RaYa os: You make my heart skip a beat everytime you touch me ;)

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Though she was surrounded by many people, Priya felt lonely.She was missing Ram a lot & Since it was his birthday, she was missing him even more, she was remembering how she insisted last time that Ram searches for his birthday present & how Ram had asked her looking at the cufflinks' Yeh ABCD kya likha hua hai' ??Confused & she replying not ABCD only P&R coz they are always supposed to be togetherEmbarrassed & Ram teasing her ' P aur R ke beechmein Q bhi toh haiWink

Memories were making her nostalgic, so she decided that atleast today she will keep her ego aside & personally wish him on his birthday & leaves for KM, after 45min she reaches the gates of her Real house & looks around, she's relieved at not finding the security guard & steps inside the garden.
         Here, Ram too is missing Priya & is sad that none of his kids remember his birthday & sadly walks out of the mansion when he sees Priya walking in carefully trying not to attract anyone's attention, Ram immediately hides himself so that Priya doesn't see him, one look at what she's carrying in her hand & he feels so happy that Priya even though she's angry with him she has forgotten her anger & has come to wish him a happy birthdayEmbarrassedSmile

He decides to surprise her, tiptoes back into the mansion & brings the keys to his secret roomSmile, Priya has almost reached the door of the mansion when suddenly Ram grabs her into the room & closes the door.Priya is about to scream but when she sees that its Ram she's relieved
Priya: Aise koi karta hai kya Ram?Meri toh jaan hi nikal gayi thiOuchAngry

Ram: Ab tumhein pata chala ke itne mahinon mein meri jaan kaise nikal rahi thi tumhare bagairOuch

Priya: Accha??toh issliye aapne itne mahinon se mujhe contact karne ki koshish bhi nahin kiOuchcontact toh duur ki baat hai ek msg bhi nahin kiya aur toh aur jab main jaa rahi thi tabbhi aapne mujhe rokne ki koshish nahin kiCry
I missed you so muchEmbarrassed she glares at Ram in fake anger & starts hitting him on his chest while he calmly stood there, i've never met anyone so egoistic & so undeserving of me she shouts...but i just can't live without you, my life looses its meaning without you

Suddenly Ram smooches Priya EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Ram:Baapre Priya you just don't know when to quit yaar, mujhe bolne ka mauka hi nahin deti, accha sorry yaar galti hogayi mujhse maaf kardo, kaise chunta main tum dono mein se kisi ek ko?

Priya[still dazed at Ram's sudden gestureEmbarrassed] Accha theek hai maaf kiya, btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAMParty  & She gives him a peck on his cheek.
Ram takes himself to be forgiven & slowly starts nuzzling her back & neckEmbarrassed, Priya totally surrenders herself to Ram, her buried emotions ruling the roost ; Ram slowly lifts her & places her on the bed, he gently took her lips in his as she kissed him back with all her love, after a minute they part for breath & Ram goes down on her removes her blouse & takes her b****t in his mouth , Priya moans out RAM in ecstasy; all their issues lay forgotten as they made love.

Sometime later, when both were snuggling into each other Priya says Whatever happens, how many ever disagreements we have, promise me for the last time that you will not stay away from me, even if i insist you won't, please Ram i'll die without you

Ram says shhh!! I promise Priya we'll sort our differences by listening to each others POV & also by never letting our egos rule us, yes says Priya & gives Ram a small peck on his forehead
         Looking around properly she asks where are we? Ram says In my secret roomSmile, you know Priya when you were in coma this is where i always used to beEmbarrassed, you know no one knows about this room except me, now of course you know about it too, i had got this room constructed when the mansion was being built but never used it till you went into coma.

I've been meaning to ask you this from quite some time, even after so many years of marriage i wonder why  you react like it was our first time asks Ram with slight smirk
OhEmbarrassedblushes Priya " didn't i tell you before"??

"You make my heart skip a beat everytime you touch me "Smile 
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lovely OS partner loved it Thumbs Up
Partner mene 1st reply kiya Tongue Edited by ArsyRam - 2014-03-01T21:06:57Z
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Originally posted by ArsyRam

lovely OS partner loved it Thumbs Up
Partner mene 1st reply kiya Tongue
thanks partner, btw how are you?
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Originally posted by zeenathsheikh8

Originally posted by ArsyRam

lovely OS partner loved it Thumbs Up
Partner mene 1st reply kiya Tongue
thanks partner, btw how are you?
I'm gud n u?
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Superb . 
U should write more 
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wow its awesome...
zeenath do write more
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So beautiful! Very RaYalicious! Wish we could get anything close to this in the actual serialWink  enjoyed it a lot Clap
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AwEsOmE!!Wink Embarrassed Clap
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