Rangrasiya Written Update 19th Feb 2014 ~Rudra agrees to marry paro~

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Mohini was discussing and patting herself for reeling paro and Rudra's father. How they did not have a word to say when she told them about Rudra and Paro's marriage. She told her younger son that now when Rudra arrives he will be hell shocked and angry and then he would blurt out the whole truth that Paro is not connected to him. Her son complimented her for her dangerous mind.

Paro requested Rudra's father to stop this marriage because for her it is equivalent to sin. Rudra's father asked her to sit quietly and calm down because Rudra will take care of everything. He also asked her to be careful about her innocent eyes which say everything without a slip of word from her mouth.

Suhenri hugged Paro and congratulated her for the marriage excitedly. Maithili asked paro to help her out with the name of the invitees. When they were in her room paro told her to handle the invitations herself. Jija understood that paro was upset about something because when a girl gets married she is generally happy and merry but she was sad.

Maithili made paro sat beside her and asked what was the matter. Paro was about to blurt but her jija said everyone knows what was going between paro and rudra. She totally misinterpreted the whole thing and said Rudra might talk less but he cares for her and a lot and he always take paro's side. She also said paro was very lucky to get a husband like Rudra because he takes the pain aimed towards paro. She assured her that one day Rudra's heart will beat for Paro and so will Paro's.

Rudra's chacha told everything to his elder brother what happened in the police station about his court marshell. Rudra's father got worried about it. He said Rudra has nothing in his life and now god wants to snatch his work his passion. He felt said how his mother left him and then how he made Rudra drink the vemon and took away his innocence. His profession was his happiness, his ego and now they want to take that away from him. He would be shattered if it happens. His brother asked him not to loose hope.

Mohini called the whole house when Rudra arrived. She said everyone wanted to congratulate him because the pandit took out a good date after 10 days. With that she announced their marriage date. Mohini kept on pinching him when her husband asked her to stop but she did not. She said if Rudra doesnot want to get married it would be his wish but he needs to explain exactly why he doesnot want to get married or else he have to marry her.

Rudra turned to see Paro's face and then took his first step towards her. Looking in her eyes he confirmed that the marriage will happen within 4 days. He asked parvati whether it was ok with her without blinking once.

It was his time to taunt now. He said he was sure everyone would take care of his marriage and specially Mohini who was his masi as well as chachi. He gave the entire responsibility of his marriage to mohini. His father tried to stop him but he did not listen. He further said she would be happy to spend on his marriage.

Precap : He promised paro that if she signs on the paper he will release her from this marriage, but if she doesnot then no one can stop this marriage.



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