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Rey was waiting at airport for someone...he still cant believe that he is going to be a guarding of a 17 year old girl..he is going to be her baby sitter...now rey is her legel guardian all because of his grandmother

His grandmother was a guarding of a girl..the girl lived with her in delhi and now after his grandmother death the girl is Reys responsibity..thats what his grandmother want before her death that rey will take care of girl

Rey : "damn nobody can believe that reyaansh singhania CEO of Singhania industries is now a baby sitter...kahan fasa diya dadima ne"

Rey was not happy with this decision but he cant even said no to her dadis last wish..so he agreed to take girls responaiblity

Finally his wait is over..for whom he is waiting finally arrived

When rey look at her he couldnt stop himself from looking at her admiringly...she is coming toward him...a teddy bear in her hand..clutching it tightly...some people stare at the divine beauty infront of them

Rey found her very innocemt cute and beautiful...he can see the little fear in her eyes...she is getting concious of stares she is getting from people around her.

Rey too look around and notice people staring at her...he didnt like this...he walk close to her and seeing him beside her the girl take sigh of relief...she knows him..had seen his many interviews and listen lots of things about him from his grandmother her orignal guardian

Rey : "lets go home"
Rey grab her hand...indicating people around him that she is his..he himself dont know why he is being possessive for her...and seeing Reyaansh singhania with girl people moved their eyes from her as they knows that rey can do anything if someone keep eye on something which belong to him ..nobody can escape from his world famous anger

Taani nervously smiled at him..rey notice her features her big big innocent eyes , her cheeks , her pink supple lips...he was looking at her intensly
Rey : "so whats your name"
He asked her while walking toward car.

Girl : Taani
She answered him..

"taani...beautiful name just like her" rey thought to himself

They sat in car and drove away to home..in whole journey taani was holding her teddy very close to her

Rey : "taani tum isse backseat par rakh sakti ho"
He actually didnt like it someone close to her.. in actual sense he is feeling jealous of a teddy bear

Taani : "he is my sweetu..mein isse hamesha apne saath hi rakhti hu"

Taani answered him like a innocent child...taani was staring outside the window..admiring the city and on the other hand rey was admiring her..she is like a magnet which is pulling him toward her

The reyansh singhania is attracted to a girl first time in a life and that to a seventeen year old girl but what he can do he is not able to control himself from looking at her 

Rey look at her face which is showing her innocence , her cuteness  

"she is cute" rey thought looking at her from corner of his eyes still driving...taani was so busy in admiring the city that she didnt notice his intense gaze on her

After few minutes they reached Singhania mansion
Rey ordered his servents to kept her lugguage in room next to him

Taani look around...now this is her new house

Taani : mein yaha rahungi ?

Taani asked him in excited tone..her eyes shows the spark of excitment

Rey : ha...now go to your room get fresh n up then we will talk

Taani nodded in agreement...one of the servent lead her to her room


Rey fall on his bed..he close his eyes to relaxe his mind..to come out of her thoughts...but no use her face keep coming infront of him

"damn!! Sirf do ghante uske saath bitaane par yeh haal hai...toh uske saath ek hi ghar mein rahene par kya hoga " Rey thought to himself...he is getting dengerously attracted to her.

PS : 18+ story read at your own risk
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Character Sketch

Reyaansh Singhania -24 year old india's biggest business tycoon . A ruthles arrogant devil who never cared for anyone's feeling. nobody dare to voice against him if anyone does he knows how to destroy him/her . after his grandmother death legel gaurdian of taani.

Taani Shekhawat - 17 year old very innocent and naive sweet caring girl . Her parents died in a car accident when she was only 5 but rey's grandmother took her to her house and became her guardian.taani love her very much.now she is coming mumbai to stay with rey as he is her guardian after grand mother's death.

Swayum Kapoor - 24 year old . Rey's best friend onlye he can control rey's anger. Married to sharon.

Sharon Kapoor - 23 year old . Rey's best friend . married to swayum

Shivam Ghai  - 25 year old . Rey's enemy...wants to destroy him

Kriya Ghai - 24 year old . Shivam's sister

more characters will introduce later as story progress 
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Yipeee am first *dancing* lol

Wow ... new FF on TaaRey
that too 18+ *blushing* ;)

Awesome Prologue

Rey Taani's baby sitter *LOL*
I loved that idea ;)
Both in same house ;) *dirty mind* ROFL ROFL

Rey jealous of Teddy bear ROFL ROFL ROFL

Continue soonish

Thanks for PM Hug
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Posted: 2014-02-25T23:19:03Z
lovely start dear :) 
the story concept nd prologue seems immencely interesting..
continue soon :) 
wud w8 for ur lovely updates :))
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Posted: 2014-02-25T23:19:46Z

amazing start...

nice cs too...

loved the possessive rey...

taani is too innocent...

i liked get sweetu moreLOL

update soon...
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Posted: 2014-02-25T23:23:23Z
Good start
cant wait to carry on reading
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Posted: 2014-02-25T23:24:12Z
Yaar aapke already i dont know 4-5 FFs chalu hai...
Aapko itna time kaha se milta hai????
I never understand why is the the name of ur FF is so different from the plot????
Anyways nice start...
Looking forward to it...
Update soon..!!
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