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You all have been so kind and so has IF been :P (It didn't throw me this time around, looks like all is well with me now :D)

I thought of posting another OS, I guess some of you might have read this elsewhere.

This was written during 12th March Anniversary Celebrations Embarrassed

Happy Reading!! :)

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Honey, I planned a surprise for you..!

11th March

Inorbit Mall - caf, Mumbai

Peehu, stay here and don't pluck her hair like that. Isn't she your new Barbie?' Priya chided and put her phone aside after she'd checked for calls and messages.

Vikram approached the two seated in the canteen. He had a lovely bouquet of 11 red roses to be precise in one hand and a single red rose in the other.

Here's a beautiful rose for the young lady!' Vikram said and handed Peehu the single rose. She accepted it gleefully and thanked graciously. He then turned to Priya and offered her the bouquet of fresh roses. Priya looked pleasantly surprised while she accepted and said, these are so pretty, thank you so much Vikram but why did you have to bring it?' 

Vikram smiled and took his chair opposite to them and said, To thank you for all the kind help Priya. Come on, you've been so kind to join me on such a short notice and help me chose a gift for Neha, the least I can do is thank you this way.

eight..nine...ten...Eleven!' Priya finish counting the roses after admiring them for almost a minute. She set them aside with a playful smile. Vikram noticed this while he instructed the waiter to serve the masala chai to Priya and chocolate ice cream to Peehu. He sipped his coffee and asked amused, What's the catch behind this playful smile Priya?'

Priya laughed again and said, It's strange!! For the last 10 days I've been receiving flowers in fact roses in particular by someone or the other except from your friend -  my darling husband Mr. Ram Kapoor!'

Vikram looked up at Priya and looked confused as he'd given the bouquet to Priya only that day on Ram's standing instructions but wasn't aware that she had been receiving them for last 10 days! He asked inquisitively, You mean you are receiving bouquets every day?'
Priya laughed and answered, No, its not a bouquet, but its one rose more than what I've been given before. Yesterday Rishabh gave me a bouquet of 10 roses, the other day, Mr. Shukla, Ram's friend gave one of 9 roses , Rahul - your son brought me 8 roses on Wednesday...And today you've given 11!'

Vikram smiled and said, That's lovely!' Does Ram know about it? Make him feel guilty' he laughed. Priya realized that over the last 10 days not once did she bring up this topic to Ram nor did he notice the flowers as they were put in the vase like she'd do normally. Vikram interrupted her chain of thoughts and asked again, No?'

Vikram noticed lines of disappointment on Priya's face and not wanting to give away any secrets and to avoid further discussions he spoke to divert her mind, But thank you so much for all the help Priya, seriously, else Neha would kill me for forgetting our Temple Run' anniversary.
Priya choked on her chai and asked, Temple Run Anniversary?' 

Ya, we eloped from college and ran to the nearest temple to get married but Neha backed out in the last minute saying, she did not want to get married this way and miss out on all the rituals and functions. And want to guess who enlightened my runaway bride about this?' Vikram asked sarcastically.

Priya suppressed her giggles and asked innocently, Who?'

Your husband Ram Kapoor, he found us within minutes of our vanishing act and to avoid any complications and allegations from Neha's parents he knocked some brains into Neha and...she...gave up and we had to wait for 14 months  till we finally got married', Vikram sulked.
Priya now broke into an uproarious laughter and said, Too bad!'

Oh stop it Priya, Ram still teases me and HE has coined this Temple Run' term which can you believe we are still celebrating!', Vikram shuddered.

Priya composed herself feeling sorry for Vikram and teased, How I wish my husband too would remember at least some of the decent dates if not such weird ones' 

He does remember your birthday and anniversary; I still remember attending the parties', Vikram spoke in a defensive tone favoring his good friend Ram.

Oh please, they are all stored in his mobile phone and the reminder alarms remind him', Priya said rolling her eyes.

Priya, let's not forget the Valentine's Day just few days back. Ram looked quite ecstatic about celebrating it with you' Vikram said cheerfully.

Ha! Thanks to his new intern who seems to have a crush on her new boss that Ram remembered its Valentine's.' Priya said sarcastically.  She laughed and said further, but I must admit, Ram looked terribly cute when he confessed that his intern wished him valentine's and he could do nothing but blush and thank her.

Vikram laughed along and said, See! that means my friend does know to keep his wife happy'.
Priya's eyes fell on the roses and she bit her lip to suppress her grin and said more to herself, Let's see if he remembers one of the special days.'
Vikram laughed along and said, you never know!'


Zaveri Bazar, Mumbai

Oh god! Where on earth have you been Neha?', Ram said a little irritated and dragged Neha along hurriedly.

Neha a little agitated said furiously, I am a mother to three children thanks to your friend, I had to wait till they were gone to school'.

You are sounding as if they are a mistake!' Ram commented.

Neha glared at him with an irritated look and said, out of three, the last one is!'
Ram burst into a loud guffaw and gave a friendly pat on Neha's shoulder and said, what would I do without you and your sense of humor darling'.

Neha laughed along and said, Enough! Now tell me why have you called me here?'
Ram smiled and said, You will help me to identity the antique kada Priya was talking to you about.'

Neha looked puzzled and reading her expressions Ram spoke further, Remember a couple of weeks back Priya spoke to you about liking an extraordinary kada that belonged to her highness Rajamata Shiv Kumari that was auctioned out.

Oh...Oh...Yes...I do', Neha recollected.

Ram happily announced further, I traced it and found out that it's currently in possession with Champaklal Zaveri and guess what he is happily willing to sell it out to me.'

Neha looked mighty impressed and said, Not bad! Priya is one lucky soul...she just has to make a wish and her head over heels in love husband is ready to fulfill them'

Ram chuckled at Neha's exaggerated explanation and said, Ok...enough! It's nothing like that...it's just that it's our first ki...' ram stopped.

First what?', Neha teased.

Nothing!', Ram held her hand and pulled along enjoying her tongue in cheek comments.

Inorbit Mall - caf, Mumbai 

Alright Priya, I'll take your leave, have a flight to Goa in 3 hours!', Vikram said as he stood up to leave.

Something dawned on Priya and she instantly blurted out, Vikram wait!'


Goa?', Priya asked aloud while she thought of a quick plan and grinned victoriously.
Vikram looked confused but within minutes he knew he was to play cupid once again just that

Priya was the archer this time around.

Kapoor Mansion, Mumbai

We are going to Goa!', Ram declared enthusiastically.  

"What?" Priya exclaimed a little angrily and turned away crossing her arms against her chest.

Ram had anticipated her to squeal with delight and a hug out of enthusiasm but this was completely unexpected. He was shocked and before he could say further Priya vented further, You always do this. You very well know its story telling competition in Pihu's school tomorrow and...

And' Ram asked casually. He apparently did not realize what Priya was meaning to say.

Priya turned around and looked at him in astonishment. So he actually doesn't remember?' she thought.  She glared at him and looked away before she muttered under her breath, And here I have been planning a surprise for him.'

It's not your birthday, nor our wedding anniversary, am I missing out something?' Ram asked innocently. 
No! But it's definitely going to be Hitler v/s Polar Bear War II', Priya snapped.

War II? Umm...when was the first one?' Ram asked hesitantly now appalled by Priya's angry glares. Just for my knowledge!' he added slowly.

You fought with me for 2 days since you wanted the left side of the bed', Priya reminded him coldly. 

Oh!' Ram scratched his left temple as he recollected the epic fight with Priya and looked away sheepishly. 

Come on Priya; please tell me what is it?' Ram urged.

How does it matter anyway, you've planned your visit, so please go ahead with your plans. I'm not coming.' Priya said and walked away.

Hmm...interesting! Mrs.Kapoor, you will not only come to Goa but also celebrate our special day with me', Ram said to himself excitedly and rushed to the parking.


Thanks Vikram, it worked! But let me tell you, I think I'm going to win the bet this time, Ram has absolutely no clue!' Priya spoke confidently over the phone.

Let's not rush Priya, its Ram after all', Vikram said.

Hope you haven't hinted him Vikram', Priya warned.

No! Not at all, you can trust me on that Priya', Vikram assured.

Mam, some Mr. Jaisingh Rathore is here to see you', Bansi Kaka politely informed Priya while she spoke to Vikram.

Vikram, I need to attend someone, will catch up later. Thanks for all the help and hope you have planned an escape to some resort if not temple to celebrate your Temple Run' anniversary', Priya laughed as she teased and hung up.

Priya took quick steps and was in the living area of Kapoor Mansion in minutes. Thank you so much for coming on such a short notice', Priya thanked the gentleman courteously. Actually my husband is very impressed with your art and always wanted to have imprints of an artist of your caliber in our house too. Since he is not in town I thought I'd surprise him', Priya explained further.

 It's my pleasure mam to be able to offer my services to you', Mr. Rathore, spoke politely and smiled.

This way', Priya said and led him to Ram's study.
Hotel Taj Exotica

12th March

All meetings done, one more to go but before that its time for Mrs. Kapoor to come here', Ram said to himself and dialed Priya's number to talk to her.

Priya's phone buzzed to life and read Ram's name. She blushed and answered, So you finally remembered.' 

Yes and see as promised I did not eat Aloo ka parathas for breakfast', Ram said happily. And guess what we cracked the deal, don't you think that calls for celebration? I wish you were here to celebrate this moment with me'.

Priya upset that he did not recollect their special day felt a little disappointed. Just then Peehu entered hurriedly and asked, Mamma, is it Papa?'

Priya nodded and smiled and gave the phone to Peehu. She spoke excitedly, Papa, I told the Cinderella Princess story and you know papa I am wearing the pink fairy frock you brought me'.

Hi my Princess, papa is so proud of you but papa didn't get to see his princess, why don't you tell mamma to turn on the video chat, papa wants to see you both'.

Okay papa', Peehu said and hung up.

Peehu insisted Priya to turn on the video chat, she quietly turned on the laptop with chirpy Peehu beside, meanwhile Ram quickly thought of an idea, he was certain it would work and then connected to Priya.

As soon as it connected, Priya patted Peehu's head and went to fold the clothes that lay on her bed. Papaaa', Peehu squealed in delight as soon as Ram appeared in front of her on the screen.

Hi my princess', Ram's voice filled the room.

Papa, what happened to your hand? What is that band?', Peehu asked curiously.

Priya rushed to her when she heard of the band and saw that Ram's hand was supported by a sling bandage. She gasped in worry and asked anxiously, 'Ram what...what happened to your hand?'

Priya, it's nothing just a little sprain, I am fine', Ram said calmly to relax her. It's not okay, why didn't you tell me about this? I want you to come back right now', Priya ordered. Ram rolled his eyes and tried to speak but Priya went on further, Are you coming back or should I come just to bring you back here?'

Priya, I've another meeting in an hour and one more in the evening, the clients will not be available later , Ram explained but Priya was not convinced. She hurriedly stood up and declared, Fine! Do as you wish and I know what to do!' She stood up and walked away leaving Peehu confused between her parents.

Peehu, baby don't worry, mamma will be fine ok', Ram said and blew a kiss to his daughter before he logged out.


Thanks Roy, and book two tickets to Mumbai for tomorrow', Ram said and hung up the call.

Finally! See you in an hour Mrs. Kapoor', Ram said triumphantly to himself and threw the sling away. He made arrangements for a special dinner for his wife before he headed to the board room for the meeting.

After the meeting Ram cheerfully excused himself from the party the clients had organized as it was about 6.30 in the evening and Ram was expecting Priya any moment. He checked with the manager for a bouquet of 12 roses he'd requested for and asked him to leave it in his room. He looked at his watch and turned and accidentally bumped into a beautiful lady.

Ouch!' she yelped and Ram's hand circled her waist in seconds and held her firmly and he said, Oops! Am sorry, I should have been careful'

It's okay', she smiled and Ram helped her up. You are fine?' he asked her courteously. She nodded slightly and walked towards the exit where he saw Priya standing with both her hands on her hips. Ram eyes popped out in horror and he rushed towards her while he asked the manager to taker her handbag to his room.

Your hand seems to be fine enough to hold an eighty KG load around, isn't it?' Priya snarled. Ram struggled to suppress his laugh to see Priya so jealous and spit fire.

I don't think she was eighty, must be fifty five odd, could carry her easily', Ram said teasingly pointing at the lady's retreating figure. This triggered further anger in Priya and she snapped, You could have directly told me I've become fat Ram'. She pouted like an upset baby and turned to walk away.

Oh my god! Women!' Ram smacked his forehead lightly and followed her and quickly held her hand, Priya wait, who said so, you are light as a feather darling, it's just that you don't allow me carry you often, how would I know the latest stats?' Ram said innocently and grinned.

Priya hid her smile and turned serious again and said, But you lied that your arm is sprained, not fair at all' She looked upset and dashed towards the restaurant with Ram closely following her and pleading her to listen to what he had to say.


Priya chose the far end of the tables; Ram located her and ordered for two Pina Coladas at the bar to calm her down. He almost reached the table when his phone buzzed, it was the textile minister and he could not miss this one. He looked serious so Priya just nodded when he excused himself. The waiter came with two glasses of the drink and excused himself after serving it. Priya sipped some from the glass and choked on it immediately. She put it down and when the waiter rushed to her she politely dismissed him saying, Nothing, I am fine'.

 Uff, Ram has ordered the regular ones again', she said to herself. She was about to call the waiter to change the drink but then something clicked to her.

After all biwi to aapki hu Ram', Priya murmured playfully and bit her lip naughtily.  She carefully looked around and quickly drained the glass into the indoor plant pots little at a time and put the glass back on the table. She saw Ram returning so she quickly slumped back in her chair and sat with her face hidden in her palms.

Priya, what happened?', Ram asked slowly looking at her sitting sick and tired.

Raaam, ye aapne thik nahi kiya?', Priya cried in a loud strange voice. Her voice gained sudden attention from the other guests and they all turned their heads to their table and looked at them curiously.

Ram immediately went and held Priya before she could fall of her chair and asked, You are drunk? But..' and his eyes fell on the empty glass on the table. He picked it to smell and cursed himself under his breath, Not again!'

Without wasting another minute, Ram held Priya's hand and said, Priya, listen, lets go back to our room, you need rest'.  Ram struggled to control Priya as she swayed in his arms and suddenly shouted, Don't! Don't touch me, I am going to tell everyone...everyyyone,' she said pointing around and pocked her finger  in Ram's huge tummy making him feel ticklish and said, whatzoo  *hic* what zoo...zoo nahi...you...right what YOU did' *hic*

Ram chuckled looking at Priya this way and it reminded of her when they celebrated their first Holi as couple. He held her close to him and softly whispered, Priya please, you are not in your senses and I hope you are not going to blurt out something that I haven't even done yet, just planned'.

Priya giggled hiding her face in his shirt and walked groggily along with Ram leaving everyone curious in the restaurant.

Jhooth bole kauwa kaateee...kale kauwe se dariyo' *hic* Priya sang in a flat voice as they walked towards their suite. Priya, please...' Ram pleaded and laughed looking at her. Mein Maikee *hic*chali jaungi tum dekhte rahiyooo...' Priya sang further pointing finger at Ram and made an adorable puppy face.

I am sorry Priya, I lied for a reason, I wanted you to come here', Ram tried to explain but Priya escaped his grip as her eyes fell on the huge fountain at the entrance. She ran towards it and carefully climbed the low platform that circled the knee length railings. She crossed the railing and steadily walked on the narrow path towards the centre that separated the two large fountains.  She spread both her hands and closed her eyes looking upwards as she enjoyed the water that splashed on her. 

Oh no!' Ram sighed and rushed to her but then stood rooted to his spot looking at the sight in front of him.

 In the moonlit surreal night, Priya looked extremely enchanting and amazingly mesmerizing in the deep red saree , that now hugged her body highlighting her curves perfectly. The thin silver chain circling her fair waist was now visible as it shone through her wet saree.  He watched her amusedly as her anklets jingled melodiously.  The Priya in front of him was different, a beautiful seductress who glowed as if washed with moonlight yet an innocent smile that of a child played on her lips. A minute back she could hardly walk straight but now there was a strikingly different grace in her.

Ram did not realize when he took those few steps that distanced him from her and walked towards her to the centre slowly yet confidently without once taking his eyes of her.

Priya!' Ram whispered softly in her ears and turned her to face him. Ram put his finger on her lips to not let her speak a word. Priya looked dazed while he drew her closer firmly holding her waist. He slowly pushed her wet hair aside that hid her face and looked at her longingly. Their eyes remained arrested all the while as they stood getting wet in each other's arms. Ram traced her lips with his thumb and leaned in to kiss on her wet luscious lips. Priya closed her eyes in response and firmed her grip on his shoulder as she felt weak in her knees and leaned on to him for support.

Happy first kiss anniversary Priya', Ram murmured against her lips when both broke their passionate kiss amidst the fountains for some air.

Priya looked at him dreamily and blushed when he winked at her. She hugged him back tightly and asked, So you do remember?'
Of course, how can I forget the day when I kissed someone so special for the first time in my life', Ram said lovingly.

Happy...Anniversary to you too', Priya said shyly.

Ram lifted her swiftly and started to walk towards their suite but Priya stopped him, Ram put me down, where are you taking me?'

Celebration time!'

No celebrations since you lied!' Priya argued. 

Ram reached their room and kicked the door open and walked straight into the bedroom that looked perfect with burning candles and fresh lilies. He put her down on the bed and said, you lied too Mrs. Kapoor, you are not drunk at all'.

Priya flushed and turned away. Her eyes fell on the bouquet of red roses and a little gift box on the side table. She picked the flowers and said, So the 12 roses were to come from you personally'. Ram smiled and picked the gift and opened it to disclose the beautiful 24 carat antique emerald studded kada that Priya had liked it. Ram slipped it on her delicate wrist and looked up to see her reaction.

 Yeh? Iski kya zarura thi? Aur aapko iske bare mein pata kaise chala?', Priya asked in astonishment. Ram looked at her lovingly and said, I am just attempting to add some happiness in the life of the person who has brought enormous happiness in my life. Aur jab meri Priya ko kuch pasand aaye to fir use pesh karna hamara farz banta hai na. Fir wo kaha se... kaise...kuch maine nahi rakhta.'

Priya was teary and overwhelmed with all the love Ram showered on her and more so that he hadn't forgotten their special day, they day they became one forever. The day they'd discovered their love as man and wife completing one another.

Oh hello, no rona dhona, its time for celebration', Ram winked at her. In fact you know I feel they should declare 12th March as the official Love Making Day'.

Ram! What nonsense?' Priya slapped him on his shoulder and giggled.
The celebrations well continued late into night till they drifted to sleep in each other arms.


13th March

Study,  Kapoor Mansion, Mumbai

Finally we are home I'll go check for Peehu', Priya said and took the stairs to Peehu's room. Ram thought for a while then concluded to go and spend some time in his study before he started for office. On his way to his study he saw Bansi kaka and said, 'Kaka, one Black Coffee in my study please'.
He opened the door and was pleasantly surprised to a colorful welcome by the hand painted wall that majestically portrayed a contemporary art that primarily had a tree trunk with multiple branches and colorful flowers that could be interpreted as abundance, growth and prosperity. The changing background color added to the beauty of the painting. Every stroke well thought to create holographic like reflections and nuances within the painting. Transparent colors of amazing depth and vibrancy were hand applied to create a magnificent view. The result was a work with amazing colors, reflectivity, and the appearance that the painting seemed to move if you walked by.

Ram did not realize he stood there admiring the painting till he felt a soft hand on his shoulder. He turned to look at Priya smiling at him. She extended the coffee mug to him and asked, You like it?'

It's...Its beautiful', Ram said and neared the wall to feel the painting. He observed it keenly and when he read the initials towards bottom right corner he exclaimed in delight, Oh wow, it's Jaisingh Rathore!'

Priya went and stood beside him and proudly said, 'Yes! He was kind enough to do this in just two days and Vikram was super kind to convince you to go in his place to Goa so that I could get this done in two days.'

Ram was taken aback with what he heard and said, So, it was all planned and here I thought I'd proudly say Honey, I planned a surprise for you!'

Priya leaned on to his shoulder and said, You did Honey, and well I too planned a surprise for you'. Both laughed together and Ram put his arm around her drawing her closer and spent some good time discussing the painting, the surprises and of course the special day!

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Posted: 2014-02-17T00:27:36Z
good that now u r in IF we will able to read lots of ur written stories on raya
this os was also awesome like previous one loved it
ram priya surprise to each other was so good but want to say something i have read the os before but loved to read it again pls continue soon
will wait for ur next os and ff on raya
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Posted: 2014-02-17T00:42:46Z
Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2014-02-17T01:46:24Z
Beautiful OS, n the spectacular couple n their celebrations.
too good.Day Dreaming
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Posted: 2014-02-17T02:24:54Z
Hy Bhoomi
 After long time back on RKR..it is realy nice to read you again. An awesome update with your signature style. Hope in future also it would be continue...
a crazy fan
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Posted: 2014-02-17T08:32:19Z
Lovely OS..
Love of Ram- Priya beautifully shown..
Their surprise for each other nd sweet moments..loved it
Thank u
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Posted: 2014-02-17T09:24:41Z
awesome...tooo goood...
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Posted: 2014-02-17T21:56:18Z

Nice one...
so ram remembers their spcl day...
both managed to surprise each other...
thanks fr d os
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