Ye Hai Mohabbatein Written Update - 19th February 2014

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Posted: 2014-02-19T15:06:25Z

Episode starts with Ruhi asking Ishima to give Raman as well or she wont eat.. Unwillingly, Ishita feeds him.. Ruhi asks to give more to Raman but he stops her saying he's already had problem once.. Raman gets call from Nikhil about V-Day party but he says he wont come.. Mr Bhalla asks and Raman tells about party and that he cant go because of work but Mr Bhalla tells that he knows none of his clients work in evening and so he must go and take Ishita along.. Ishita says she wants to stay with Ruhi but Mr Bhalla's decision is final..

Amma and Appa come and give payasam.. Amma tells Ruhi that from now on they are her grandparents as well aka her Nana, nani.. Ruhi is very happy.. Appa says there's a gift for Ruhi and Mihika comes with Muthu all decked up.. Mrs Bhalla says she wont let him at home and makes a scene but Ruhi asks her to love Muthu as well and Mrs Bhalla agrees for Ruhi.. Mrs Bhalla tells Simmi that she will give back to Amma for this..

Shagun also gets call from Nikhil for party and she also says she cant come but Ashok asks her to say yes as they need to have some fun.. Shagun questions him when he asks her to wait and watch at the party.. Ishita is getting ready with the help of Ruhi.. Ruhi compliments her.. Raman comes and says he needs to change in the washroom but Ruhi asks him to wait for she needs to go first.. Raman says that he has no space in his room itself when Ishita asks him to stop taunting and leaves the room asking him to change.. Raman selftalk saying strange she thinks room is hers..

Simmi asks Mrs bhalla to take care of both kids for she and Rinki are going for late night show.. Ruhi asks ishima to put Rose and goes to bring hairclip.. Simmi asks if Raman sent her out when she tells that Raman is changing.. Simmi tells about her her valentine being in Dubai and asks Ishita to enjoy her first Valentine and also questions if she had a boyfriend and tries talking but Ishita asks her to let be.. Raman is also ready and comes when Ruhi asks Raman to put the rose to Ishita.. With no option he does and everyone in the family is happy.. Raman leaves and Ruhi asks Ishima to go fast as papa went.. Ishita gives her a kiss and says bye and leaves..

Ishra on their way when Raman asks her not to embarras him and to take the flower out as they all dont match but she says its ok as its for Ruhi.. She asks him where they are going and that she doesnt know anyone as well.. Raman tells that its his friend Nikhil's 12th marriage anniversary and wonder how someone can stay together for 12 years.. He asks driver to drive fast and they reach venue.. Raman scolds the driver for bringing him to worng place when manager tells him that its the right place.. Raman selftalk about Same venue and same party..

Raman has FB of attending party with Shagun where she dances with Ashok and then later thinks Ashok is trying to get cosy with her.. Shagun asks him to control for Raman is watching but Ashok asks to let be for he can handle him.. Ashok drinks and Raman asks Shagun to come along but she insists on staying for some more time but Raman doesnt listen and takes her.. Back to present Raman is lost and ishita taps Raman on the shoulder and says that she did not arrange the party and so to go inside when Raman says he wants to leave from there but his friends come and take him inside.. Ishita is alone outside and wonders why he brought her if he had to go alone..

Shagun asks Ashok why did he lie. Ashok tells he came back to give Raman and that from now on whenever he sees Ruhi, he will think about him..


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Posted: 2014-02-19T20:11:50Z

Thanks for the update!!
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Posted: 2014-02-19T21:52:26Z
Thanx for the WU !!! Big smile
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Posted: 2014-02-19T23:56:21Z
Big smile  Thanks A Lot Big smile
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Posted: 2014-02-20T00:24:27Z
thanks for the update...
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Posted: 2014-02-20T01:04:54Z
thnk u...Wink
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Posted: 2014-02-20T01:32:49Z
thanks for the detailed updateWink
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thanks for the amazing wu 
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