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Hey guys! I am back with my OS madness again.I didn't write any for a while so felt like writing a new OS. Guys it's a Two-Shot. I'll update the second part by evening for now read part 1 and leave your likes and comments.

Guys thanks to Vinaya123's idea I will turn this OS into SS.

Part 1

"No Aunt! Marriage will take place within 4 days!" 

After Rudra had said that, the whole family decided to get Rudra and Paro married. Even Mohini had given up as what was point of all her detective work. At the end they are getting married and she knew well she can't stop this marriage after all Rudra was her nephew. He was much more stubborn then her. 

But the real intention of Rudra's was to scare Paro so that she agrees to sign the papers which proves that Tejawat's a smuggler and she was a witness to it. But oh well his plan was a big fail. But he still didn't give up. He made sure that she would suffer like he was suffering. He never wanted to marry her nor did she. "What made her stop from signing?" Rudra thought.

There Paro was in Sunheri's room. Sunheri was busy trying different ghagra-choli for her bhaisa and bhabhi-sa's wedding while Paro drowned in her deep thoughts. She was scared. Not scared of her marrying the "Jallad" but for her Mami-sa. Yes! The reason behind for marrying him was because her Mami-sa's life was at stake! 


It was Tuesday thus all the ladies of the mansion including Paro went to temple for special veneration while the men went to their respective works. 

During the veneration a masked man pulled away from the temple and took her away to some distance and said, "Paro bai-sa Thakur-sa wants to meet you." Paro's happiness knew no bounds. The thought of being free made her feel blissful. They reached and Paro sat inside Thakur's car and there she got to know his true face. Now Thakur himself told her the truth and also added," Look Bai-sa if you want your Mami-sa to be alive then don't sign the papers and marry that BSD officer." 

Thakur hit the bull's eye! Now when Rudra won't be able to present proof against him he will loose his job also Paro will be married off to him and then he won't have to think about her anymore.

*Flashback ends*

Now if she signs then she can save Rudra's job and her future also but if she doesn't then she will loose her beloved Mami-sa and she has to marry Rudra and be with him for the rest of her life.

What will she do now? Tell Rudra everything or she will stay mum and do whatever Thakur has asked her to do?

... to be continued in the next post (Part 2)
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Part 2 

2 days passed away and Paro was still thinking where as their wedding preparations were going on full swing. Now Rudra was pissed. He needed his answer right away. That's why he pulled out Paro from Sunehri's room and took him to his room. "Just sign these papers right now!" Rudra's anger exploded. Paro looked at him, helplessly. "No! Don't look at me like that. You yourself gave me the tag of being a "Jallad" right so now you won't even get sympathy from me!" Rudra said.

Paro was still in turmoil. Just one sign and she would be a free bird if not then caged for life! She knew Rudra was right in his place but she was scared to loose her Mami-sa. Rudra took the papers from the table and gave her, "Take this. Just sign and trust me I will let you free. Leave that I am ready to fulfill your conditions even!" He was trying to explain as for him his soldiers lives were much more important than any of her conditions.

Paro's head shot up hearing that. "Conditions!" She whispered. "Sure?" Paro asked. "Wow! The moment I say conditions will be fulfilled you voice magically comes back! Such greedy you women are! Fine then! What do you want?" Rudra transformed into the ruthless one within a flick moment! His words pricked in her heart for some reason but she had to consider it after all he wasn't saying anything wrong. She was being selfish but for her Mami-sa. 

"What do you want? How much money do you need?" Rudra screamed. "Just save my Mami-sa!" She begged. Tears flowed down her cheeks. Rudra was bewildered. "What?" Rudra's voice softened a little. "Yes please! I beg of you. Thakur-sa.. Th..I know everything! He.. he did all this., he" Paro broke down. Her words weren't making any sense but Rudra got it. "You." "Please...Save her! I will whatever you want. I am ready to do anything" Paro begged again. Paro folded her hands and instantly he held her hand. 

"I will sign. I promise you that I'll sign." Paro continued. "Don't worry nothing will happen to her." Rudra said. "No! Please.. you don't know he might. no no he will kill her for sure." Paro was out of control. She lost everything, her parents, her friends, her husband, her village and now she couldn't afford to loose her Mami-sa now.  "Rudra! please you are my only hope please." Paro said. Rudra stood their numb for a second. Hearing his name from her mouth sounded so much better.

"No trust me! Nothing will happen to your Mami-sa! I promise you!" Rudra said. Rudra went to make some calls. For the first time Paro felt like trusting him; wait she already trusts him! She knew that now nothing wouldn't happened to her Mami-sa now. 

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continue soon...waiting for the next  part
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Loved the concept. :) 
Something new and exciting, looking forward for full Update. 
Thanx for the pm. :) 
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Superb !
Continue Soon
And PM me 

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Update soon 
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Nice update mally waiting for the next part
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