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There was that run from another lifetime, when a happy Paro had run alongside the breeze at it had taken her to his doorstep, seeking his divine blessings and there was this run egged on by a transient flicker of light away from the nightmare that had taken her prisoner and stripped away her smiles.  And so Paro ran without thinking twice...at the first sight of that shining light, away from the Jallad, his captivity and the demons of his past towards that glimmer of hope that had flittered away before she could even aim to grasp it. She knew, it was only a matter of time before she would find her safe haven. What she had not accounted for was getting ambushed along the way. 

"Who are these men!?" she hid behind the ajar door and peeked through the gaping holes through its twisted timber, her eyes taking in the entire expanse of the narrow alley way, she knew the men were right behind her and duly felt like she was sitting on a ticking time bomb as she waited anxiously behind that flimsy door hoping against hope that the men had not followed her there. 

It was like Rudra had not only invaded her life but her thoughts too because it only took that split second where she didn't feel in mortal danger for her thoughts to filter back to him, "was he telling me the truth?" in the wake of this new development, she found it hard to ignore the gnawing realization at the back of her mind, "What if?" 

But before she could ponder too long her attention was diverted back to the narrow alley, one of many she had run through after escaping the confines of the Ranawat haveli, through the gates and into the heart of the old city. Alerted to the commotion outside, she went stiff instantly, the men were back! And she could tell from the hustle of the leaves outside as they stepped on it, or their tired rants as they ran past the door she had tucked herself behind that they were close, very close indeed and not that pleased either. A flimsy door barely able to stand she knew, would not hold fort for too long. Her eyes kept on following the shadows as they ran past her even as her mind registered those the ominous voices, "she couldn't have gone too far ahead..."

"Look carefully, she has to be here somewhere..."

Paro clutched the rudrakshya bracelet tightly praying to her Neelkanth to save the day, despite her situation and suffering, her faith was intact. But when she closed her eyes, all she could see was that of Rudra those pensive eyes that had held her own, longer than she had hoped for before he had acquiesced to her request. Her excuse to tend to her Lehenga, had been met with a doubtful glare. But that was all she could think of in the heat of the moment; it was all that stood between her and freedom. But why didn't any of this feel like freedom then? Why was her heart still thundering like it would explode any moment? She had no clue.

Well, she didn't have too long to ponder about it either because before she could think of an answer, the door flung open and she had to restrain herself not to make a sound as the creaking door swung back and stopped perilously close to her. Two ominous shadows fell by her feet as the men looked around the room with their backs to her. Luckily she was still encased in darkness thanks to the dark room and the tiny excuse of a window at the opposite end of where she stood.

Paro kept still, hoping and praying that the men wouldn't turn around, there really was nothing separating them.

"Paro is not here" it was the name that startled her and she opened her eyes instantly in disbelief, only a few called her that. It was at this moment, she recognized those men, or more specifically, their attire, they were from Birpur! And without a second thought, she answered their call, "I'm here" ever so grateful that Neelkanth had answered her prayers, these men were looking for her - she realized not to harm her but to take her home. Relief washed over her like it hadn't in days as she quietly made her way out of the shadows and walked towards the three men who now stood stunned as they stared at her in their own brand of disbelief.

"Please take me home" she said before collapsing on to floor. 


Emotions flooded her mind even as she sat motionless alongside the devil himself,feeling much like the prey being readied for the final kill. She had given up all hopes until she had seen a glimpse of that light, something she was pretty sure she wasn't meant to see through the heavily embroidered material of her ghunghat, Thakurein! Who despite her valiant attempts to veil herself had failed to hide herself from Paro's gaze. It felt like divine providence, like an elixir had been handed down to a dying person and Paro  wasted no time in seizing the moment.

 And thats how, after days of captivity, Paro had fled from him and his hold. She did not know what it meant, but knew she had to run. It was now or never! Except the running never ceased... and she found herself running, though the narrow deserted ways, the uneven surface barefoot, her shoes long discarded before the ceremony, she hadn't given thought to go back for them, not when her life was at stake. But increasingly, as she wandered around, she found her hopes draining fast, the Thakurein was no where to be seen! And the running did not cease...


"Paro baisa" it was a familiar voice that roused her from her sleep. She opened her eyes wearily and felt herself relax as that familiar face came into full view, ThakurSa had come to her rescue.

Part 2

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v nice !! waiting for the second part !
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Posted: 2014-02-26T00:49:05Z
Very very interesting ...eagerly awaiting the second part. Smile
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Well written. Loved reading it. 
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Good to see you here.

So she has run away and landed herself right in trouble.
Looking forward to read how you take it ahead.
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Posted: 2014-02-26T03:33:29Z
Omggg..i thot dey wer rudra men to her rescue but she has digged her own grave
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Originally posted by Bharati27


Thank you Bharati Embarrassed
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