Rangarasiya Written Update 18 February 2014 ,PARUD:Marriage in 4 days

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Rangrasiya  18 February 2014

The last part is repeated Mohini's  talk about her sister and Rudra says enough. Mohini says  bas  what enough even if she ran away  I have full right to celebrate my sister's birthday and tells him you were crying when she left  and saying when my mother will come back how will  she find me then sarcastically she did not come back and Disher says stop don't say anything otherwise I will throw you out .  Mohini says don't even think of it as you left this mansion in a bad state and went . I built it and made this like this  otherwise I will burn this haveli   like a pyre 1st give me my dues for restoring this haveli   Dilsher shouts gets asthma Rudra comes to take him Dilsher stops him .Sumer  is happy .Dilsher says you want haveli   I will give  this haveli  Mohini and Sumer pleased . Dilsher  says what will you do you don't have any grandchildren  then when you die all pigeons will fly here and its God's punishment that you don't have any  grandchildren  you will be buried in this haveli My son Rudra will have a wife and children and they will play in this haveli  and fly pigeons from  your share in this mansion . My grandsons will be the true heirs of this mansion he gets asthma 

 Rudra takes him away. Mohini remembers all this and is upset and an adamant expression on her face. Inside the room and Paro gives him chair to sit gets his pump and water  before Rudra asks to give pump and water . Rudra says why did you speak to her . When Paro says I heard noises from outside did Kakisa say something  Rudra says what they say to me or my father should not mean anything to you. Dilsher says marry and this bitterness and poison will go away from you and become a human let that incident not spoil your life .Rudra says you are  15 years late you have filled hate in my heart every evening and fed me  burnt rotis and filled  hate so now I cant be human now my heart is like explosives  I can only burst and destroy  and  cant be human I cannot become a healer. Dilsher says I lost everything and repeats Paro is listening witnessing the agony and the father son relation probably bit embarrassed  and also understanding why Rudra is a jallad.( a very good scene Rudra Ranawat and Paro with her silent expressions enacted by the respective actors)

Morning at army head quarters Rudra is very upset and angry and bit tearful as he remembers the mother of dead BSD person hitting and cursing him Aman comes and says Singh sir and other officers are waiting for you enquiry which is about to start and Rudra goes along with him, Aman says I had full confidence in your decision and it has been and will be a pleasure working for you always.

Singh says Major Rudra Pratap Ranawat  we read your report and we have to say with regret that mission was based on wrong information  and you worked alone without any permission from your seniors and you could not prove it true This mission resulted in so many  soldiers and common people being killed .This mission has failed and is unsuccessful. You and your witness could not prove anything They give him 4 days to prove the truth of his mission that it was beneficial for the country and not a fake encounter to take personal revenge and prove Param Singh Shekawat was involved in arms deal and had relations with terrorists .Then only this mission will be correct otherwise you will be removed from BSD  your rank taken away  and you will be court marshaled  and removed from BSD. They all don't let him speak. He comes out and remembers those words.


Mohini has sitting  with a pandit searching for brides  and the Pandit  tells matches for Sumer  Mohini says not my younger son she watches Mythali bringing tea  Paro also following she says  it is not my younger son but for my elder son Samrat and warns her DIL not now but in one year have a  child otherwise she will remarry her son and tells find an auspicious time for one more son Rudra  and his fiance Parvati who will get married  with him in ten days and Paro drops the tray.


 Mythali comes and picks up the broken plates and things . Paro tells her call your father in law. Mohini tells Paro you came at the correct time you will live a hundred years as  I am trying to get an auspicious  time for your marriage with Rudra and  introduces her to Pandit who asks for horoscope  Mohini asks her Paro says she does not have. Pandit  asks her  birth date and Mohini says no we don't know anything but she tells  she is from Jaipur and knows  needlework making food and appearing from the smoke and she has a modern mami who does not mind sending her before marriage with her fianc. The pundit asks  date and Paro tells 2 march and Mohini  says Rudra's is 31 july  and he says good they are very compatible with each other and names also match as if Bholenath has made this pair he brings out a good date in 10 days.  she sends off the pandit  to go home to his wife and children and make preparations for marriage and tells  Paro to call her relatives and mamisa . Mohini  watches her and thinks let me see Dhua kumara what answer you will give then says let me all and  tells Paro to sit she will bring sweets and tell all.Paro says no this marriage cant happen. Mohini says why and Dilsher says you are not mother to take decision for her and so no need to do this. Mohini says what are you I am doing as you did not take it up or she will become old  Mohini and Dilsher have an argument regarding the impropriety of a young girl staying without marriage in the house where her unmarried daughter and son stay and the world  will come to know this problem so it has to be sorted. I am a MIL  for her as Rudra said we are all relatives so let me handle this  Dilsher says nothing will be decided  Rudra has to take a decision and Mohini says yes he will not disagree.

Mohini goes thinking  the mausam has become very bad. Paro thinks how will Hey Bholenath how will the Jallad handle this storm  and control everything.

PRECAP  Mohini says in ten days Rudra Pratap Ranawat son of Dilsher Ranawat and Dhua aka Parvati baisa will get married and Rudra says no Kakisa marriage not  in ten days but in four days and all are stunned Paro stares at Rudra.


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Thank you so much for WUBig smilexxx
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Thank you dear.
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Thank u so much

Precap is awesome
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Thanks for written update dear...
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Fabulous ChahlovClap

The story is unfolding and it seems , Kaki sa is behind in all of this home politics to make this Hawaili hers and for that she definitely did create something for his mother to leave Rudra and her hubby,
My grabber is Rudra and his pain and when Dilsher is saying "I lost everything, " ...that goes a long way.He rooted hate against women and now he wants him to forget it .That doesn't work like that.

Paro is grasping his pain and knows the meaning of his treacherous life in which he's been through since childhood.She will be his Marham...but right now HATE is dominent .


Thnx for the pm
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thanks 4 d luvly update
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Thanks for the update
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