OS: The dance.

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Heya! So I couldn't stop myself from writing an OS after seeing the latest SBS clip.


Hope you enjoy it!


OS: The dance

He couldn't get away from her. She had now pulled him to the centre stage and was twirling herself around him and he had now reached the heights of irritation. He quickly moved away from her as his eyes scanned the rooms up stairs, looking at the two people who were staring at his room. This was the second time he had seen them around his room and he wondered why they hadn't moved from there. They looked like some random guests that must have been invited for the festivities. He noticed they were deep in conversation as they looked away from the dancing that was happening out here. A pang of suspicion fled through him as he decided to keep an eye on them. He was just about to walk in their direction when he felt her arm on his, she had now moved in full view of him, dancing along to the ridiculous song that were being played in the background. Why didn't she just leave him alone?


He looked around the room and all the guests were busy dancing and conversing with one another. He needed an escape from this woman as he could feel his impatience increasing. She now was standing in front of him, swaying a long to the music.  Giving her a scowl his eyes moved up to the two men. They weren't there anymore. Where had they gone? He scanned the room once again, trying to find them yet they were not anywhere. A flicker of restlessness went through him as he quickly looked around the room once more. Without even thinking he headed in the direction of his room but just as he was about to get away, she twirled herself in front of him.


Agitation spread though him as he attempted to get away from her but she had blocked his way. He stood still as he watched her dancing away at the music and she was now twirling herself in front of him. Suddenly, he felt her body crash into his and instinctively he caught her. He saw the delight on her face as she clung to him but he was distracted by the sudden noise he heard upstairs.




Swiftly pushing Laila aside he hurriedly ran through the crowds and hastily up the stairs. 

Without even thinking, he opened the door and his heart stopped.


There she was picking up the tray that had fallen on the floor, a vision in green. Her eyes meshed with his as he saw the innocence of her eyes. She abruptly stood up and as he stared at her, he couldn't look away. Her hair was cascaded to one side, the tinkling of the light dancing across her hair. She was wearing green today and had her arms adorned with bangles that covered her smooth skin. Her face was lightly touched with makeup and so every single feature was enhanced.


They stood there staring at one another.


Their eyes doing a dance of their own. 


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Posted: 2014-03-02T08:53:16Z
First of all I am so happy that u are back with an OS
Secondly it's a lovely scene u wrote, hope to see this in the upcoming episode...
What's the point of Paro looking so ethereal if Rudra does not get to see her and gets in a trance by her beauty ;)
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Posted: 2014-03-02T08:59:01Z
Originally posted by NicklausBarbie

First of all I am so happy that u are back with an OS
Secondly it's a lovely scene u wrote, hope to see this in the upcoming episode...
What's the point of Paro looking so ethereal if Rudra does not get to see her and gets in a trance by her beauty ;)

Aw thank you so much!
Glad you enjoyed it !
I know right, Rudra needs to see her, I swear Cv's better make sure he at least has a glance at Paro looking this beautiful LOL
Thank you, 
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Posted: 2014-03-02T08:59:53Z
wow awesome beautiful os
loved it
glad that on ur OS Rudra came n see Paro n how beautiful ethereal she is looking
hope in the Show they will show something like this 
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Posted: 2014-03-02T09:01:08Z
parud are 
well done

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Posted: 2014-03-02T09:04:00Z
Awesome OS .
Loved it
I wish I could write like u.
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Posted: 2014-03-02T09:24:46Z
great outstanding EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed i love it  plz continue 
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Posted: 2014-03-02T09:58:59Z
Originally posted by anshusreeja

parud are 
well done


Aww thank you! Big smile
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