Parud OS: "Rain Romance"

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                          *Chaye wala Love!!*

     The darkness was so profound...the noise of the rain clattering on the glass window of the car.Driving back from her Office party Paro lost her way due to dark in the city cause of rain..
Paro:"What the hell..Ek to mujhe shimla mein aaye hue kuch hi months hue hein..upar se yeh terhe merhe raastey..Kahan se jaana tha..Oh God..Meri flight miss hogae to Maa bohat naraz hogi..."
She was continuesly muttering while she had to reach airport asap. She could not see properly what was on the road due to the heavily poured down.Today was a special day and she had to get back soon.Some special guests had come from abroad nd this time no excuses..
 What a pathetic situation for her...! Lost in her helpless thoughts of him..and to find the way back she didn't even realize and <BAM> she hit a car.
Paro got scared..She was hell shock..Omg.. Without even thinking she ran out into the rain to apologize to the owner of the car.Yes she had to do so cause she also wanna know the way to airport by him. 
Paro" I'm realy very sorry'..He opened the window and Paro without even looking his face started apologizing to him.He got out of the car and gt drenched standing in the rain.He whispered her name Paro. She was shocked and she looked up to see his handsome face. It was her Rudra...who have just returned back from U.A.E today after establishing his buisness..
It had been whole year since he had left.
 Coming...!! Paro manage to brought the tray of tea cups..
Ofcourse it was wedding house so she has to take care of every guest..Because soon her Lovely cousin Sister was getting married.
She turned but was about to bump someone hard but luckily he held her hands nd ofcourse tray..His touch was so different but familiar to her..That froze her..They were lost in eachother..Her immense beauty always captured on everyone's heart so how he could escape from it.
 Paro came out from sorcery of his almondanic eyes when he blinked nd turned when someone called him..
Rudra looked at her again..nd unwillingly left the place.
Paro regained her senses,nd served tea to everyone in the hall.
Their eyes met again nd again continuesly while he was chating wd others nd she was serving..She passed by without serving him..
Rudra came behind following her to the kitchen..But Kumari blocked his way..Kuch chahie?
Paro's heart skipped a bit when she saw him there..
Rudra"Ek cup chaye..!"
Kumari served him the last cup remaining on the tray nd he left sipping nd giving Paro a smirk..
Paro was confused who was he?She had never seen him before..She tried to ask about him from everyone but all in vain..
 Green girl was ready,Her opened hairs was making her more adorable..Ofcourse it was her sis Bindi's Mehandi function..Doesnt matter if she was not agree for the proposal nd luckily Mohit choosed Bindi for him.
Kumari handed Paro camera and requested to capture ceremony's pictures.
  Mehandi get started of Bindi nd all girls were standing in circle around stage.. giggles nd laughters were echoing in the hall..Not even a single person was giving her way inside to capture the precious moments..Suddenly she saw an empty space..nd ya great panorama for her was ready beside cameraman..Couples were coming for doing rasam on the stage..And she was capturing every couple doing rasam.A couple sat on a stage taking a long time nd was even not taking a name to leave.
Paro angrily mumbled "What's wrong?Why they sticked there?
 Beyond even her imagination...The person was shooting Video for ceremony said Aloud "NEXT PLEASE"
 The couple left instantly nd other couple came for rasam..
Paro was still froze noticing closeness between them..She looked at him..Rudra turned while lifting his heavy VideoCamera nd asked polietly with his sexiest smile"Ab theek hai?"
 Paro looked at him in embarrasment..Their lips were inch aparted..Her heart started hammering inside her bossom,Countless knots in her stomach made her instantly lef the place..

 Paro was breathing so heavily.. None ever wins her heart but his little act impressed her..No doubt he is handsome,attractive too but it never matters to her..Why his every actions pinched her heart..She blushed..
Paro did the rasam..She took time but atlast threw a kind look to his camera..He thanked her when she left that made her lips stretched into a beautiful smile that stole his heart..So it was not a big deal for her smile to make him admire her beauty..
Kumari said wearing bangles."Didi bas kardo kitna tayaar hogi. . ?Kal tak to apko force krna par raha tha ke thora tayar hojao or aaj..!Shadi Bindi ki hai di..!
Paro throw an angry glare on her nd she slightly left..Its 3rd time Paro sprayed lavender around her neck..
   Her silky hairs were dancing on her shoulders..Her maang tika was making her more attractive nd jhumke was making her adorable..Her fitted choli was exposing her beautiful figure but was clearly showing that her heavy lehenga was loose nd hard for her to carry..
Frustrated Paro tried to manage with her lehenga behind stairs when he arrived nd cleared his throat..She instantly left her lehnga pretended to be normal..His presence made her Eyes twinkled..she gulped down her feelings for him nd tried to manage her heart beat that was racing inside.. but she knew it was clearly hearable for him.
Rudra"I'm sure u dont need help."
Paro shook her head nd was about to leave when ouch...!
Her lehnga got stuck in something nd slightly pulled down little by it..She got embarras now,how she'll be manage to go to her room in the presence of this much guests..
Rudra pulled her hand under stairs more inside..She felt weak on her knees..His touch,his auburn ocean of eyes always made her heart sank in it..He pulled out pin from her hairs nd bent down on his knees..She closed hr eyes when his gentle fingers touched her soft waist..he wrapped her lehnga in fawl style nd pined it on the place to settled..His hands shivered looking at her tightly closed fists which was informing her 'reaction' on his 'actions'...
After many attetmpts when it dznt get fixed Rudra used his teeth to fix the pin..
Omg..she moaned when his soft lips which were little moist creased her stomach unintentionally..
Rudra couldn't survive under his carving emotions for that gorgeous nd se** lady,He pressed his lips on her stomach.
Though lehenga was already fixed..She turned to left the place when he held her hand nd pulled her back,her back was colliding with his chest..He hanged her hair strands behind her ear which was messed by removing pin..
Rudra whispered in her hair"Ur looking so beautiful today..Any special reason?..."
She freed her hand nd escaped from there hiding her wide smile coming directly from her heart..
At phere times..His continues stare distracting her..
Paro signaled him to stop but he winked at her..
whenever she looked,found him looking at her..that made her more blush..
Bindi bid adiue by the house...all the family members including Paro were sad..
But she was more sad because she knew it that Rudra will leave soon as wedding functions has ended.
 Rudra came to the kitchen aware of Paro's presence there but found other grls too..
Paro looked at him..both had unknown sadness in their eyes..Without having any comitments between their hearts got exchange ..They didnt know..a girl  asked Rudra "Kuch chahie..?"
Rudra blinked"haan..Chaye milegi,Ek cup chaye..?"
Paro handed him cup of tea nd he left..
 Next morning Paro came out of her room.. it was like earth got slipped under her foot when he listened about his departure.
She reached her balcony nd ya found him about to sit in the car..Maricley he looked up to her sadly..
She could only tried to stop him by her hand but he had to  left. They both didnt come to know when they fell for eachother..Yes their emotions nd pain inside alarmed them "Yes,Its Love..!" 
Paro regreat herself for not talking to him once.."Najane wo kya kehne aaya tha..Kal kitchen mein mujhse milne aaya tha...?"
Paro started weeping "Kya mujhe tumse mohabbat hogai hai..Kya ek pal hi kafi tha..Meine to tumhein paaya bhi nahi..phir bhi aisa lagta hai jaise kho diya..Kash mein tumhein rok leti..kash.." Silent tears escaped from her eyes.. 
  After few months,Paro applied nd get transfered from delhi to shimla branch by her Office..
 She was getting countless marriage offers but she turned down every single of them.Her parents's forcing was the reason for taking such step.she was waiting for someone who went for never to come back... And now he was here..!
 She was all wet in rain..Rudra asked the driver to take Paro's car her hostle and made her sit in his car.
 Rudra could feel her slight shivers nd listen her heavy breaths..His eyes were scanning her through rare view mirror that was fixed on her..Her white transparent saree was slinging to her wet body..Rain drops on her body seemed to be dew drops on rose.The noise her classic few bangles made skipped his heart a bit.The moment was so heart warming when their eyes met through mirror..but withdrew back soon.

 Rudra pulled over the car to what looked like a beautiful Beach. He opened paro's door.Paro was puzzled but didnt asked him what was he upto. He just closed her eyes and told her to walk with him. He took her beside the water. The rain was droping directly into it which was creating so beautiful sight..
 He removed his hands from paro's eyes. All she could say with tears choking her was that it was beautiful..even more beautiful to that ring that shined in his hand as he sat on his knee.
Paro's wide smile but teary eyes were giving him her answer.. She slipped her hand in his..His touch cause butterflies in her stomach.Ring was shining in her finger adorning her hand even more.. Rudra cupped her face..Before she could speak,he kept his finger and said ' Paro,I have loved from the first day I saw u.You don't know how hard it was for me to leave u behind..For whole year i survived pain of sepration..But i couldnt ask ur parents for u at that time when i was common Cameraman..I worked hard whole year nd Now m one of indrustrial from dubai..i can ask ur parents for u.Now when i can read in ur eyes that you also love me..I cant even express my feelings to u..Paro u loved me when i was nothing.You waited for me for whole year..I want to spend my life taking care of u, making up to all the time we have lost.Will u marry me?'
 Paro hugged him, that described her feelings..
" U don't know how much. Day and night I would always think about u, waiting for this day to come."
With tear filled eyes she nodded in a yes and his lips landed on hers.Their each suck was making them more crazy for eachother..Rudra hand's get their place on her waist..pressing his fingers..her skin was melting by his touch..
He followed traces of rain through his lips to her neck..Sucking each drop..She moaned get freed wd a jerk nd tried to escape wd her heavy breaths nd shy feelings..He held her sari's pallu..That made her smile..
Paro's heart was hammering inside her bossom..He lift her chin looking directly into her eyes..He didnt waist a moment placed his lips on her..Not even leaving a space between them of air..
Parud shared great moments nd after a hot night they shared hot cup chaye,together..!"
 Paro got so amuzed to know that the family arrived from abroad was Rudra's family nd they sent Rudra to bring Paro with him.They got married in a month nd now happily married with their two angels.. 

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Hey friends..As u know me..If not so Heyaa Beutiful ppl of Parud woldSmile..M Sehar..Love writing bt became deewani of PARUD same as u allDay Dreaming
I imagine parud together in every pose in every situation nd on every places of the world i could imagine themLOL So here is my attemp..just put my imagination in the form of an OS..
Hope u would like it and appreciate my effort of writing..I'm waiting for ur replies..Cause i want to continue my passion of writing ROMANTIC stuff on Parud..Cause i love Paro nd Rudra sizling chemistryEmbarrassed
Love u all alot..pLz dnt forget  to hit like..thank uTongue sehar
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Posted: 2014-02-23T11:35:16Z
Excellent! That was some awesom OS!
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Posted: 2014-02-23T11:41:20Z
Originally posted by Jaz1990

Excellent! That was some awesom OS!
thanx jaz..plz keep reading my wrk
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Posted: 2014-02-23T12:53:22Z
Awesome os!!
Loved paro's trail of sorrys and then the flashback scene!
Parud first meeting was so romantic!!
Paro dressing up for rudra was so cute!!
The way rudra kissed her stomach was so hot and passionate!!
That one meet made them fall in love!!
The confession was really beautiful and I loved that they got married!!
Parus romance was hot, sexy, and passionate times three!!
Please write more works like this!!
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Posted: 2014-02-23T12:56:13Z
Err good story but why have you got characters from Saraswatichandra in it? You have mixed Kumud and Kumari into the story, looks like a cut n paste job!! Don't mean to be rude but if you write then it should be authentic and original
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Posted: 2014-02-23T14:20:20Z
Hey that was pretty good.. looks like you messed up the characters here!!! but thats totally fine as long as it is your original work Big smile
Keep it up!
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Posted: 2014-02-23T19:55:14Z
hi Seher
nice start
liked it
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