oath to you her name is Parvati after today she wont know Rudra not you will know her both wont take each other's name she threatens and goes. Rudra stares.

Tejawat says your son and she says I know you never asked me about my past and maybe you remember I left my son and came and I know I spent very good time with you but my night s always  made me remember my son and I went through hell. He asks whether she met her son or not and he promises that he will take her to him and she says no  I cant meet  him as he is married and Tejawat says Thakuriansa  don't look like  a grown up son's mother. She says he is very good looking  and his eyes are like mine. He smiles.Tejawat says this drink is for your son and then asks Mala his name she says Rudra Pratap Ranawat  and he drops his glass and FB of their meeting shown .

Precap  Mohini makes a deal with Tejawat that she will give him Parvati if he gives back her nephew  Rudra  Pratap Ranawat dead.

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This show is killing me! Getting way too entense, and the 22 minutes it comes on in a day is not enough! GAH!
Thanks for the update :D
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CryOnly few minutes of Parud !!! Cry
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Posted: 5 years ago
Thanks for written update dear...
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^ Thanks much for the WU, Chalhov! :D
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missed the epi..tfs for the update..precap seems deadly...
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This is a crazy story...thnx for update
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thanks for the update...
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