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                                               Her Protector

"Wah! Kya Baat hai. Yaha to raasleela manaee ja rahi hai! Bina shaadi ke hi ye haal hai toh Bhoolenath hi bajaye shaadi ke baad kis kis cheez ke darshaan honge"  the two souls lost in each other's eyes were force to come out of their utopia, as Kaki-sa's taunting tone fell on their ear which was not capable of hearing anything a few moments back.

Rudra pushed Parvati, not so politely and stood there facing his Kaki-sa.

"Aaj mausam bada hi suhaana hai. Kyun Rudra banna-sa?" again came the tone laced with sarcasm.

Rudra caught Parvati's hand who stood beside him but he wasn't aware that today his Kaki cum Maasi is not in a mood to let them go so easily. Foremost thing is, she is not a fan of this two unwanted guest living in this house and secondly they never fail to show their oh-so-loving and budding Premprasang to her and keeping her always on edge. But now enough was enough, she is not going to tolerate it. They want to get lost in eachother? Well, they can gladly! But not before their marriage. Parvati has completed her two months here and She is really surprised as why not this father and son ever talk about the supposed marriage. Well, if they can't then what is she for?

Lagta hai Rudra dev aur Dhuaa baisa ka kalyaan bhi manne hi karna padega. Kaki-sa thought while fixing  her already tight pallu.

"Toh Rudra banna, I don't know if you two use to live in same room earlier but as I see now you two are no longer allowed to stay in one room, though I understand your young love but still I can't tolerate this communal display of your Raasleela. If you two are unable to keep your so eager hands to yourselves, toh aapne maare pas bus ek hi raasta chhoda hai " Kaki-sa said, her big round eyes boring into Rudra while Parvati stood there, silently listening to Kaki-sa's taunt. This is not something new here. There are two things here which are feed without fail, one is food and the second is Kaki-sa'a always ready to be served delicious derision.

Iska naam rakhte waqt saraswati maa khud viraji hongi chubaan pe. Kaki-sa had no doubt regarding this, as now she looked into Rudra's burning gaze, eager to turn her into ashes. But everyone who knows Mohini Ranawat is aware that, no one, not even Rudra Ranawat himself is capable of intimidating her. And today she was all prepared, she don't know what is this mystery called Parvati is. But today this Dhuaa baisa will be thrown out of this house or her faith will be sealed with this house, for ever.

"Toh Rudra banna, aaj aapke paas keval do raaste hai. Ya toh apni Dhuaa Kumari se vyah kar lo ya phir isse hamesha hamesha ke liye maare ghar se alvida kardo" Kaki-sa immediately lifted her hand, signaling Rudra to stop as she saw him ready to protest. "Na. Na,Rudra banna. Maari baat abhi puri na hui hai " Kaki-sa looked at Parvati, who by now has lifted her eyes and was looking at her, shocked.

"Maari baat khatam na hui hai abtak. Thaare bas sirf ye do raaste hai. Ha, manne pata hai, itna toh tu hosiyar hai, ki teesra raasta dhoond lega par ek baat dhyaan rahe Rudra banna" Kaki-sa pointed her finger at Rudra, conveying only warning. "Who teera raasta seetha is haveli ke bahar jaata hai" Kaki-sa finished, hands folded on her chest.

"Kaki-sa aap shayaad bhool gayin hai ke ye ghar maare Baap ka hai. Aur agar aapko ya aapke parivaar ko maare aur Parvati ke yaha rehne se koi eitraaz hai toh aapna aapna boriya bistaar uthaeye aur nikaliye yaha se" came the blunt words in a equally rugged voice.

"Jo hukkum Maalik. Jaisa aap kaho" Kaki-sa joined her hands and bent little with a sheer intention to mock.

"Par appro pata hai, Maalik? Ye ghar aapke Babu-sa ka hai par ye gaon to na hai na?" Kaki-sa asked.

Rudra stared at his Kaki'sa, confused. Now what is she upto?

Looking at Rudra' confused gaze, Kaki-sa took pleasure in clearing his doubt.

"Maaro matlab hai, Rudra banna, ye gaon ki panchayat toh aapro na hai na?" Kaki-sa said and took neat bliss seeing suddenly restless posture of her Rudra Banna.

Rudra stared at his Kaki-sa with a menace look. How does his Kaki-sa manages to get on his nerves every bloody time? Why can't she leave them in peace. Peace? When had someone granted him peace that he will be this time? He can't afford to make Parvati's presence public. For the world she is died and if the matter will go to Panchayat, then it will no longer remain a secret. No! He cannot afford that! Parvati is his only door to Tejawat, and he certainly cannot afford to lose her. He looked at his Kaki-sa, who stood there proud. What does she think? That she can get on him by her little stunt? Marriage? This word holds no value to him. Absolutely none. So what is the harm in doing things which held no value for him? 

And thus the faith of two people was sealed in the spur of the moment.

Parvati just stood silent through all the events that unfolded in front of her. She had nothing to say when her parents left her to bring her a doll and never returned back. She had nothing to say when she had been selected as the bride by Bhoolenath. She had nothing to say when her husband was killed by the very Jallad who was now dragging her. She had nothing to say when she was held captive for no fault of her. She had nothing to say when her Mami-sa refused to acknowledge her. She had nothing to say when she was brought here, in this haveli and was forced to stay here till she confessed the deeds she had no knowledge of. And she certainly has nothing to say when this Jallad dragged her to Ambe Maa's temple and filled her partition with handful of vermillion.


Parvati's shocked eyes looked at Rudra. But his eyes remained as always, emotionless. He had no emotions  in him. And maybe that's the reason he had married a girl whom he thinks is a smuggler. And that day something had died inside her. What was that something? A hope? Yes, a little hope that was left. A hope to get away from the clutches of this Jallad. And that too was lost today. She was captive here. For life! No one needs to force her to stay here now. She will stay here, she will stay here and wait for the last breath to leave her.




Parvati lifted her head from the window panel, where it was resting a moment ago. Her hand immediately roused to touch the black beads that was resting on her neck. Parvati closed her eyes but the tears betrayed her. Her tears has dried now, nothing was left. Her dreams of a happy married life were crashed so brutally that now she is even afraid of dreaming. Dreams. A sarcastic smile graced her lips. Nightmares. Parvati whispered to her heart. Her life is just a nightmare now. And she has accepted it. Accepted it with her whole heart.



A soft knock on the door gained her attention. It was late afternoon and she, after the lunch was in her room. Her room? His room! As he likes it to be called. And she never forgets to remind her. Parvati walked towards the door and pulled it open and a sweet voice of her Jija graced her.

"Bai-sa, hum sab Bhoolenath ke mandir ja rahe hain. Aap chalengi?" Maithili asked.

But before Parvati can answer anything, the other voice boomed the corridor.

"Maithili baisa, aapro bada aabhar ki aap yaha Parvati baisa se poochne ayi. Par ab aapki itcha ho rahi ho toh pooja ki thaal saja dogi?" Kaki-sa was at her best.

Maithili nodded her head affirmatively and scurried away from there.

Kaki-sa turned to leave but stopped and turn back again.

"Aur Parvati baisa, aapke aane ki koi zaroorat na hai. Wo kya hai ki aapro Bhataar Bhayanak jo hai, wo to hum log ko aapne mane hi na hain, to aap hum sab ke saath na hi chalo toh hi accha hain" Kaki-sa conveyed her message and turned back, her head held high, as always.


Sumer heard his mother and smirked, an evil smile plastered on his face.


Parvati stood there for a moment, digesting the insult. Nothing new! Parvati consoled her heart and entered the room, not noticing to lock the room.



Sumer sighed in relief as he saw his whole family leave the haveli. And his Rudra banna is also not home. Just perfect!!

Sumer smiled and turned around. Time to put his plan into action. He walked towards Rudra's room and his smiled widened even more as he saw the  door was unlock.

Sumer entered the room to see the sight which he had always dreamt of. Parvati sat there, leaning her head on the headboard, her eyes closed. Her creamy white skin glowing against the baby pink lahenga choli she was wearing. Her slender waist playing a peek-a-boo with her blue dupatta. Unable to control himself anymore he moved towards her.

Parvati's eyes jerked open as she felt someone's presence in the room. And seeing who  the intruder was, her leg on her own record jumped off the bed.

" can you enter the room without knocking?...What...what are you doing here?" Parvati asked while trying to cover her waist with her duppata.

"Bhabhi-sa, devar bina khatkate nahi aayega to kaun aayega?" Sumer smirked.

Parvati flinched back at his lousy tone and equally shoddy words.

"Aap...aap...aap jaeyee yaha se..." Parvati tried to sound brave but her shaky voice failed her.

"Arre Bhabhi-sa, why are you so afraid of me? I know Rudra Bhaisa don't like your presence, but don't be sad, I am there" Sumer continued his vile words and moved forward.

Parvati saw him coming forward and petrified to death, she moved back. Hey Bhoolenath, Maddat!

Sumer kept advancing and saw Parvati laid flat on bed as her back of knees hit the edge of bed. And taking the chance, he hovered over her.

Parvati closed her eyes, scared like never before. Her heart thudding painfully inside her ribcage. Her chest heaving repeatedly. All the protest leaving her instantly. Rudra! Her heart called out, unaware of her mind. She felt a hot breath on her neck and her breath hitched, her fingers tightly held the bedsheet. Rudra!!

And as Bhoolenath  heard her plea, after ages. She felt the weight go off from her. But her eyes still remained closed. She faintly heard something crash but still too terrified, she still kept her eyes closed.



Sumer wasn't sure what happened, all he knew was he was about to kiss Parvati's neck, when he felt like he was flying in the air and now a  searing pain shot in his stomach. He tried to focus in front of him and then saw it. In his childhood he had seen plays were a man disguised as Mahadev had done tandav- a dance which is believed that Mahadev do when he is in his Rudra avtar- a very impassioned avtar of lord Shiva. And if he remembers right, he can clearly see the same fury which was captive in that actor's eyes. And within few minutes, he felt pains shooting from every muscles of his body.

"Kya kar raha hai ye?" a voice boomed in the haveli as Mohini Ranwat saw her Son being beaten like nothing.

Rudra threw a unconscious Sumer in his Kaki-sa's way.


Rudra pointed a finger at the unconscious Sumer, his breath heavy.

"Aaj ke baad agar ye maare nazaar me aaya, toh" Rudra removed his gun from the belt and pointed on Sumer.

"Nahi!!" Kaki-sa shielded her Son with her arms open wide.

"Samjha..." Rudra let out in a low voice but the voice that followed that, echoed in the entire haveli.

"Samjha de aapne Bete ko!!!! Aaj ke baad agar Parvati ke aas paas bhi dekha. Toh doosre din se tera beta tujhe na dekhega!!!"

Everyone stood there shocked as Rudra's thundering voice boomed the hall and he turned around, leaving everyone to ponder on what had just happened!!


Rudra entered his room to see Parvati still in the same position. She was laid horizontally on the bed and her eyes still closed. He closed her eyes for a moment to get his breath regular and entered the room. Securing the lock, he walked towards the bed.

"Parvati.." Rudra called in a controlled voice, leaning close to her face.

But her eyes still remained closed.

"Parvati..." Rudra touched her soft cheeks with his manly hands.

And he saw her trying to open her eyes. He stared in her eyes for few moments and then as if a tornado hit him, he sensed falling back but steadied himself before he was flat on ground.

"Jallad!!" Parvati's soft but loud voice echoed in the closed room.

Rudra's wide eyes looked at Parvati's Durga avtar, as if all Gods were too eager to grace their presence today.

Rudra tried to catch her by her shoulder but his hand was jerked away by Parvati.

"Jallad.Sab ke sab jallad ho aaplog! Maar dalo" Parvati caught Rudra's collar in her tiny fist. "Maar dalo manne! Bhoolenath ki kasam maine kuch naa kiya hai. Aapka koi nuksan na hoga. Bas Maar dalo manne aur aazaad kardo yaha se!!"

Parvati's eyes went towards his belt, which held his gun there. Her hand immediately roused towards the gun but Rudra was fast enough to stop her.

"Pagal ho gayi hai?" Rudra caught her shoulder in a tight grip, restricting her from moving.

Parvati looked in Rudra's enraged eyes. The bravado she was faking , slipped away as she crumbled back. She laid back, the tears she thought had dried, just a moment ago, taking its course.

Rudra looked at her breakdown. The pain which he never want to remember, resurfacing. He got up from the bed. Removing his belt and boot, he went towards his cupboard. He removed a fresh kurta from the cupboard and putting on , he again went towards the bed.

He laid beside Parvati and tried to touch her shoulder but she flinched back.

"Mat. Mat chuo manne. Mat chuo" Parvati waved his hand off her.

Inspite of her protest he dragged himself near her, trying to hold her, but her small fist which was continuously hitting on his broad chest, made it difficult to hold her.

"Mat chuo manne" Parvati cried, hitting his chest.

Rudra forcefully dragged her close to him and held her captive in his arms.

"Shaant. Shaant hoja" and as soon Rudra's husky voice reached her ear, her protest stopped instantly.

A small sob wracked her body as she clung to him and cried in the crook of his neck.

"Usne kaha...kaha...kaha mera pati...pati manne pasand...pasand nahi karta...toh...toh...uske saath...buraee..." her small sobs and hiccups not  allowing her to form a coherent sentence.

But Rudra understood what she wants to say. He tightened his hold on her waist and brought her more close to him.

"Shhh...Kuch na kar sakta wo...daar mat" Rudra whispered in her ears.

Parvati kept silent. Her hiccups subsiding. Her hand reached is back as she brought him as close as possible. Her heart feeling safe in his presence.

They lay there in each other's arm, acquiring the much needed assurance from eachother. Rudra lifted is head little to look at the sleeping Parvati. Her breathing regular but in between a small shudder leaving her body. He kept her head on his chest and secured her in his arms, he too closed his eyes. He don't know what future beholds for them. He don't know who the girl in his arms is. But his heart isn't ready to take the answer which his mind is giving him. From the moment she had entered in his vicinity, he is protecting her. First from the goons and then from her own namesake husband and now from his own cousin. A protector! That what he is to her! But what is she to him? He don't have a answer to that!



A Jallad may be, but he is always her Protector.

My other work -->

So, Hmm...Don't know what to say. Ok! Let me tell you that I am a great Sanaya fan and I just love her in raangrasiya. I am an ArShi writer, I write on Arnav and Khushi. So I am not new with this writing thing but also not too old. Started writing just few months back, on ArShi. And now this is my first ever writing piece on PaRud, whom I am loving this days. So, I just hope you will like it.

And please don't buddy me for Pms, if you want PM for PaRud stories. Because I am still too much into ArShi to write any story on PaRud. And most importantly I really don't have time. But you can expect random OS s like this. So if you want to read further PaRud OSs from me then just leave a comment,if you are not in my buddy list then I will scrap you or PM you.

But I repeat once again don't buddy me for just PaRud work. Otherwise you will be bothered unnecessarily with my ArShi stories PM's and my work load will increase too.

And now eagerly waiting to read what you think of this OS. I have written almost all dialogues in hindi, so if anyone didn't get it, please do ask me here I will reply  to it.

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Seriously that was amazing! She was unwilling to confide in him but she couldn't help herself loved it!
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Posted: 2014-02-18T05:31:12Z
awesome os...  nice written.  keep writing.
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Posted: 2014-02-18T05:37:14Z
Amazing os
loved it
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Posted: 2014-02-18T06:18:48Z
Originally posted by Jaz1990

Seriously that was amazing! She was unwilling to confide in him but she couldn't help herself loved it!

than you for the kind words, dear :)
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Posted: 2014-02-18T06:21:28Z
Perfectly splendid !! u hav done an amazing job. waiting for ur another "random os"LOL
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Posted: 2014-02-18T06:23:56Z
Originally posted by shreya_rc

Perfectly splendid !! u hav done an amazing job. waiting for ur another "random os"LOL

thank you for the kind word :)
@ bold...u will have to wait till something again strikes me ;)

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Posted: 2014-02-18T06:25:51Z
Originally posted by pttyujhty

Aaj mausam bada hi suhaana hai.

that itLOL
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