Bhaiyya returns - An OS on the promo

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Bhaiyaaa returns..

Just an attempt to see the situation with humour.. Sorry, if I hurt anyone's sentiments with this...

Rajat & Kady at the outside of a coffee shop.. Rajat with jogging motion, 'Hi Kady,, what's up? Why did you ask me to come hurriedly? Did Rahul leave you alone.. Are you pregnant.. Don't worry,  I am here, the saviour of single mom's .. I will help you & your kid.. Come with me to Dubai, the book store is available.. You can run it,. '..

Kady cursing herself for calling this buffoon, 'No Sir, nothing like that., I called you for some other reason,.. Please come inside, Sir, let's have a coffee and talk..'.. 

Rajat raises his eyebrows, 'Coffeee, mee... Do you even know how many calories are there in a coffee.. How can I spoil my heath by drinking that poison... There are still so many single mothers in this world to be saved.. I need to stay fit for their sake.. '

Kady, internally hitting at her own head for her stupidity, gives a pleasant smile on the outside, ' I know Sir, you can't afford to have coffee, I will  have a coffee and you can have mineral water, come let's go' and literally pulled him inside the cafe..

Both are comfortably seated and coffee & water ordered.. Bhaiyya starts again, 'Tell me soon, what's the matter, if you don't need to be rescued, who else, who else.. '.. Kady starts slowly, 'Sir, it is about Priya,.'.. Bhaiyya, 'Priya...'. His eyes takes a special shine, a slow dreamy smile appears on the purple lips.. The 'beautiful' moments he spent with her comes to his mind.. He sips the water as if it is the best champagne in the world..

Kady waits for a while, Bhaiyya still in dream land, she pats on his arm, 'Sir, sir,.. Where you had gone.. Priya is in trouble, She needs your help.. '

Rajat comes out of his day dream.. 'What? Priya in trouble? How, how, how..(echo) Just few months back, I saved her from death by bringing the vital organ on time.. How can she be in trouble now? What organ she needs now? Do they want a heart? I am ready to give,,'

Kady mutters to herself.. 'yeah, heart you can give, only brain is the problem..', To Bhaiyya, 'No sir, she doesn't have any health issue .. She & Ram sir are separated again, this time due to Pihu'.. In mute, Kady explains everything to Rajjo.. 

A sad Rajjo, 'I can' believe this... Pihu, the little Pihu, how nice she was when I gave her the teddy.., how can she behave like this... '

Kady, 'Yes sir, that's what I  am saying, our Pihu has charged, she is not the same anymore..'

Rajjo to himself, 'May be, just may be, she lost the cutie,.. If I find it and give it back to her, she will become normal again.. ',. Then he remembers the hospital scene where Priya holds Ram's hand after he cries his heart out,, he sadly, ' Priya & Ram are meant to be together.. I csn't.. I mean, nothing can separate them.. ' and leaves a deep sigh.

Kady again pats his hand, this time hard.. 'Sir, the issue now had gone beyond the usual separation,, Ram sir is having an affair with an employee.. I don't think he  deserves Priya any more (Didi's favourite dialogue ;)).. I called you because I think you should take Priya with you to Dubai.. She needs someone who appreciate her.. You are the right person for her..'

Bhaiyya gets a rude awakening now.. He remembers all the instances when Priya lectured Ram in his presence.. He shudders thinking, 'No, no.. I can't bear it.. I don't have Ram's tolerance or patience.. I will go mad within a weak..'.. To Kady, ' No Kady.. We shouldn't try to separate Pruy & Ram.. They are made for each other,. I will advice Ram and make him see the error of his ways.. Don't worry about anything.. Let's go & meet Priya first,, '..

They pay for the coffee & leave, and leave to Priya's house.. 

Priya in her house, just retuned from the Delhi trip,. She is singing a tune under her breath, her enthusiasm & happiness  infectious.. She remembers all the cozy moments she shared with her Mr. Kapoor.. After the disastrous promotion party, she managed to talk to her hubby, explained to him how she got the Parathas for him and offered Vidya  only a taste.. He also opened his heart and told about how he never suspected her of the bidding leak and how he investigated & exposed Rishi.. Later they both shared their mutual pain of staying apart and the love they share.. They had talked about their kids, she told him about what Nutz informed her, he promised her that he will be more careful and will  keep an eye on Pihu & Sammy.. They spent few days in each others company and decided to keep their reconciliation a secret for now.. Unfortunately she had to return to Mumbai alone as Ram got held up in Delhi due to urgent business matters... He promised to call her every hour until he returns.. Priya happily hugged the Saree he gifted her in Delhi.. The  doorbell rang..

Priya opened the door to her surpirise.. 'Hi Kady, what a surprise.. Just now, Kush told me about your visit few days back, how are you? Do come in'.. She notices Rajat, says politely, 'Oh, hello Rajat sir, long time,. Please come in'.. Rajat looking at Pooja ,oops sorry, Priya with misty eyes.. Another round of FBs and the Tanhayee BG ;)

All comes in in seated in the modest drawing room.. Priya goes in to instruct Suhaani to make tea for everyone,. She settles next to Kady.. Priya to Bhaiyaa, ' tell me Sir, how's Daijaa? Hope everything fine in Dubai? What brings you here?'

Rajat hesitantly to Priya, 'Priya, Mrs. Kapoor.. Please calm yourself, what I am going to say may be a big shock to you.. You need to be brave now, I know you are a very strong woman, you can handle anything.. '

Priya irritatedly, 'What do you want to tell me Sir, please let it out.. I don't think there is anything that you can say to make me upset.. '..

Bhaiyaa with a soft voice, 'Priya, it is about Ram'.. 

Priya with a jerk, 'What about Mr.Kapoor? Is he ok? Some accident, is it? But how... Just half an hour back, I...' she stopped herself from exposing about their reconciliation.. But Priya's visibly panicked now..

Kady, 'No Priya, nothing happened to Ram sir, he must be fine.. But what he is doing is not fine'.

Priya frowns now 'what do you mean?'

Bhaiyya takes over, 'Priya, Kady here says, Ram is having an affair, that too with an employee'..

Priya, 'what nonsense it is.. Who said this.. No way..'

Rajat, 'Control yourself Priya, Vikram himself seen, Ram behaving strangely and moreover the office employees are talking about Ram going on a business trip with a female employee ..'

Priya with a secret smile, 'I don't care what anybody seen or heard, I know my husband , there is no other woman involved.. '

Rajat, 'Priya, I know it is a big shock to you..  You need to relax, See what Ram done now is unpardonable, you need to teach him a lesson,.  Let's do one-thing, you come with me to Dubai for few days, only then Ram will realise your worth.. Let him beg for your forgiveness, then we will see. '

Priya loosing her patience, 'Sir, I am telling you again & again, there is no lesson to be taught here.. I know my husband very well, he cannot even think of other woman let alone having an affair.. Please stop this nonsense right now ..'

Kush who was silent till now, 'yeah, sir, Priya angel is the only woman for my dad.. Whatever you are saying is not  possible,.. '

Suhanni enters the scene with the tea tray..

Priya in a stern voice, 'Kady , Rajat sir, please have tea,.. Rajat sir, thanks for your concern, but it is misplaced.. My life is safe  & sound with Mr. Kapoor.. We may have some issues.. But, we are matured enough to handle it ourselves,.. We don't need a third person to interfere in our personal matters.. If you have traveled all the way from Dubai for my sake, I am extremely grateful to you, I guess you can return in the next flight... I have some urgent calls to make '.

Bhaiyya feeling two feet high now, takes the tea and mutters thanks to Suhanni,, looking at Suhanni, he got shock of his life, the tea cup slips from his hands, falls down, breaks into thousand pieces.. Bhaiyya tries to give a shocked expression (and fails miserably ;))  'POOJA, Tu... '

Suhanni looks at him in confusion, 'Sir, do you know my mother?'..

Rajat, 'You are Pooja's daughter? Where is pooja?'

Priya, Kady & Kush watch the ensuing drama with interest,, 

Suhaani, 'My mother died when I was 5, she too was an orphan, she was living in the same ashram where I grew up..'

Rajat, 'Oh god, pooja died? And you, you.. How old are you?,

Priya can't keep quiet anymore, intervenes, 'what's happening here Rajat Sir? How do you know Suhaani's mother?'

A shamefaced Rajat with a mystery background music,  'Priya, I met Pooja after Jyoti got married.. Pooja was in love with me, but for me it was an affair on rebound,. I was visiting India that time, we had a live-in relational for many years,,  Then one day Daijaa called me to inform me about the death of Jyoti's husband, I thought I might get a second chance with Jyoti, and flown back to Dubai.. Before I left Mumbai, I broke my relationship with Pooja, because I never had any feeling for her.. She was heartbroken and she wanted to tell me something, I was not in a mood to listen to her.. After going back to Dubai, in few days Jyoti also passed away and then I met you,, when I heard your name as pooja, it irritated me for some reason, that's why I was initially harsh on you.. I never contact Pooja again.. It all happened 25 years back,. Now it looks like...'

Priya looks at Suhanni and then at Rajat, her mind voice, 'Oh god, no wonder, this girl inherited his compulsion to sacrifice and make other lives a living nightmare.. Like father, like daughter,, '
Teary eyed Suhaani , 'Yes, I am 25 now, my mother never told me who my father is,,  Before she could tell, she unexpectedly passed away.. '

There is a sad music playing in the background, Two wooden faces looking at each other with an emotion which we are supposed to assume as father-daughter love... 

Rajat comes to Suhanni hugs her close, 'don't worry about anything anymore, you have your father with you,, please come with me to Dubai,. I will take care of you and your kid.. '

Suhanni gets scared seeing his made up face so close, but consoles herself, 'One good thing.. I won't have shortage of makeup supply if I go with him...' she nods her head in affirmative and then looks at Kush pityingly.. 

Kush looks at Suhanni longingly and in his mind voice, 'Thank god, I am saved from her.. I had to act all lovey dovey with her for Priya Angel's sake.. No more pretending, yipppeee, anyway, it helped me to polish my acting skills'.. 

Priya clears her throat, gives a pitiful look to Bhaiyya, 'Rajat sir, see, you left a pregnant woman all alone whereas Mr. Kapoor married a pregnant woman though he knew she was pregnant by another man.. Where you are, where he is..  And you are preaching to  Mr, Kapoor about being a good husband and  father.. Can you even come anyway close to  my husband... '..

Bhaiyya bows down in shame.. 

Just then Priya's phone rings with the caller tune of 'Bade acche '.. A delighted Priya, takes the phone in hand, excuses herself saying it is an important call, and locks herself in her room.. 

Bhaiyaa leaves with his beloved daughter to Dubai and lives happily ever after :)

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You have definitely lightened my mood... ROFL
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Posted: 2014-03-02T11:34:30Z
sry wrong posting 
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Posted: 2014-03-02T11:42:22Z
ha ha ha ha loved it
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Posted: 2014-03-02T18:42:46Z
that is hilarious... Literally ROFL... Just the perfect one to lighten the mood.. Awesome..
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Posted: 2014-03-02T18:59:29Z
Do they want a heart? I am ready to give ROFL
aur itni mehanath karke dubai se aaya hai rajat ...priya tho itna gussey se kaha ki wapas jaayiye...mujhe hi bura laga poor rajathUnhappy

we are supposed to assume as father-daughter love... LOL

won't have shortage of makeup supply if I go with him
omg how you guys get these kind of thoughts ROFL

lives happily ever after ...wowClapClapClap

you are awesome yaar what a humorous thought and I loved suhaanis end and KHUSH too good ab bahuth hogaya acting skills ab ajaavo original meiLOLLOL
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Posted: 2014-03-02T21:11:02Z
hahahhahahahahahha oh my god hahahahahahahahah  LOL
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Posted: 2014-03-02T22:56:55Z
Thank you everyone who have read, liked and commented.. You guys made my day..
I was a little apprehensive about posting the OS as I have taken some digs at few of the characters.. 

It is just a fun post.. No offence meant to any actor.. 

And thanks to a special group of friends who inspired me to write this.. 
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