Ye Hai Mohabbatein Written Update - 1st March 2014

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Posted: 2014-03-01T11:34:50Z

Episode starts Ishita asking Raman why he went there and lectures him about how family would react and so would Ruhi when they get to know he went to jail as Shagun was to call Police.. Ishita gives him album of his with Shagun and says she doesnt have any issues with her but his problem is that he still loves Shagun and so is hating Ruhi.. She tells him that his biggest failure is his hatred and leaves.. Raman throws the album.. 

Next morning, amma, appa buy vegetables and also promote satyamev Jayate.. Mrs Bhalla is feeding Ruhi when Ishita asks her to let Ruhi eat herself for she isnt at school as well but Mrs Bhalla taunts her.. Simmi asks for a lock when Mrs Bhalla asks her to first have Breakfast.. Ruhi doesnt want to go to school as Muthu is unwell.. Ishita asks her to go to school as its not good to bunk but Mrs Bhalla supports Ruhi and so does Simmi citing Raman as an example to being a big businessman..

Amma and appa are happy when Bala informs them about Shravan getting admission to bigger school and think of talking to Ishita for admitting Ruhi there.. ishita gives Raman coffee which he doesnt want.. She asks him to have it.. Raman tastes it and tells himself that coffee is more bitter than her.. ruhi asks Raman to come with her and Muthu but Raman leaves saying he's got work.. Another dog comes barking towards Ruhi and Muthu and Ruhi runs all scared.. She falls and cries calling papa.. Raman runs while ishita also comes down after seeing from balcony.. 

Ruhi is rushed to hospital and admitted.. Mr Bhalla, Romi and Mrs Bhalla also come.. Mrs bhalla is on wheel chair as she's sprained her leg.. Doc tells about needing blood and Mrs Bhalla asks to take her's but doc says only parents can give.. ishu asks about blood group and is informed its B+ve.. Ishu says he's is B-ve and asks Raman to check his but he refuses as he's scared the truth might be out of Ruhi not being his daughter..

Everyone is shocked while Raman excuses that he is not well so cant give.. Ishita tries forcing him but he leaves screaming he wont and to call Shagun.. Raman is thinking what will happen if their blood group doesnt match.. Ishita calls Shagun informing about Ruhi's condition and asks her to come to hospital soon.. Shagun agrees to come while Ashok is happy for his blood group is also B+ve and thinks how much fun he's gonna have..

Raman is trying to arrange blood from Blood bank when Ishita comes and lectures him again on not to act about caring for Ruhi and that he's running away more and more from her when he's getting chances to come close to her.. Raman asks her to leave.. Amma, Appa and Mihika come to see Ruhi when Mrs Bhalla blames Amma for she's gave Muthu to Ruhi.. Ashok and Shagun arrive and Shagun says she's not allowed to give blood.. Ashok says he will for his blood group matches and taunts Raman..

Raman says he cant when Ishita asks him to get a test done to know what problem he has.. Ashok again taunts him saying he can understand what Raman is going through and says he will give blood.. Ashok says that he knew Ruhi is in his fate while Raman gives him an angry look.. Ishita feels something odd..

Ruhi is out of danger. Mrs. Bhalla thanks the doctor. Ashok says I m Ruhi's father. Everyone are shocked.


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@all: welcome
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Posted: 2014-03-02T04:01:06Z
thnx 4 the wu.
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Posted: 2014-03-02T07:42:44Z
Thanks for the update...
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Posted: 2014-03-02T14:56:25Z
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