OS: Bedazzled

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Rudra singed his flesh into the burning wax. The hot wax, and wavering flames fanned the anger blustering inside him. He wanted to choke the lithe and delicate neck of the impertinent girl, who refused to sign those papers and grant him his deliverance. 

"What is bothering you, my love?" 
Laila sauntered into the bedroom, her dupatta askance and her skirt pulled dangerously low. On any other day, this blatant invitation would have been enough to pull Rudra into the cozy comfort of Laila's bed. But not day. Today, his thoughts were a distant jangled mess, trying to sort through the unending puzzle Paro had turned out to be.

"I will make her repent for this. Who does she think she is?" 

"Look, banna. She is a nobody. You have this waitint for you, right here." she pointed to her sinewy waist and winked, " do you really need anything else?"

Rudra saw the lust in her eyes and immediately knew what he had to do. He exited Laila's in a hurry, not willing to waste a minute to execute his newly minted plan.

He walked around the haveli trying to locate Paro. She was standing with his family, engaged in some small talk about blue butterflies. He watched her with rising anger. How could she be so casual when everything he had worked hard for rested on one signature from her? He had to scare the girl witless or he had every thing to lose. 

He watched her head to his room with a cup of tea. He quickly referred the guidebook he had purchased on the way to the haveli -
 "101 Tips to Bedazzle a Girl and Get her to Sign any Paper

Confident of his new mastery, he leaned on the wall behind the door. He checked out his angle and made sure he looked smoldering sexy as he waited for her. She entered the room, swaying her sexy hips and Rudra's eyes danced to their beat. His breath quickened as he waited for her to set the tea cup on the table. Before he knew what he was doing, his body involuntarily surged forward, out of its hiding, and pounced the girl.

Shit shit shit

He cursed himself for forgetting to pace himself. He remembered the tips in the book.
Tip 1. don't be over eager. pace yourself like a black panther circling its kill

Tip 2. Confuse her brain signals by rendering her arms helpless

He grabbed her wrists and pinned them behind her. The force suddenly thrust her ample bosom into his chest. He got baffled, because the book did not say anything about this part. He watched her face, all dewy innocence and silken smoothness with no peach fuzz. He forgot what he was supposed to do next. 

"What the hell are you doing?" 

Paro's angry words broke his reverie. He cleared his throat and remembered Tip 3

Tip 3: Overwhelm her with your oozing sexiness.

"Ahem, look me in the eye. you are feeling sleepy. you find me very sexy."
"What nonsense?"

Rudra had already forgotten his lines. The tea spot on her luscious cheek was screaming for attention. He wanted to lick it and feel the smoothness of her skin. She squirmed in his arms and he remembered he was the one who was supposed to confuse her brain signals, not the other way around. He knew his body was doing somersaults of the kind it usually did with Laila. 
O God, this was not happening. 

He leaned forward and pulled her closer. By then Paro, who had lost her patience, shouted.
"Alright, alright, enough for now. Save some for after marriage."

The implication of those words landed on Rudra's head like a ton of bricks. He could not take any pleasure in life, it was against everything he had learned. Yet, he came to the bleak realization that in order to destroy her he would have to thoroughly enjoy himself first. 

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Right back after my thanda paani
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I have learnt a lot from your OS.  It has explained a great deal about the tea splash scene--though I am surprised he didn't recognize Paro's gently thrusting boobs, since he has another great, hardly used, bra-free pair kept aside on an 8-Year Lease plan.

Clearly Rudra Banna has suffered some learning and brain issues from that bang on the head he got when he was 12. He cannot, as per your story, either read, retain information or execute just-read material. He is also under the impression that he is a magician. It does not bode well for when he hits the Thakur with a stick and orders him to turn into a rabbit in episode 230, Actually, thank you for your work--I am no longer surprised he doesn't use search warrants--probably cant read whats written in one.

No wonder Dilsher is worried about the boy's future career prospects if he cant just go on murdering Rajasthanis for a living. Cant Rudra get his hands on the always useful "The Idiot's Guide to Seducing Your Prisoner Into Signing Documents That Makes Her a Terrorst And Liable For Capital Punishment?" 

Amazon does deliver to Indian Border Towns with Questionable Turbanned Men But Excellent Operating Bus Lines, yes?

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O God, this was not happening. 
He could not take any pleasure in life, no way, it was against everything he had learned. 

banna sa should really go back to his book of witness confessionLOL

what will be interesting is if paro is actually the right hand of takur sa and she is on a mission to get the most efficient officer thrown out of bsd

pretty much in sink with what rudra believes , silly me 
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I love this. Its so hilarious. ROFL
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This is hilarious stuff, he has a book for dummies ROFL
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Posted: 2014-02-24T14:18:46Z
SJ, I swear I don't know ANYONE else who writes this combination of sensuous and hilarious. I alternate between giggling and fanning myself.
PLEASE to write more, TFS.
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Posted: 2014-02-24T14:39:17Z
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