RaYa OS: Meant To Be Together Forever!!!

Posted: 2014-02-28T03:11:53Z

Hey guys,
Back to writing after ages yaa.. Last wrote something for this forum in August or September 2013.. Almost 5 months later, here i am.. Back with another OS on RaYa..
Wasn't regular to the show in the last couple of months.. But had the time last week.. Chal kya raha hai with so much body doubles? Anyways, all i need is a story with Ram and Priya together.. So just let my imagination take over ..
Hope u like this one..

It was late evening by the time the promotion event finished.. Vidya's words kept ringing in Priya's ears..
"Priya don't do this"
"He has accepted the fact that you belong together"
"He has his eyes only for you"
She walked absent mindedly to her room... Their room till morning when Ram decided to move out after their fight..
She sat on the couch thinking of Ram and his stupid antics to trouble her since he took over the company she worked at..
A small faint smile appeared on her lips.. She was loving the fact that Ram was always around her and they could spend at least some time together.. Though they kept fighting,both knew it was just to hide the love they had for each other.. It was just a blanket they pulled to hide their real feelings.. She knew Ram was hers and she was his..
Suddenly, the landline in the room started ringing getting Priya out of her tracne.. She walked dazed to the table and picked up the handset..
Ram was at the other end calling from his room..
After the promotion and the misunderstanding with the Paranthas,Rams ego was hurt.. He was angry that Priya could do this to him.. She gave away his share of the Paranthas.. The paranthas she made for him.. She knew it was his favourite.. He wouldn't forgive her for that.. He decided to use work to trouble her..
Ram: Hi, woh mujhe kuch kaam tha..
Priya: Haan boliye Mr.Kapoor
R: I want you to type a letter out for me in the next 20 minutes. And i want the presentation ready for the meeting in the next one hour. You get that..
P: Yes sir..
R: Letter ka matter Mai dictate karunga. Write it down quick.. Mere pass time nahi hai
Saying this, he started dictating the matter.. Priya, who neither had a pen nor a paper decided to take it down on her cell.. However, Ram was too fast and Priya couldn't match his speed..
P: Mr.Kapoor ek minute
R: Kya hai?
P: nahi wo.. I don't have a pen or paper here and i cant type so fast. Ek minute hold kijiye Mai paper pen le aati hu..
R: Mere pass itna time nahi hai
P:Sir hume meeting sath me attend karna hai.. Toh behtar hoga k hum milkar kaam kare.. Yaa toh aap idhar aa jaiye yaa Mai aapke room me aa jati hu..
R: Koi zarurat nahi hai.. Waise bhi tumge mera chehra dekhna pasand nahi hai na.. Hum phone par hi thik hai..
Priya had a small smile on her lips and she decided to play along..
P: Haan pasand nahi hai.. Itna sadu akdu boss kisko pasand ayega.. Par ab majburi hai.. Kaam jo sath me karna hai.. Mai aa rahi hu udhar..
And she put down the phone without waiting for Ram to respond.. Picking up her laptop and necessary things, Priya walked towards Ram's room..
As Ram opened the door, she saw his red face full of anger..
Priya tu toh gayi, she thought.. Chalo kaam pe lagte hai iss se pehle ki boss gusse se phat jaye..
She went straight to the table and switched on her laptop..
P: sir, im ready.. Continue kare..
Ram came back and took his seat opposite her.. They started working on their meeting.. Looking at Priya work made all his anger vanish in a matter of minutes.. He loved watching every expression of hers.. Gosh.. She is beautiful,he thought..
He kept stealing glances at her.. The way she chewed her lower lip, the way she raised her eyebrows, the creases on her forehead, her eyes, her every move made his heart skip a beat.. He loved her and the only purpose of getting Priya to Delhi was so that he could spend some alone time with her.. But that was the only thing not happening..
He looked up to see her eyebrows knotted in confusion..
R: Kya Hua Priya? Koi problem?
P:Huh?? nahi nahi Mr.Kapoor.. Just this presentation..
R: Ek minute.. I'll check..
Ram got up from his chair and went and stood behind Priya.. He slowly bent down getting his face close to hers,still staring at the screen as if he was tring to understand the issue..
Priya's breath hitched finding Ram so close to her.. He still had the same effect on her that he did when they confessed their love.. She was lost in the fragrance she so missed in the last few months.. The fragrance of Ram and his favorite cologne put together...
Ram slowly took his hand forward and placed it on her hand over the mouse.. She felt shivers run down her spine at his touch.. The touch she wanted to feel each day and each night in the last four months.. She was slowly losing herself to  Ram when he pulled back and stood straight..
R: There.. Its done...
Since the time he stood behind her,Ram was watching all her moves intently through the corner of his eyes.. He smiled at himself when he saw the way Priya reacted to his proximity.. He came back to sit with a smile playing on his lips.. He loved the fact that after so many years of marriage and months of staying apart also, Priya still grew vulnerable when he was close to her.. He was lost in his thoughts when Priya spoke out..
P: Mr.Kapoor, the presentation is almost done.. Mai jaakar fresh hokar aati hu.. Aap bhi fresh ho jaiye.. Phir continue karte hai..
Ram just gave a small nod..
Priya ran to her room blushing at the happenings in Rams room.. How could she react such.. What would Ram think.. And that thought made her blush harder..
She walked to the refrigerator and pulled out the box of parathas.. The ones she had made with soo much love for her Ram.. She called the waiter and gave him the box asking him to heat if up and serve in Mr.Kapoor's room.. She then took a towel and went to the washroom to freshen up..
Priya came back to his room in a red saree, the colour he loved to see her in.. She was looking absolutely stunning in the simple cotton red saree, light makeup, and the jhumkas.. The ones that Ram gifted her.. The ones that se was the most possessive about.. Rams mouth remained open on looking at her..
During the time she was away, Ram had also freshened up and changed into his usual white kurta pyjama..
P: Mr.Kapoor, maine dinner order kar dia hai.. Bas aata hi hoga..
R: Okay..
That reminded him of the paranthas and he sat on the bed with a swollen face.. Priya smiled at him and was about to say something when someone knocked at the door. Priya opened it and got the dinner set on the dining table.. Ram was still sitting and sulking.. The waiter left and Priya called Ram to have his dinner..
R: mujhe bhook nahi hai..
P: Are.. The Ram Kapoor is saying bhook nahi hai.. Aise kaise...
R: Bas keh diya na nahi hai..
Priya smiled and took the plate of parantha in her hand with the dahi.. She went and sat next to Ram on the bed.. He turned showing his back to Priya without even look at what was there in his hand..
P: Soch lijiye Mr.Kapoor.. Last time bhi aap ne mana kia tha aur pachtaye the ke mere hath ke paranthe miss ho gaye..  Iss baar bhi kahin mauka na nikal jaye mere hath ke paranthe khane ka..
Rams face immediately brightened listening to that.. He instantly turned around to see her holding out a bite to him.. She nodded her head a bit as if asking him to have it.. She had a faint smile and tears threatened to fall down from her eyes..
He held her wrist and guided her hand to his mouth, his eyes not leaving hers even for a second..
Drops of tears rolled down her cheeks.. She tore another piece of the parantha and held it out to him.. This time Ram guided her hand to her mouth as if asking her to have a  bite..  Tears were running down his face too.. He then took the plate from her hand and kept it on the nearby table..
Cupping her face, he wiped off her tears.. She too feebly raised her hand and wiped off his tears.. He stood up and made her stand up too.. That was it for Priya.. She just couldn't take it anymore.. She let out all her feeling, all her love and hugged Ram with all her might.. Ram smiled and wrapped himself around her and let her cry out..
P: I love you.. I really love you Mr.Kapoor... Boht miss Kia Maine aapko.. Aap ko hug karne ke lie kitna taras gayi thi.. Pata hai, office me jab bhi aap gussa karte the, mujhe apna wo promise yaad aa jata tha and mann karta tha ke aake aapko hug karlu.. Aap ke dil ki dhadkane sun ne ke lie bekarar thi mai.. I love u Ram.. Kahin baar socha ke Priya.. Aisi baat pe koi ghar chod ke chala jata hai kya.. Wahan sab apne lie jeete hai.. Ram ke lie sirf tu hai aur tere lie ram.. Tere nikal Jane se Ram akele pad gaye honge.. Im sorry Ram..
Priya freed herself from the hug and looked at his face.. Hurt and pain clearly evident..priya continued.,
P: Par aap ne bhi toh roka nahi na mujhe.. In fact.. Apne se door kar dia mujhe.. Ek baar toh bol ke dekhte ke rukh jao Priya.. Mat jao.. mai wahin rukh jati Mr.Kapoor.. Ek second bhi nahi sochti.. Waise hi mudke aa jati aapke paas.. Jo bhi problem tha hum sathme baithke solve kar lete..
It was Rams turn to breakdown now.. He pulled her back into his embrace and cried like a child on her shoulder..
R: Im sorry Priya.. Im sorry.. I know mai duffer hu.. Idiot hu jo jane dia tumhe.. Im sorry Priya.. I love you.. I love you.. I love you!!
Both stayed in each others arms for a while.. Ram then made Priya sit on the bed and kneeled down in front of her.. She picked up the plate of paranthas from the table and they finished dinner feeding each other..
Going back to work, they finished their presentation in sometime..
Priya was sitting on the bed and Ram laid down with his head on Priya's lap.. The lights were turned off and only a faint light came from the night lamp in the corner of the room.. She was caressing his hair.. Ram turned pressing his head into Priya's tummy and wrapped his hands tight around her waist.. They sat likewise for quite sometime, enjoying the bliss of being close to one another, being together after so long..
R: Priya.. Mujhe toh laga tum ne paranthe saare Vidya ko de die..
P: Aise kaise saare de deti.. Maine itni mehnat se apne boss ke lie banaye the.. Unko bas taste karne k lie dia Tha.. Unko ghar ka khana khane ka mann Tha isiliye.. Baki saare toh mai apne sadu boss ke lie layi thi.. Taaki paranthe kha ke wo mujhse kam kaam karvaye..
R: Accha... Waise.. Boss ko toh maska naar liya.. But Pati ka kya.. Usse iss bare me pata chalega toh??
P: Unko kaise pata chalega.. Wo honge kahin apni mallika ke sath.. Waise bhi mujhe mere boss boht pasand hai.. Boht golu molu aur cute hai..
R: Accha ji.. Boss pasand hai.. Pati ka kya..
He sat up with a swollen face..
Priya went to sit facing him and pulled his cheeks..
P: Boss toh sirf cute hai mera.. Mere pati cute ke sath sath handsome loving aur caring bhi hai..
Ram still acted like he was angry..
P: Boss toh mujhe pasand hai as a senior.. I respect him.. Lekin mai apne pati se Boht  boht boht zyada pyar karti hu.. I cant live without him..
Rams face broke out into a big smile.. Him and Priya were one now.. They were one at heart all the time.. Now, they were together as well.. They were back to being the strongest team they always were.. Both Ram and Priya slept holding on to each other that night.. They had a long day tomorrow.. After the meeting, they decided to rush back to Mumbai and announce to everyone that they were back together.. They knew their families would be happy, but they had a lot of issues to sort out.. Today, however, nothing really mattered.. No problem could be so big , nothing could be invincible when Priya & Ram Kapoor are in it together.. Am i right or am i right ??

That's it from my end guys.. Hope u all liked it.. Do leave your comments..

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Posted: 2014-02-28T03:22:03Z
me first...sabse pehle to welcome  back...bhala darshan to hue...baki padne ke bad bolungi...so b ready to hear me...
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Posted: 2014-02-28T03:24:08Z
Originally posted by veena23

me first...sabse pehle to welcome  back...bhala darshan to hue...baki padne ke bad bolungi...so b ready to hear me...
hey veenu di.. Thanks :)
waiting waiting for ua comments...
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Posted: 2014-02-28T03:26:52Z

Hii priya..aftr a long time u r here in IF
This was a fab os...
loved it to bits...
perfect ending...do write more
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Posted: 2014-02-28T03:33:50Z
Originally posted by 123fiza

Hii priya..aftr a long time u r here in IF
This was a fab os...
loved it to bits...
perfect ending...do write more
yea.. Was busy with offive and studies.. On exam leave now.. Toh break le lia os likh ke..
so happy u liked it..
will try and write more..
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Posted: 2014-02-28T03:41:58Z
super os...!!!!
hope smthng like this hppns in the serial do...!!!!

keep writing...!!! Smile
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Posted: 2014-02-28T03:45:41Z
Originally posted by chillpc

super os...!!!!
hope smthng like this hppns in the serial do...!!!!

keep writing...!!! Smile
yaa.. I soo wish this happens too...
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Posted: 2014-02-28T04:09:18Z
hahaha...superlyke...are itne sare parathe the...vidya waise bhi kaun sa pura khane wali thi...aur kha bhi leti to pachte kahan???..rambabu ki nazar jo padh chuki thi unpar...
agar same frame me hote to m defently m ye scene serial me expect  karti...but...abhi to yhi se kam chalana padega...

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