Rangrasiya 21st February: Written Update (Paro & Mohini v/s Rudra)

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Part 1

Sumer says that yes he has seen the girl. The informer asks where. He says she is that na...Deepika Padukone. The informer tries to attack but Sumer's friend save him. Sumer says that they left DP's photo here only. DP ki keemat tum kya jaano Ramesh Babu.

Dilsher confronts Rudra about his decision for marrying him. Rudra says that her quietness is hanging like a sword on his officers. What will happen to the widows of his martyred officers. Dilsher says that he always wanted to see him as a groom, with the sehra. But not with a helpless girl. Rudra says that he shouldn't teach him anything coz his married life hasn't been good enough. Dilsher says his life wasn't the best, but Rudra shouldn't go through the same. One devil made him, and the other devil made Rudra. Maybe, his devil made his destiny different.

Sunehri comes in asking about her lehenga for Ganesh Sthapana. She needs another one which Paro Bhabhisa will make. May God give everyone bhabhis like her. Mohini says that the bride is gazing at the window while this useless baraati is dancing. Paro says she'd go help Jija. Mohini asks if Parvati is her real name or is this some plan? Her face shows up the truth whenever she's asked about herself. She freaks out at the mention of Rudra. Mohini says that doesn't she want to run away from all this. Her face is the mirror. She tells her that she wants to throw Rudra and Ranawat out. If she tells him the truth, she will help Paro do so. Paro is stunned.

Part 2

Mohini says she knows a lot of influential people. One sign, and they will come for help. If she helps her, she promises that Rudra's shadow will also not near her for 7 lives. There's a saying, a known enemy is better than an unknown one. She has time till tomorrow morning, she can come. Help her, and in turn her own self. If she comes, well and good. If she doesn't, she would rot in hell. One should always know the right side where one should be.

Rudra comes back. Mohini stops him. Says where is he going, he's becoming a groom, should stay home. Came to ask what should we cook at night. Paro comes. Mohini commends what a jodi. Rudra and Paro gaze each other. Mohini says that if they do all nain-matakka today, what will they do after wedding. She asks Paro to go to the kitchen and make Rudra's fav. dishes. She asks why is he amazed seeing her caring for him so much. Well, both the bride and the groom's side are one, they need to work harder. She goes looking for Maithili.

Paro is walking thinking of Rudra's tortures and then Mohini's proposal. She prays to Bholenath to advise her. She doesn't trust Mohini but she says she knows people who can help, can she take her help. She asks Bholenath to be with her always, she wants to try one more time.

Samrat comes back home. Asks what is she doing. Maithili says making the list for food/guests. She thinks Paro isn't happy with PaRud wedding. Samrat asks why is she worried. Maithili says no, she told her that even in their case, they didn't know each other before. Samrat seeks forgiveness for his rudeness. Maithili asks him to forget everything. Kanhaji will set things straight. 

Paro knocks at Rudra's door. Rudra sees Paro with food. Asks why hesitating to come inside. 4 days later, permanently she'll come inside. She hasn't signed, so congrats on the wedding. Paro calls him Rudra Pratap Ranawat. What type of girl you want? The girl you dreamt of? The one like you? or exactly opposite? Quiet/shy? Talkative? Big eyes? Small Eyes? Laughs freely or shyly? Rudra asks what are you doing? Paro asks what's he doing? Why is he trying to marry a girl whom he hates? Rudra asks her to stop her rants. The angel in him has died long back. Paro asks how can she let her village-people suffer. Rudra says then stand with me in marriage. Paro says that the girl who dreamt of life, has already died, now I have no dreams whatsoever. Paro says she will marry him. Rudra throws her out of his room.

Part 3

Maithili is serving Mohini. Tells her that wedding preparations are on. Mohini calls in Paro who is walking outside. Tells her ever since the news of PaRud wedding has come, Maithili is running. Mohini asks about Paro's relatives? And her mamisa? who made her so tall that she can break an eagle's bone raising her hands. Mohini says that a bride is given a bed and a mirror, she will give it. Asks Maithili to give order. Mohini says "Iss ghar mein jiska koi nahi...uski mohini" Asks what she thought? She wants freedom or a bag full of problems. It isn't a tough decision. It's a good habit to stay quiet infront of elders, but staying quiet all the time can land u in trouble. She speaks, she is saved. So who she chooses. Maithili comes with the phonebook. Mohini says she'll call in the morning. Asks her to leave. She asks Paro to go if she wants to stay quiet. Paro pauses at the door. Mohini goes to shut it. Paro says you're right. Mohini says she's never wrong...go on. She doesn't want to marry him. Mohini is glad. Smirks.

Precap-- Paro is going to keep the tea, sees a magazine. Rudra pulls her back calls her Paro and says she wanted an ideal marriage...ideal husband. He caresses her. Paro is disgusted.

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Posted: 2014-02-21T09:48:34Z
Bull against Bison.let's see who will win.
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Posted: 2014-02-21T09:50:22Z
Thanks for the super fast WU.
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Posted: 2014-02-21T11:48:23Z
Thanks for the wu :)
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Posted: 2014-02-21T11:49:27Z
why paro did this? anyways thanks for.wu
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Thank so much 4 WUSmilexxx
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Posted: 2014-02-21T12:06:12Z
Chachisa was definitely responsible for Rudra's mother leaving, she is trying to do the same to Parvati.  She must have caused some major misunderstanding between Rudra's parents...
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Posted: 2014-02-21T12:39:15Z
Thank you so much for the fabulous update:-)
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